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These things are confusing. My new computer tries to tell me what it wants me to do. I liked my old computer better. I owned it. This new one owns me.


Here is a DVD tutorial that I studied before I bought my machine. It?s a little complicated, but it might help some folks.



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Netflix will throttle you if you mail your DVD's back too soon. They only want you to have three out each week and I was doing four a week by getting one mailed back the next day. They started mailing them to me from the California Distribution site instead of my local Richmond VA. site to slow me down. Then I read on a Netflix vs Blockbuster forum that you have to cancel your membership with Netflix so that your history gets erased. Then you can go back to them under a new account and things will be fine for about three months, but soon they will throttle you again. I'm with Blockbuster now with a changing of my name and a different e-mail address (I'm back to four a week). I'll do the same when I go back to Netflix and cancil Blockbuster.

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johnnyweekes70, I was reading your posts about your dvd media problems. I have a Lite-On machine as well, and I found that the best discs to use are the DVD+RW 4x speed ones. Any brand seems to work well, but the best ones I've used are the generic Office Depot brand(!) They seem to play on any dvd player (including my ancient RCA one from 1998) no matter what speed you record on. The sound and picture quality are great (on SP mode, it's almost like a store bought dvd!)


I'm not sure what model Lite-On you have, but mine records on all types of media. Unfortunately, the DVD-R/+R's seem to cause the most problems since they won't play on all my dvd players. I think it has to do with the speed, but since I'm not very tech inclined I can't pinpoint it.

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It seems that its taking longer to get my movies from netflix as well, I have the 3 at a time plan and I'll start returning the movies the next day, sooner if I dont like the movie, and I'll get another movie in a couple of days, now it seems to be almost a week now before i get another movie.

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I've got the 5005 stand-alone without the hard-drive. My player from 2000 is also RCA and I tried a DVD-R in it this morning and it played it. Like you, I prefer the RWs but, if the -Rs work, I just can't keep shelling out when 15 RWs could really get me 50 -Rs. I'm resigned to the retail market. It's all such a headache, really but, as with others who've contributed helpful hints, I appreciate your comments.

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I've tried NetFlix and Blockbuster. Both seemed to have almost the same selections (which was almost everything I looked for. Silents, classic US, European, early Soviet, hard to find independent). If it was on DVD, usually they both had it.


For me (in Worcester, MA) both NetFlix and Blockbuster can get a DVD to me in 2 mailing days. The difference between the two (and this is the key factor) is from which mailing facility your rare films (non-recent release) come from. In my experience, Blockbuser got Erich Von Stroheim silents to me very fast, but NetFlix took 6 days to get Douglas Fairbanks to my door. I called NetFlix to complain, they told me that one DVD was coming from Seattle, while another was coming from Virginia. The next person to order those got them from my home town. It's a big mailing roulette wheel.


My advice is try both NetFlix and Blockbuster. Why not, it's free.

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Looks like there will be no more ?Silent Sunday Nights? after this coming Sunday. There will be very few films from the 1930s this month. Many terrible modern films will be shown this month, such as ?Dick Tracy?, ?The Karate Kid? (being shown again already), ?Same Time Next Year? (a really terrible dull film), ?Sleepless in Seattle? (zzzzzz), ?Tootsie? (which has made the rounds of many other channels already), ?Network? (so ??70s? it makes me sick), ?The Producers? (one of the worst films ever made), ?Zelig? (the worst film ever made), ?Shampoo? (so bad I don?t remember any of it except for the ugly ?70s clothes).


Mark the transition date, January, 2006/ February, 2006. The End of an Era.

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A reminder of a post by Path with data about 31 Days of Oscar. Note the 1940s.


Some more data which may be of interest (though facts usually get in the way of a good rant;-) is this comparison between last year's 31 Days of Oscar and this year's 31 Days of Oscar "month":


Films shown from the

...................February 2005.....February 2006







1980 & later....27........................19


Yes, there are 20+ more films being shown in 2/6 vs. 2/5 ... and yet, strangely enough, contrary to the "Chicken Little(s)" assertions, more AREN'T from 1980 & later!

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Weren't most of the same classic films scheduled last year shown 4 or 5 years ago. I think so.

And how could it be the end of an era when Summer Under the Stars hasn't even begun yet?

I guess I'm just lucky to be an optimist.

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For goodness' sake-if I see that schedule comparing the 2005/2006 schedules again,I'm going to just forget trying to get a fully honest answer here.The changes have been INCREMENTAL,over a period of some years-just showing a comparison of 2005 to 2006 does not tell the whole story-a more enlightening comparison would be the schedule from,say,2000 or 2001 to a 2005/2006 schedule. The changes have been incremental,over a period of years! so that it would be harder to make a legitimate comparison! if I knew where y'all are finding these schedules,I would be glad to post it myself-a schedule from 2000,for example,to a schedule from 2005 or 2006.It didn't just begin last year! It's been being sneaked slowly but surely,in phases,into the schedule over a period of some years-so the constant comparisons of 2005 to 2006 are disingenuous. A more complete picture would be gained by comparing the schedules from 2000,2001,say,to those of 2005 or 2006. If I knew where to find these schedules(if anyone wants to direct me to the place,I'll be happy to do it myself),I'm sure that I could show what some of us are saying-that TCM is incrementally adding more and more "modern classics',so-called,into the line-up. Do you think that I WANT thIs to be true? I would LOVE to be proven wrong,and will eat a large helping of crow pie if anyone can show me,by comparing the scheduling of 2000/2001,for instance,to the scheduling of 2005/2006. THAT's where the difference,if there is one,as I and others are proposing,will show the truth. That's why I keep saying "incrementally"-every year,more programming time is devoted to the so-called "modern classics". It's done so incrementally that you would have to remember what TCM's scheduling was app 5-6 years ago,to the schedules of 2005/2006,to see the creeping changes-NOT 2005 to 2006. I will glad to look up the schedules from the years 2000,2001,if someone will kindly tell me where to find them. I KNOW that there's a a difference in the programming from those years,and what's being sneaked in the back door in the last couple of years.

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> Looks like there will be no more ?Silent Sunday

> Nights? after this coming Sunday. There will be very

> few films from the 1930s this month. Many terrible

> modern films will be shown this month, such as ?Dick

> Tracy?, ?The Karate Kid? (being shown again already),

> ?Same Time Next Year? (a really terrible dull film),

> ?Sleepless in Seattle? (zzzzzz), ?Tootsie? (which has

> made the rounds of many other channels already),

> ?Network? (so ??70s? it makes me sick), ?The

> Producers? (one of the worst films ever made),

> ?Zelig? (the worst film ever made), ?Shampoo? (so bad

> I don?t remember any of it except for the ugly ?70s

> clothes).


> Mark the transition date, January, 2006/ February,

> 2006. The End of an Era.


Didja happen to look at the damn SCHEDULE? Obviously you're a brand new viewer at TCM, and everybody gets one pass on this as a rookie. But only one.


In Oscar Month, Silent Sunday Nights are pre-empted. That's the way it is; that's the way it's always been. February is [gasps of surprise] OSCAR MONTH. Why do they call it "Oscar Month," Mike? Because all the movies they show were nominated for Oscars. It's a special theme. They do it every year. It's a tradition at the station. In March they return to regular programming.


But are they really showing silent movies on Sunday nights in March, Mike? Why, yes, they are. Didn't you look at the sked before you started whining and moaning about something else ya don't like here? No, I didn't think so. That would be the logical way to go about it, after all. So what are those titles?


Desert Nights -- obscure but OK John Gilbert adventure film

Orphans of the Storm -- D W Griffith

Charley Chase -- 6 2-reel comedies back to back to ...

Red Lily -- a premiere, if I'm not mistaken.


April? Hey, there are 5 Sunday nights in April, and you get an extra Silent Sunday at no additional charge whatever. Gee, Mike, do ya know the titles of those films? Why, yes, I do!


The Merry Widow -- has that ever run before?

Piccadilly -- a premiere or might as well be

Ben Hur -- loved Ben, hated Hur

The Parson's Widow -- Dreyer

Sunrise -- Murnau


Second advisory, which you should have gotten at Orientation but which I'll repeat to save later explanation (print this out and magnet it to the 'fridge):


Silent Sunday Nights are also pre-empted during "Summer Under the Stars" in August. Happens every year. Don't make any panic calls to Goosey Lucy. She already knows about it. They'll be back in September.


PS: The directions are on the heel. Trust me.

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Thank you Melanie. Unfortunately, I think your suggestions make far too much sense to be taken seriously by the many TCM sycophants on these boards. You should know by now that you are not allowed to have a negative thought re TCM, and you certainly should never put it in writing. The wrath of God will descend (usually in the form of Path40a). Good luck!

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Ralph, does this make sense: I've already mentioned that around 20 'modern' films are airing in March. While drinking my coffee this morning (and my brats were still in bed), I figured out the following, give or take a couple for the larger numbers, and there's probably a couple repeats in there, but something really stands out to me:


Films from the '20s: 11

Films from the '30s: 92

Films from the '40s: 99

Films from the '50s: 104

Films from the '60s: 61

Films from the '70s: 8

Films from the '80s: 7

Films from the '90s: 1 (which happens to be Cinema Paradiso)


What stands out is that they're not exactly numbers to support the idea that 'modern' films are overtaking (the word often used here) the schedule.


What is painfully obvious in this thread is that supposition, or 'what might be' has, for some people, outweighed reason or, in this case, crystal-clear evidence. Though they seem very popular for some people, the draw to conspiracy theories has always boggled my mind.


By all means, put negative thoughts into writing. But thinking positively is better for you. Maybe path40a could add to that.

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I will glad to look up the schedules from the years 2000,2001,if someone will kindly tell me where to find them.>>





It looks like you may have to find someone who has a printout of the TCM schedules from 2000 as the links for them on various usenet groups and such no longer work. Considering the links are five years old that is not really that surprising.


However, what little info I was able to find does show that TCM was doing its 31 Days of Oscar monthly scheduling even back then (though it was the month of March as the Oscar telecast used to be in March).


Also, the number of silent films that were run in 2000 was about ten a month. There were no silents run in March 2000 because of the above mentioned Oscar salute. In addition, two months had more silents run as part of tributes to silent film makers.


The number of documentaries run in 2000 is consistent with the number of documentaries that TCM ran in 2005 the main difference being that in 2005 TCM ran more recently produced documentaries about such as "I am King Kong", Budd Boetticher, Watch the Skies, etc.


Message was edited by:


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Here are some numbers I was able to find for the 2003 Sept - Nov. schedule:





30s- 74

40s- 127

50s- 111

60s- 37

70s- 21

80s- 9 features, 1 documentary

90s- 1

2000s- 5 documentary + 1 festival of shorts



10s- 1

20s- 11

30s- 140

40s- 125

50s- 61

60s- 60

70s- 14

80s- 3

90s- 1 feature, 1 documentary

2000s- 1 festival of shorts, 1 documentary











90s-3 features, 2 documentaries, 1 festival of shorts

2000s-4 documentaries

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Yikes! Looks like it's been one heck of a conversation. After reviewing the comments since my last visit, one thing I came away with is irritation of there not being enough movies before the 30's being shown. I hope I'm correct in that assumption. I am not a subscriber, but a friend tapes things for me. I've been doing this only for a year, but I have noticed there are not as many pre-1930's movies as I'd like to see. It does look like many titles are repeated, and a lot of newer films are being shown. I would like to see more silent selections make it to the schedule! Where else am I going to get a chance to see something besides the "standard" silent titles available?

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Huntress, the problem with a lot of silent movies is that they don't have musical scores, and TCM won't show them, because they don't want to have "dead air" as it were. Not that we really care right? I'd watch them without a music score anyway!

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I'd like to address this to the TCM Programmer who has responded in this thread (but it is also an open letter to everyone here):


TCM is my favorite channel, even when there are programming choices I don't like. I am grateful, as we all should be, that there is a channel that shows the greatest selection of oldtime movies anywhere. Like some of the doom-and-gloom end-is-near scribes, I have on occasion not approved of inclusion of more recent movies (Benji and the recent animated films)seemed possibly a decision made to get a younger audience), but I still have more films from the 30s and 40s to watch than I could possibly see. I don't always like change (as a matter of fact, I am usually dragged kicking and screaming), but it can be necessary to keep things alive and also fresh. I admit I never watched any of last month's featured animated films, but maybe I am the poorer for it. Where would many of us be if someone hadn't introduced us to the classic films? (I am 50 and my main introduction to movies was in the early Sixties when almost everything was surf, speed, and suggested sex.) However, I do begin to side with the underdog, in this case, the TCM programmer, when I read so many posts bristling with anger and indignation about a few recent films being shown. Great movies didn't stop getting made when the studio system was finished.


And, by the way, enough credit has not been posted to the programmers for the trick of having all of this month's Oscar films linked by someone in the previous movie. It's a gimmick, certainly, but it was someone's idea and I am certain was a logistical nightmare putting together. Believe me, I know. Congratulations on that.


I have also looked at the new April schedule and while there wasn't that much that hadn't been on before, I still found a number of gems I am looking forward to. Can you imagine somebody new coming to TCM (like we all did) and seeing this incredible lineup? Oh, and as we were also speaking of recent movies, I am certain that some will complain about a film called Cinema Paradiso on the TCM schedule in April because it was made in the 1990s, but only those who have never seen it would possibly complain. It is a warm, funny movie about the love of movies, and it touched me greatly (and still does) because of the main character, a boy who basically grew up helping the projectionist of a small Italian cinema. In my days of the early Sixties, I used to hang around the projection booth, too. My love of movies started as a member of the audience but it grew in watching the running of the movies.


And I'd just like to say that at first I was dismayed by the updating of the TCM site (there's my kicking and screaming about change) because I could not find some of the TCM subarticles about certain films. That has now been corrected and it now incorporates the AFI database and the previous TCM articles. It is definitely the best site I have ever seen about movies. TCM certainly doesn't have to do that, but they have obviously spent money to improve it.


With all that, how can anyone say, "The end is near"? In many ways, TCM is getting better. Where else can watch regularly scheduled silents, film noirs, musicals, cartoon, etc. like we do at TCM? And I like the hosts. Robert Osborne has knowledge about film history, plus a dignified style and an ease in front of the camera. I thnk Ben Mankiewicz is also a good host of the cartoons and other specialized features. There is a casualness about him I enjoy. Think how these two compare to some of the hosts of some networks' dinner and movie programs. The only host I would like to leave is Peter Bogdonavich. Would someone please wake him up? It's like watching paint peel. And those voice impressions, please no more. (See, I can be negative, too.)


So, TCM Programmer, I know with the hard-hitting negative posts on the site, you probably on occasion like giving up and chucking everything, old and new, because you can't please everyone. I know I would feel that way. But there are many of us who are grateful to TCM and are also thankful for your personal efforts.

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filmlover, that was a great message. The only thing I have to disagree with is Ben. I just can't stand the guy, although I know other people do. It's all about personal preference.


March's Star of the Month is Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy and to be perfectly frank, I cannot stand Jeanette MacDonald's voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Does that mean I'm going to go on a message board rampage and make sixty million snide posts about it? NO. (However, I do like 'San Fransisco' and I just might get sucked into watching them. We'll see.) What other channels would have MacDonald/Eddy as the focus of the MONTH? None! There is no other channel like TCM out there, even with the anime festival and "modern" movies being rotated throughout the schedule.


This whole debate is very tiring. I can see how any new Message Board newbie would read these thread and be completely turned off by the doom and gloom atmosphere that hovers around here.

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filmlover, good post! Perth, I, too, do NOT like Jeanette MacDonald - but, it's personal preference, as you said. Soooo, instead of complaining about it, I'll just watch some great movies that I have already recorded off TCM, on Jeanette's nights. There are still 6 other nights every week. There is always something great about TCM if you look for it, instead of wasting time griping. Oooo - I DO like Ben M. :-) Again, different strokes...........

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Yes, connecting the films by actor was a logistical nightmare, but it made putting the schedule together a little more interesting even if it is gimmicky. I appreciate the posts that are supportive, as well as those that offer constructive criticism.

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