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Newest Additions To My Classic Hollywood Wardrobe Collection

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Hi all, haven't posted in awhile, good to be back! Very quickly, my dad(who just turned 80 this past October) was in the Navy from 43'-45', based in San Diego before shipping out and being wounded from a japanese attack on his ship and spending 6 months in the Naval Hospital there. Before that happened, he used to go to Hollywood a lot when he had leave, and spent many a time at the Hollywood Canteen and other places. At the Canteen he met Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck(got to dance with her!) Anne Shirley(danced with her too), and Jimmy Durante, John Garfield and a few others. He also met Veronica Lake and Virginia Mayo during studio tours given to servicemen. Watch the movie Pride Of The Marines with John Garfield, and you'll see a sailor come out onto a balcony on crutches, that's my dad! They were filming at the Naval Hospital at the time, he got into the scene by acident in the background. Anyways, he got me interested in classic Hollywood movies years ago and I never looked back, my favorites are from the 30'-50's. I started collecting old Hollywood wardrobe and other stuff from classic movies in the past year and just added a few new pieces, which you can see below by clicking on the links. Brief description and then the links, hope you'll enjoy!



First up we have Gloria Swanson's "Sunset Blvd." Evening Gown. You can see it in the scene when she comes into Joe's room while he is asleep and finds the script he has been working on with Betty. ``Oh. Joe..Joe..where were you..?'' This gown is in great condition.













Next up we have a costume worn by actress Jean Simmons in the 1960 classic, Elmer Gantry, co-starring Burt Lancaster. She wears this costume in over half the movie, in various scenes, and the screen captures show it great. This is a wonderful movie if anyone gets a chance, watch it, it's out on DVD now too. Burt Lancaster earned his only Oscar as the wide-smiling, glad-handing, soul-saving charlatan title character in "Elmer Gantry," a salesman who turns his gift for preaching into a career at the pulpit. Joining was Jean Simmons as his evangelist love interest, Sharon Falconer, this gown is in superb condition.

























Next up we have a period piece worn by actress Nancy Coleman in the 1946 film Devotion, in her role as Anne Bronte. This movie co-starred Ida Lupino as Emily Bronte and Olivia de Havilland as Charlotte Bronte, and also starred Sydney Greenstreet.








Last we have the costume worn by actress Anne Shirley in the 1940 drama "Vigil in the Night", co-starring Carole Lombard.





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How intersting! Do you have to have a special place to keep them--I mean like special environmental considerations or anything? I would lopve to collect props and things, but alas, no room even for things like posters. I confice myself to tapes and DVDs, books and cigarette cards--things that are relatively small and easily stored.




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The problem with all costumes that were stored under less-than-optimal conditions is that they begin to deteriorate even when proper care in finally given them. Some pieces (I own one of the two or three surviving spacesuits from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY) have particular needs that are not easily met, such as interior padding, metal fittings, etc. I hope that you're taking the necessary precautions with your collection.[

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Hi, thanks for the replies. yes, I am storing them in optimal conditions, I have a friend who has been a collector for years and has built quite a collection. He gave me tips and advice on proper storage. As well as storage, the climate control of the room is important, such as keeping humidity at the proper level. But I've been lucky so far, the major pieces I have are in super condition, these were obviously well cared for, which is not always the case. You have to be careful what you get, and research the item thoroughly too, before acquiring.

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