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Christmas comes this time each year

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An eccentric family on the heels of bankruptcy takes in a "has been" actor for Christmas - the actor is central to the movie which ties itself to Charles Dickens Ebeneezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol". 


Name the movie and the name of the actor who plays the "has been actor" in the movie.

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Hint: this film was considered a Christmas "screwball comedy" probably due to the character actor and actress (known for playing in many screwball comedies) who play the husband and wife who take in the has been actor for the Christmas holiday.

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Azure, Correct on both answers. Joseph Schildkraut's character was Anthony Marchaund.


I think that due to his character name, the film had so many aka titles - Mr. M. And The Pidgeons, The Amazing Mr. M, The Magnificent Mr. M, & The Magnificent Rogue. Republic re-released the film in 1949 with a new title "The Castaway" and Republic sold the film in the late 50's for late night TV. The film appeared on TV consistently as a Christmas staple during the 60's and 70's. I believe that TCM has aired "The Cheaters" at least once.


I love the movie and would love to see it on TCM. "Mr. Pidgeon" and "Mrs. Pidgeon" are played by the great character actor and actress Eugene Pallette and Billie Burke both of whom have appeared in dozens of "screwball comedies".


Good job, Azure. It's your turn.


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Thanks, Marsha.  I don't think I've ever heard of that movie before!  It sounds like a good one.  I hope that TCM shows that movie one of these days.



Next:  A young woman takes her wealthy father to a second-hand clothes shop. 

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