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What do I need to watch TCM on a desktop PC?


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I'd like to watch some selections from the great TCM archives.  I have a variety of machines, browsers and can simulate any combination thereof, or run in a VM.   I will allow some tracking and scriptng (within reason), although it will be erased immediately upon stopping the stream.  I've quit Netflix as they seem more interested in pop-kult television than film History, so TCM might be an interesting change of pace. . 



Unfortunately my recent experience with TCM in the last hour has been a complete ZERO. The Mankewitz tutorial won't even play.  I allowed about 8 scripts and 5 trackers and NOTHING HAPPENS.  I was looking forward to this as I remember watching TCM when I had Cable TV on a CRT about 15 yrs ago.



This streaming thing is NOT NEW TECHNOLOGY.  I watch movies from public domain sites and YouTube daily with no trouble. I tried Mubi for a while with excellent results.  So - What Seems To be The Problem with Your Site????



I'll take any reasonable and polite suggestions seriously. How much security must I strip off of my browser to watch your streamsing movies?  Do I have to have an Xfinity or other cable TV account?  Is there a particularly ideal Windows OS and browser combination that is ideal?  Will it run on Linux Ubuntu Firefox or FF derivative browsers or Chrome? 



Do you have a tutorial that actually works, say perhaps on Youtube?  Why would I need a totorial, since I've been watching streaming content for several years with no problems.  In fact I'll go to YT now and check.  Too bad this has been a total flop.  What are you attempting to accomplish here? 



This is Hilarious!

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I sympathize.  My understanding is you must have TCM on your subscribed cable system to be able to use WATCH TCM on your computer.   Unfortunately, for me on Comcast in Tucson, Arizona, WATCH TCM still doesn't work.  I have been unable to get any help from the moderators of these message boards and no response from the TCM support e-mail.   Below are my last two postings on my problems.  I've given up trying to get WATCH TCM to work.  I generally watch TCM HD on my television via my Comcast cable but would love to be able to view TCM movies on my computer...at least occasionally.  But, it doesn't seem possible...at least for me.  I can watch Ben's tutorial but that's about all.  I'm using FIREFOX with Windows Vista on a Dell pc. 


David (Tucson, AZ)




I just thought I'd add my two cents about WATCH TCM not working via XFINITY in Tucson, Arizona.  I've been asking for help from TCM and from the moderators for over 1 year.  Never have I gotten any assistance.   I did try recent suggestions about shutting off ADBLOCK on Firefox on my Windows Vista computer but had no success.  Here (below) is my original October 2015 message which is similar to one I've been posting here and and emailing to the TCM help address for a year. 


Thanks,  David



I've written for assistance to the TCM support e-mail.  I've asked the moderators here.  No luck.  No response...sort of like the recent out-of-sync problems.  Never a real explanation.  Since TCM sent out today a "Thank you for your support" email about improvements to WATCH TCM, I'd like a little support in return from TCM tech folks.  I've been trying to access WATCH TCM on my pc with Comcast for many a moon.  Never any success.  Never any response to my help requests.   I'm only trying to WATCH TCM on my computer.  Not on my phone.  Going to the WATCH TCM home page, I click on SIGN IN.  This opens a new page with Ben's face and a choice of cable providers.  Clicking on XFINITY, I'm taken to a TCM/XFINITY sign-in page.  Logging into Comcast with my credentials takes me back to the WATCH TCM home page.  If I click on WATCH LIVE and try to view the current movie, I'm asked to sign in again to XFINITY.  The whole thing goes around and around with no success.  Comcast knows I'm logged in to Comcast but WATCH TCM does not.  How a streaming service for computers and phones can be introduced and hyped with no tech support provided is beyond me.   If any of you have any ideas, please let me know.

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