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A challenge for AG Loretta Lynch


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she must now condemn with equal vigor wednesday's radical islamic terrorist mass shooting in san bernardino the way she did a few days ago the domestic terrorist planned parenthood shooting in colorado springs.


she got cute.


now she must conduct herself as a professional.





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I'm STILL trying to fathom how yesterday's shootings in San Bernardino serve either Islam OR Allah.


Allah must hate LUNCHEONS for some reason?


Maybe because some of the food was KOSHER?



today's radical islam is a throwback to the very militant violent islam of the 7th century. modern jihadists have reasoned that a benign benificent islam will not subjugate the world for allah or bring about a worldwide caliphate.

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Senate Republicans Vote To Allow Terrorists To Legally Buy Guns In The US




"The American people want us to act on gun violence. Sadly today Republicans have proven that they are more afraid of the National Rifle Association than of FBI terror suspects buying assault weapons and explosives like those used in the Paris attacks and recent shootings in the United States."


- Sen. Harry Reid

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