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At My Wits End With the Programming

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I'm sorry, maybe it's me. But for the last three months, TCM has been boring me simple.


For years this station has been the highlight of my evenings, (sorry just a serious old movie buff). But lately there hasn't been anything on to hold my interest.


Where are the good films? Bette, Joan, Clark, Cary, Marilyn. Please someone talk to the people who are doing the programming for TCM. Are they new? Am I going to have to resort to my own movie collection?


What is going on? I could do a much better job myself! Help!!!

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We have had a wonderful collection of precodes thanks to Robert Montgomery being the STOM!


Plus, silents coming up like "Souls for Sale" and the restored version of "Greed".


Not to mention the Shelley Winters tribute.


Last couple of months have brought us Bing Crosby, documentaries on Merian C. Cooper and Budd Boetticher, the restored King Kong, Christmas in Connecticut, Christmas Story,

and other goodies including a "An Evening with Cary Grant" and two night's ago a show about Judy Garland.

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There are but only so many films made by Bette, Joan, Clark, Cary, and Marilyn that TCM has at their disposal. If TCM played them over and over again people would start complaining about movies repeating to much and we wouldn't want that to happen, now would we.


Janurary, Febuary and March has a good mix of films that should satisfy all of their loyal viewers. Even Showtime Unlimited and Starz Super Pack gets interesting in Febuary, must be ratings season coming up.

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I'm a Big Classics fan - 1939 is for me the zenith of Hollywood, but . . . this has been a great month for my wife and I. I'm a new (and now a BIG lover of Miyazaki - thank you TCM).


TCM is getting so much better at showing classics before and after the Glory Years of Hollywood. The Silent Sunday have been great. GREED for goodness sake, how lucky can we get! It's also been a good month for the 1950's.


TCM is expanding it's scope, but not it's quality.

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I've been loving TCM this month, personally. Between having all these fantastic Bob Montgomery films, the day of Kay Francis films, Souls For Sale and the Miyazaki films (an unexpected delight), the DVR has been getting a workout and I have more films stored on it than I have time to watch them. I'm not looking forward to next month's Oscar schedule, but then again I seldom do. But for every month's programming that I find so-so, there's always another ahead of it that's bound to knock my socks off. Just give it time! :)

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I love Kay Fwancis! There are two books that have been published about her recently - I'm looking forward to reading up on her. I wish someone would put together a book about our good pal Mr. Montgomery. Even if his private life was boring by Hollywood standards, I'm sure a good-sized book could be filled with stories from his career alone. He made some great films and worked with some outstanding people. There must be dozens of anecdotes to have come from that.

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