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serious bob montgomery fan.....

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I totally agree with you on Petticoat Fever, though it contains one of my favorite Bob lines.



Teehee....one of my favorites comes when his fiancee brings up the subject of them rearing their children in the frozen tundra. He says something like "they'll be playing with seals." The look on his face just cracks me up.;)

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Violet.....what do you mean by this statement......I thought Bob was pitch perfect in Night Must Fall. He could have very well walked away with the Oscar that year had it not been for Mayer? I, too, love Bob Montgomery, especially in Night Must Fall and Here Comes Mr. Jordan (imagine both Bob and Claude Rains, what a wonderful treat). What do you mean if it had not been for Mayer"? Please fill me in. Thanks.



I've also DVRed a lot of Bob movies and am slowly watching them, he is simply wonderful! The more I see, the more I like.

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Bob really provided ?Petticoat Fever? with quite a few good moments. I especially like the look on his face when he asks Reg Owen how many rooms he should prepare as well as when he forgets his own name?very cute. Mayer truly wasted Bob?s talent at MGM. Still, he sure made the most of what he was given.


Regarding ?Here Comes Mr. Jordan"?there?s another added bonus: the wonderful Edward Everett Horton. (It would be great to see him as ?Star of the Month? sometime.) I also adore Claude Rains. He?s been one of my all-time favorites since I saw the ?Invisible Man.? What an excellent actor he was and a very classy guy, too.

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> Can I still call myself a massive Groucho fan?!? I've

> never heard of this book!


Hee, I hadn't either until I found a nearly-falling-apart copy for $1 at a secondhand bookstore. I checked Amazon and it's still in print - it's just a short collection of anecdotes about love and women. I wouldn't call it essential reading, but if you're a completist like me it's good stuff. :D

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