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Guilty Pleasures


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Mongo, I found this thread that you posted, is this what you were going to dig up for tracey? Either way, it's got a lot of interesting opinions.


I love Marlene Dietrich, and I don't feel it's a guilty pleasure to watch her films. I used to feel guilty watching Roman Polanski movies but I never quite knew why. And I've always felt guilty watching movies about Canada, like Northern Pursuit with Errol Flynn, where Canada is so badly misrepresented it's hilarious. Other dumb movies about Canada call it "God's Country" wherein the villains are always French-Canadians named Raoul or Pierre who sport touques, loud pants and obnoxious moustaches and there's always a Mountie nearby and I should be offended but I never am---they're hilarious, particularly Captains of the Clouds, really, really bad from a Canadian perspective (like George Tobias' character) but very enjoyable from a movie-lovers perspective. Another is The Scarlet Claw where everyone in Montreal speaks with every kind of accent but French.

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Your post interests me as I am a former Marine having served in the Korean Conflict. From a Marine point of view, it was not a question of necessity.When your son or myself received an order we obeyed it to the letter,no questions asked!

Thanks for being proud of that Marine son of yours!


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guiltiest pleasures [i guess this means movies that didn't do so well in the box office, or critically, but you **love** them anyway]:


hero (1992)- with dustin hoffman/geena davis. i could watch it in my sleep.

where the boys are (1960) - the most guilty of gultiest pleasures. **love it love it**


envy (2004) - with ben stiller/jack black. am in the only one who thinks it's funny??!

pumpkin (2002) - with christina ricci. also funnY.

stuck on you (2003) - with matt damon and greg kinnear.

SHALLOW HAL (2001) - another farrelly bros. movie that no one else understood but me.


her highness and the bellboy (1945) - robert walker and june allyson are most adorable coupling

all the fine young cannibals (1960) - i love the robert wagner/natalie wood chemistry


...and SHE-DEVIL (1989) with meryl streep and roseanne! yeeeeeees!!!

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