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Trying to Find El Sabato Movie !?!?

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Saw this movie a while back ago.....and I thought I saw it on TCM.... Its a Classic Western Movie (in color)... I thought the name of the movie was El Sabato.....but no search results anywhere revealed anything.....I know the Main character is named El sabato...he faces alot of gun slinging characters with corupt government officals... half way through movie he picks up a "igore-like" side kick for humor and also revials a guy named bandjo who is half his partner and half foe............any information is so much appreciated........Best western I've seen.........Thanks


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Hello Standardbrady:


I believe the movie you seek is called "Sabata," (1969), starring Lee van Cleef, and directed by Gianfranco Parolini. This movie is absolutely fantastic. There was also a sequel called "The Return of Sabata" which also stars van Cleef. A third entry was titled "Adios Sabata." It was not originally a Sabata film but was re-dubbed to capitalize on teh Sabata craze in europe. It stars Yul Brynner.


Sabata is known as a Spaghetti western, a subgenre of westerns filmed and produced in Europe during the 60's and seventies. If you like this film feel free to try other spaghetti westerns. A wealth of information can be found on John Nudges website www.sartana.homestead.com

The people are real cultured there and know alot about this subject. Lots of spaghetti western stars even post there from time to time!

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