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Favorite Actor/Actress & Films of theirs

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Who are your Favorite Actors & Actress' & your favorite films in which they star ?


Mine are:


Merle Oberon in:

Wuthering Heights

These Three

That Uncerian Feeling

The Divorce of Lady X


Audrey Hepburn in:

Roman Holiday

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Nun's Story

Wait Until Dark


My Fair Lady

Funny Face


Barbara Stanwyck in:

Sorry Wrong Number

Stella Dallas

Meet John Doe

The Lady Eve


Joan Fontaine in:

Maid's Night Out


Jane Eyre


Letter From An Unknown Woman



Ingrid Bergman in:




For Whom The Bell Tolls



Joan of Arc



Meg Ryan in:

City of Angels

Sleepless in Seattle

You've Got Mail

When A Man Loves A Woman

When Harry Met Sally


James Stewart in:

It's a Wonderful Life

Winchester '73

Spirit of St. Louis

Made For Each Other

The Shop Artound The Corner

Mr. Smith.....

Mr. Hobbs....



Charles Boyer in:



Love Affiar


John Wayne in:


The Searchers

Donavan's Reef

Red River

The John Ford Trilogy

The Green Berets


The War Wagon

In Harm's Way

The Quiet Man


Johhny Depp in:

Benny & Joon


Edward Scissorhands

Finding Neverland

Ed Wood

Sleepy Hollow


And yours are ?

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Well, I'll do a few, anyway....at least the ones I can remember. But this is by no means a complete list. :)


Here are my favorite actors/actresses:


Humphrey Bogart:

The African Queen


To Have and Have Not

The Maltese Falcon

Key Largo

Crime School



Spencer Tracy:

Desk Set

Father of the Bride

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Adam's Rib

Pat and Mike


However, I have not seen even half of Spencer Tracy's many films. So that list might change later.



Charles Boyer:

Well, I'm in love with Charles Boyer, and so I like all of his films. :D


However, the best are:

Love Affair

All This and Heaven Too



History is Made At Night

Hold Back the Dawn



Greta Garbo:

Queen Christina


Anna Karenina



Audrey Hepburn:

The Nun's Story


Roman Holiday

Breakfast at Tiffany's




Bette Davis:

Now, Voyager

All This and Heaven Too

Watch on the Rhine


The Letter

A Stolen Life




Clark Gable:

It Happened One Night

Forsaking All Others


Love on the Run


(still have alot of his films to see though...)




Joan Crawford:

Mildred Pierce

A Woman's Face

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Hi there :-)


It seems we have similar tastes in our films & stars of such !


Come on people. 72 have read this Post, at this time, but only pktrekgirl has taken the time to Respond, to which I thank her, but what about you ?!

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Here goes:



Body and Soul

The Sea Wolf

They Made Me a Criminal

Dust Be My Destiny

He Ran All the Way



My Reputation

Ball of Fire

Double Indemnity

Sorry, Wrong Number

Meet John Doe



San Francisco

Red Dust

Gone With the Wind

Mutiny on the Bounty

Call of the Wild




A Woman's Face

Mildred Pierce

Sudden Fear

Harriet Craig



The Roaring Twenties

Yankee Doodle Dandy

White Heat

Angels with Dirty Faces

Love Me or Leave Me



In This Our Life

The Letter

The Little Foxes

Now, Voyager

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?



Captain's Courageous

Boys Town

Bad Day at Black Rock

The Old Man and the Sea

Inherit the Wind



Storm Warning

Love Me or Leave Me

The Pajama Game

Calamity Jane

Pillow Talk



The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Mutiny on the Bounty

This Land Is Mine

Ruggles of Red Gap

Witness for the Prosecution



I'll Cry Tomorrow


With a Song in My Heart

I Want to Live!

The President's Lady


Of course there are many more, but no sense in being a hog.

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Regarding Clark Gable and ?San Francisco,? I happened to study a lot of details about the 1906 SF fire and earthquake when I lived there, and a local theater began showing the movie every year on the anniversary of the earthquake. I learned that the film, although based on a fictional story about the individual people, was quite accurate in many details: Much of the music at the talent show was authentic to the era, the men and women?s clothes were accurate to 1906, the women?s hair styles were accurate, the Opera being in town (Caruso was shaken out of his hotel bed that morning), Lotta?s Fountain, The Coast filled with vice, the various corrupt city commission rules, laws, and politics, the way City Hall collapsed (the model collapsed the way the real City Hall collapsed), the models of the burning city (they were models of many of the real building of 1906 San Francisco), the general stories about how the people on Nob Hill originally made their money, the second wave of the quake, the type of motion of the quake, the broken water mains, the gas lines breaking, the tent city set up in Golden Gate Park, the local animosity toward Los Angeles citizens, the troops down from the Presidio, the troops blowing up buildings to stop the fire, the shooting of looters, the long carriage ride out to Golden Gate Park from town, and many other details. The tune ?San Francisco? seems to be new and was jazzed up for a 1930s audience.

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Fred, thanks for the info, regarding the San Francisco earthquake, it was very interesting.

By the way the title song was written for the movie with lyrics by the fabulous Gus Kahn.

The quake special effects were quite impressive for 1936.

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Yes, the quake effects were remarkable. I first saw the film on the Late Show in the mid-50s when I was about 13, and I was astonished at the big scene when the street cracks apart and 3 or 4 feet down in the hole were water mains that broke. They had to build a big set that acually had two parts that were moved apart, and they must have had 8 or more feet of dirt showing under the street level.


The real City Hall cracked apart and the stone veneer sides fell off just like in the movie, leaving the dome supported by steel beams. It looks to me like the movie model of City Hall is very large and maybe made out of plaster that was designed to crack apart at the right places.

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