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"Ugly" Girl Fights The Bullies


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I honestly don't understand "cyber bullying". 


Who really cares what a bunch of losers whose lives and minds are so vacuous that they can't find better ways to use their time except to "nosedive" into some insipid device to read and post vicious remarks about someone they've probably never met, and likely never will?


The equally sad thing, to me, is that their victims also seem to think anything these dimwits post is somehow imortant enough to dignify with any kind of response or reaction.


"Social" media, my A S S!


TOO many people took TOO many HUGE GULPS of THAT Kool-ade!



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That girl is not ugly. Those bullies need to look in the mirror - they are ugly on the inside.

The reason that I put the word ugly in quotation marks in the title line, ham, is because 1. you're right, she's not ugly but, more importantly, 2. the content of her words, which reveal a person who is both a beautiful and gutsy inside.


How many people have been bullied and made to feel like outsiders, even to the point of suicide, particularly among the young? This young girl's defiance of her tormentors may hopefully prove to be something of an inspiration for others who also feel rejected and abused.

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It's a shame that people (not just kids) are so awful these days that they feel superior by hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name (or in the case of the article, an anonymous poll) and post vile, horrible things about people.  With the pre-teen/teenager set, the cyber bullying isn't necessarily a bunch of strangers picking on someone.  Often times, it's the child's own classmates who are posting these vile things online.  Not only do they have to deal with having these vicious statements said about them for all to see on social media, but the bullying continues at the school itself.  I'm sure that social media probably exacerbates the bullying.  For the kids who end up committing suicide, I can imagine that they just couldn't handle the constant bullying. I would have to think that for some kids who are online, it isn't just a matter of blocking people or ignoring them.  It also doesn't seem fair to tell the kids that they should just avoid being online or using social media--if that's something they want to do.  There's got to be more going on emotionally and mentally with the kids who are being bullied to the point where they attempt or succeed in committing suicide. 


When I was in high school, the internet was around, but there was no social media.  I don't remember bullies at my school, but I'm sure there were some.  If our school had mean kids, they were your "classic" bully who picked on kids at school.  These days, pre-teens and teenagers are so engrossed in the goings on on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. that these seem to serve very important roles in their lives.  I can imagine in today's teenager-land, that your social media image is probably just as important (if not more important) than your actual image.  Thus why the kids spend hours taking stupid pictures of themselves (and applying "artistic" filters!) for their profile pic.  The boys seem to favor the furrowed brow, confused, yet pouty look.  Whereas, the girls use duck lips and try to pose in a way to show off cleavage (or create the illusion of cleavage) in an effort to look "sexy."


I'm glad to see that this girl is fighting back against the bullies--even though I was disappointed that her ammo turned out to be a put down on Facebook--though I do appreciate what she said.  I'm sure the bullies saw it and probably felt vindicated rather than ashamed.  It's a sad state of affairs that she even had to write such a post. What kind of person takes a poll as to who the "ugliest" people are? That's despicable.


I'm glad that I didn't have to grow up with this generation of teenagers.  I truly think that social media and technology has affected them negatively.  I wonder where they'll be at when they're adults.  I'd also be curious to know about these bullies' home lives.  Is it fair to blame their parents that they have raised such an awful child, one who bullies other children? Or is there more going on? 


Cyber bullying is a rather new societal issue and it'll probably take more research to understand it fully.  I understand that many states have made cyber bullying an actual crime as well.  

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Sorry, Ham....


But a mirror DON'T show inner ugly.


Now, I don't really know the deep details of this story.  I'm just assuming it all happened on FaceBook.  which is where most middle school age and high school age kids "socialize" for a large part.


and MY experience there has been most of the ADULTS on FB are STILL psychologically locked in "middle school mode".  It's the place to GO if you miss the "glory days" of being the leader of some Jr. high or high school "clique", where your word was law and ganging up on someone whose mindset WASN'T the same as "the gang's" was par for the course.  Likely the kids doing THIS round of "cyber bullying" are the offspring of those immature "adults".


Actually, I've also learned from other experiences(and seeing others in the family dealing with such things) that bullies are somehow raised to feel ENTITLED to behave thus, as when one parent whose kid is being bulied confronts the parent of the bully who is so lame-brained he actually takes a level of PRIDE in what his kid is doing.  And will often blame YOUR kid for ALLOWING himself to be bullied!




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