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Summer Under the Stars 2006 wishlist


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I know August is months and months away from now, but since TCM *does* post their schedules months in advance, I was wondering if anyone else had any star suggestions for the annual Summer Under the Stars festival? Hope no one minds I started such a topic.


My choices would be Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead and Gig Young. Joseph Cotten is my favorite actor and I'd love to see some of his lesser known movies like "Love Letters" and "September Affair" (mainly because I've never seen those!) I know TCM doesn't own them, but still--I can wish! Of course it would also mean another showing of "Citizen Kane" and "The Magnificent Ambersons" but he's my favorite so I wouldn't mind much. Ha.


I've always been impressed with Agnes Moorehead and Gig Young's supporting roles in movies, so a whole day of them would be fantastic as well. Of course, this is all IMO, but I'd be interested in seeing what other people would like, especially since I'm not all too familar with certain genres and lesser known actors/actresses.


Also, TCM used to have a search function where you could find what movies they owned. With the new layout, how can I find it again?

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I agree, Joseph hasn't had his day in the sun, and August would be a great month! How about Ray Milland? I just posted to the wish list for "Alias Nick Beal". My film buddy said it was great, but that it hadn't been on tv for years. I know it isn't available; why is it that they put out all of these cheesy action flicks on DVD, but not the ones we film fans are coveting? Yeah, it's the economics. Has anyone viewed this movie? I'd love to hear about it! Oh yes...new user!

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I don't know which, if any, of the following list have been given the "24hour Treatment" in past August salutes but here's a list of people I would enjoy spending a hot summer day with -

(if only to try to catch up on some of their films that have slipped by me)


John Garfield / Edward G Robinson / Claude Rains / Charles Laughton (so I could perhaps get an improved recording of the hysterical :"Ruggles of Red Gap') / Marlene Dietrich / Ronald Colman and how about an entire weekend devoted to "The Barrymores" - John, Lionel and Ethel. (It would make for an interesting Star Of The Month tribute to salute all three members in a single month also. I would really enjoy learning more about this stellar family.)


Scanning the recent schedules and knowing how TCM will want to put some of their leased films to good use, I am willing to bet that some of the following will probably be singled out for an Under The Stars salute -


William Holden / Montgomery Clift / The Marx Brothers / Laurence Olivier / Bing Crosby / Glenn Ford and Audrey Hepburn

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It would be great to see a day of Bowery Boys and W.C. Fields films. Most of the Fields films haven't aired in a few years on TCM and rarely show up anywhere these days. Films like, Poppy, The Old Fashioned Way, Man On The Flying Trapeze, Mississippi etc. Sure would make for a great day

As for the Bowery Boys, Warner Home Video is supposed to be releasing them this year on DVD and I'm sure it would make for a great tie in to run some if not all of them on TCM

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I'm so happy to see that I'm not alone in wanting a Joseph Cotten day as well! He's one of the most underrated classic actors--it still boggles my mind that he was never nominated for an Oscar or any other award (except for Portrait of Jennie!) 'Shadow of a Doubt' and 'The Third Man' should have gotten him something, but nope. Love him!


And I'd love to see a Richard Widmark day too. Another actor that's ignored way too often--he could play the villainous parts so good.


hlywdkjk, TCM did William Holden and Glenn Ford last year and Edward G. Robinson the year before, although I wouldn't mind if they devoted another day to him this year (I'm sure TCM owns plenty of his films). He's another one of my favorites. I'm all for Marlene Dietrich and Montgomery Clift too. And I like the triple Barrymore weekend/STOM idea!


Also, I'd like to see Melvyn Douglas and David Niven get days as well. TCM should just have a "Viewer Programmer for a Day" contest.

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what is it they say about great minds?


I really do hope The Barrymores get some sort of recognition on TCM someday. Each was special in his or her's own way that there has to be a great story there and not in the 'Untold Story" way.


I wonder if anyone has ever done a documentary about the family.


Kyle in Hollywood

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As I recall, Peter Lorre was TCM's Star of the Month in October of 2004. In my opinion, he's due to have another day devoted to him to show some of his well known films where he starred in or played supporting roles like "Casablanca", "Arsenic and Old Lace", "All Through the Night", "M" and "The Mask of Dimitrios".


As someone in a previous post mentioned, I think Joseph Cotten would be a good choice to have a day devoted to him. My favorite film of his is "The Farmer's Daughter" with Loretta Young and I've had the opportunity to see some of his other films like "Gaslight", "The Magnificent Ambersons", "The Portrait of Jennie", and "Shadow of a Doubt". They devoted a night to him sometime in October or November of this past year, if I'm not mistaken and they showed some of the films mentioned above.


I would like to see TCM do a Star of the Month or another day of Ray Milland films, some of the ones that they showed last year like "The Major and the Minor," "Ministry of Fear," and "The Uninvited", but it would be nice if they could show some of his more obscure films like "The Return of Sophie Lang," "Arise My Love," and "Alias Nick Beal". That depends, however, on TCM's ability to license out the films from Universal since they have the pre-1948 Paramount library.


Another actor that they have not done a Star of the Month for, but it would be nice if they could devote a day to him, is Fredric March. Besides showing the two films that won him his Oscars, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and "The Best Years of Our Lives," TCM could show "Death Takes a Holiday", "Nothing Sacred," "I Married a Witch", "One Foot in Heaven" and "Strangers in Love." However, as in the case with some of the films starring Ray Milland, the films in which Fredric March starred in, while he was under contract with Paramount, are now in the hands of Universal, which would also require a license to air them as well.




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Put in another vote for Joseph Cotten. I just love that guy. I haven't seen Love Letters or September Affair either, and they're very high on my wish list.


Also, I'd love to see a day of Marion Davies films. I'm not sure TCM has enough to fill 24 hours with her, but this is a wish list, after all...

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I know they did him last summer, but I could always go for a day of nothing but Basil Rathbone films.:)


Hear hear to the Joseph Cotten, Ray Milland, and Freddie March suggestions!


And The Extra Girl...I LOVE Marion Davies too, but I'm not sure they have enough of her films to fill an entire day.;/

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