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31 Days of Oscar 2016


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February 20th:




Oscar Accolades:

PICNIC--6 nominations, 2 awards

BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE NAKED SPUR--1 nomination, 0 awards

BYE BYE BIRDIE--2 nominations, 0 awards


FATHER OF THE BRIDE--3 nominations, 0 awards

GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER--10 nominations, 2 awards

NO WAY OUT--1 nomination, 0 awards

JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG--11 nominations, 2 awards

SEVEN DAYS IN MAY--2 nominations, 0 awards

ANTHONY ADVERSE--5 nominations, 4 awards

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TopBilled and the Oscars

Part 21 of 31




I have returned to sunny southern California. I'm relaxing in my suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, watching THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY on TCM. There's some guy named Levant on screen. Why is he taking up valuable time that should be devoted to Ginger and Fred?


Here's what's airing on TCM February 21st:


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February 21st:





Oscar Accolades:

THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD--4 nominations, 3 awards

NIGHT AND DAY--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE LOST WEEKEND--7 nominations, 4 awards

FUNNY GIRL--9 nominations, 1 award

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO--10 nominations, 5 awards

THE FOUR MUSKETEERS--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE--2 nominations, 0 awards

TOM JONES--10 nominations, 4 awards

UNDER THE VOLCANO--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN--1 nomination, 0 awards

FRIENDLY PERSUASION--6 nominations, 0 awards

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February 22nd:




Oscar Accolades:

THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE SIN OF MADELON CLAUDET--1 nomination, 1 award

ROMANCE--2 nominations, 0 awards

GRAND HOTEL--1 nomination, 1 award

CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS--4 nominations, 1 award

THE STRIP--1 nomination, 0 awards

HIGH SOCIETY--3 nominations, 0 awards

A FOREIGN AFFAIR--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE MORE THE MERRIER--6 nominations, 1 award

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT--6 nominations, 0 awards

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT--2 nominations, 0 awards

HIDE-OUT--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE LADY--1 nomination, 0 awards

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TopBilled and the Oscars

Part 23 of 31




Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers suggested I look up their old boss while I'm in Hollywood. Everyone remembers him from The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman though he only had three lines per episode.


Here's what's airing on TCM February 23rd:


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February 23rd:




Oscar Accolades:


THE NAVY COMES THROUGH--1 nomination, 0 awards

TOM, DICK AND HARRY--1 nomination, 0 awards

THAT UNCERTAIN FEELING--1 nomination, 0 awards

COMRADE X--1 nomination, 0 awards

I REMEMBER MAMA--5 nominations, 0 awards

THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY-SOXER--1 nomination, 1 award

CYRANO DE BERGERAC--1 nomination, 1 award

THE CAINE MUTINY--7 nominations, 0 awards

MARTY--8 nominations, 4 awards

KIND LADY '51--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE CONSTANT NYMPH '43--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE SEA HAWK '40--4 nominations, 0 awards

MR. SKEFFINGTON--2 nominations, 0 awards

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TopBilled and the Oscars

Part 24 of 31




Mr. Homolka called to ask why I am not including him in this thread. I explained it's because his first name has a 'k' in it, instead of a 'c'...but that doesn't seem to matter to him. He won't leave me alone until I make this post.


Here's what's airing on TCM February 24th:


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February 24th:





Oscar Accolades:

BLUES IN THE NIGHT--1 nomination, 0 awards

FOUR DAUGHTERS--5 nominations, 0 awards

DANGEROUS--1 nomination, 1 award

G-MEN--1 nomination, 0 awards

MIGHTY JOE YOUNG--1 nomination, 1 award

SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON--1 nomination, 1 award

ALL THE KING'S MEN--7 nominations, 3 awards

A LITTLE ROMANCE--2 nominations, 1 award

M*A*S*H--5 nominations, 1 award

NETWORK--10 nominations, 5 awards

BONNIE AND CLYDE--10 nominations, 2 awards

MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER--1 nomination, 0 awards

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February 25th:





Oscar Accolades:

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD--1 nomination, 0 awards

GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS '69--2 nominations, 0 awards

MY FAVORITE YEAR--1 nomination, 0 awards

WHAT NEXT, CORPORAL HARGROVE?--1 nomination, 0 awards

GIANT--13 nominations, 1 award

THE LONGEST DAY--6 nominations, 3 awards

RED RIVER--2 nominations, 0 awards

55 DAYS AT PEKING--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA--4 nominations, 1 award

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TopBilled and the Oscars

Part 26 of 31




Cate says she wanted to make a sequel, but costar Ralph Fiennes was against the idea. He claimed it was the only film of his that did not make money. But apparently, he forgot about THE AVENGERS.


Here's what's airing on TCM February 26th:


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February 26th:





Oscar Accolades:

KING SOLOMON'S MINES '50--4 nominations, 3 awards

THE YOUNG IN HEART--2 nominations, 0 awards

WATERLOO BRIDGE '40--2 nominations, 0 awards

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE--2 nominations, 0 awards

LILI--6 nominations, 1 award

DAY FOR NIGHT--4 nominations, 1 award

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND--8 nominations, 1 award

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN--3 nominations, 0 awards

THE CANDIDATE--2 nominations, 1 award

NINOTCHKA--3 nominations, 0 awards

BITTER SWEET--2 nominations, 0 awards

BALALAIKA--1 nomination, 0 awards

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February 27th:




Oscar Accolades:

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE '41--3 nominations, 0 awards

GASLIGHT '44--7 nominations, 2 awards

MRS. MINIVER--11 nominations, 6 awards

GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS '39--7 nominations, 1 award

GANDHI--11 nominations, 8 awards

CHARIOTS OF FIRE--7 nominatons, 4 awards

BREAKING AWAY--5 nominations, 1 award

DINER--1 nomination, 0 awards

APOLLO 13--9 nominations, 2 awards

PHILADELPHIA--5 nominations, 2 awards

RACHEL, RACHEL--4 nominations, 0 awards

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February 28th:





Oscar Accolades:

WATCH ON THE RHINE--5 nominations, 1 award

THE SEVENTH CROSS--1 nomination, 0 awards

SUNRISE AT CAMPOBELLO--4 nominations, 0 awards

THE APARTMENT--10 nominations, 5 awards

DOUBLE INDEMNITY--7 nominations, 0 awards

GOING MY WAY--9 nominations, 7 awards

BLUE SKIES--2 nominations, 0 awards

SWING TIME--2 nominations, 1 award

GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE PUBLIC ENEMY--1 nomination, 0 awards

LIBELED LADY--1 nomination, 0 awards

ONE WAY PASSAGE--1 nomination, 1 award

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February 29th:




Oscar Accolades:

ALWAYS IN MY HEART--1 nomination, 0 awards

CAPTAINS OF THE CLOUDS--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE YEARLING--7 nominations, 2 awards

DRAGON SEED--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE CORSICAN BROTHERS--1 nomination, 0 awards

FLIGHT COMMANDER--1 nomination, 1 award

ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS--2 nominations, 0 awards

THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE--1 nomination, 0 awards

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME '39--2 nominations, 0 awards

YOUNG BESS--2 nominations, 0 awards

RANDOM HARVEST--7 nominations, 0 awards

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March 1st:




Oscar Accolades:

THE INFORMER--6 nominations, 4 awards

LIFEBOAT--3 nominations, 0 awards

BATTLEGROUND--6 nominations, 2 awards

MYSTERY STREET--1 nomination, 0 awards

THEM!--1 nomination, 0 awards

BATTLE CRY--1 nomination, 0 awards

TORPEDO RUN--1 nomination, 0 awards

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY '95--7 nominations, 1 award

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY--10 nominations, 0 awards

A ROOM WITH A VIEW--9 nominations, 4 awards

THE V.I.P.S--1 nomination, 1 award

CITIZEN KANE--9 nominations, 1 award

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March 2nd:





Oscar Accolades:

CAGED--3 nominations, 0 awards

JOHNNY BELINDA--12 nominations, 1 award

LASSIE COME HOME--1 nomination, 0 awards

VIVACIOUS LADY--2 nominations, 0 awards

ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS--2 nominations, 0 awards

SMALL TOWN GIRL '53--1 nomination, 0 awards

GUYS AND DOLLS--4 nominations, 0 awards

SPARTACUS--6 nominations, 4 awards

LUST FOR LIFE--4 nominations, 1 award


AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS--8 nominations, 5 awards

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In the days ahead, I will look over all of TCM's selections and provide a basic summary-- especially, ones that did not earn any Oscars. It seemed like TCM scheduled a lot of pictures that only had one nomination (usually in some "lesser" category). Probably because they were trying to connect titles by certain honorees. Which brings me to another point-- the schedule was mostly linked by actors/actresses and occasionally by a few directors. Why the bias? Why associate the Oscars primarily with actors, when many of the films in this tribute had zero nominations for acting...?

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Some interesting totals:


During the 31 Days of Oscar in 2016, TCM will be airing 368 feature films. One of them was included in error as it had zero nominations. So let's use the number 367 instead.


Of the 367 films, 224 of them did not earn any Oscars (they just had nominations only). That means roughly 61% of the titles TCM is showing were not Oscar recipients in any category. 


Many of the films only had one nomination-- and usually lost in the sole category for which it was represented. Some films that had one nomination did earn an Oscar. There were 15 of them. Only two other films (IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT at 5; and GIGI at 9) earned Oscars in all nominated categories. So if we add the 15 plus these other two, only 17 films were completely victorious at the Oscars. That's 17 out of the grand total TCM is showing-- 367. Less than 5%.

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