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The following appeared in A movies as well, but there's something about the Bs that they did that's memorable...


GOOD GUYS?(who could always be a little compromised):

Robert Ryan

Charles McGraw

Kenneth Tobey

Edmond O'Brien


BAD GUYS?(who usually had their reasons):

Robert Ryan (he fits both categories!)

Steve Cochran

Neville Brand

Howard Duff (superficially, he was often a good guy, but he was more convincing as a sneaky meanie)



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> Anyone have favorite stars of the "B" film era?

> Here's a few of mine.

> Steve Brodie

> William Tallman

> Douglas Fowley

> Jean Willes

> Audrey Long

> Margurite Chapman

> Robert Shayne

> To name a few.


About 1970, in a letter to " Films in Review ", I wrote that I liked Jean Willes ( " No Time for Sergeants ", " The Invasion of the Body Snatchers " ) a month or two later some readers replied. You would have thought I saying such a thing that I had committed a Mortal Sin


.I like Marie Windsor too.

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" The Invasion of the Body Snatchers " has to be a classic, it has the great Whit Bissell in it/ He was also in Raw Deal, Brute Force, The Magnificent &, The Manchurian Candidate ( original ), Seven Days in May, and on and on !

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> I remember Kevin McCarthy,he was in a lot of shows

> and miniseries in the 70's.He was a good actor.


Kevin McCarthy, brother of the late novelist Mary McCarthy, ( " The Group ') is still alive. He was born in 1914. In one " Twilight Zone " he played a collage Professor who could live forever.A film that he was in " Mirage ", starring Gregory Peck is an excellent noir that TCM should show.

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> McCarthy was a very strange looking man but had his

> distinctive character and voice.


> Didn't he wear a bow-tie a lot or at least in one of

> his appearances?


I think that he did, he might have even worn one in the "Hitckockian " Mirage.It needs a DVD with audio commentary.

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> Oh my God!!!


> Don't even get Ken started,you know that to him



> Right Ken?


Only the handsomest men ( Power, Flynn), the most beautiful woman ( O' Hara, Garson ), the greatest directors ( Ford, Huston, Walsh ),screenwriters ( Nichols )------ Only the Best in Hollywood are Irish

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Right now, I'm really enjoying "The Strange Door" a horror "B" from Universal with Richard Staley and Sally Forrest. Their chemistry is good.I also love John Agar, Leo G. Carroll, Dorothy Provine, and Deborah Walley. Cheers for the B's.! Seriously, I love B movies so much, I hate the Oscar salute month every spring.

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I love B stars. A real treat when TCM shows a movie with them in it. My faves are john gavin, guy madison, richard egan, rory calhoun, farley granger, george nader, cornel wilde, yvonne decarlo, dolores moran, faith domergue, vera ralston, diana dors, adele jergens, maria montez, patricia medina, patricia morison, elaine stewart, ella raines, hillary brooke, mamie van doren, ann sothern, marie windsor, ruth roman, virginia mayo, rhonda fleming, arlene dahl, jayne meadows, moira lister, mari blanchard, ellen drew, corinne calvet, lizabeth scott, and belita.

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