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Many years ago (I'm talking 1980s) I saw a film short featuring an amusing string of bloopers from Warner Brothers, I think. I remember seeing Bette Davis muffing a line in San Francisco and then telling Errol Flynn she'd just given birth in the ladies room (how refreshing to see them laughing together, given that they reportedly didn't get along), and another, possibly from Voice of the Turtle, with Eve Arden asking Ronald Reagan if he was "getting any lately." Reagan looked startled, then said, "Work, you mean?" and they cracked up. (I was never a fan of Ronald Reagan politically, but the man was definitely quick-witted.)


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anybody seen it on TCM? I'd love to see it again. I would imagine that after all this time just about everyone in it is now dead, and even when they were alive I was enjoyed seeing them so young and beautiful.



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I have these very rare bloopers that I got years ago. Its well over an hours worth of Warner Bros. movie bloopers from the 1930's thru to the late 1940's and The ones form the 1930's also have Porky Pig swearing! This is the one where he is shown hammering and he keeps hitting his thumb and he keeps saying "son of a bi ba bi ba bi" and he fades out, and then is shown again about 3 more times doing this and then finelly he says after he hits himself again, he does his stutter thing and then says " son of a gun",then he laughs and says "ha ha ha I bet you thought I was going to say Son of a b..ch didn't you!".


I also have the very rare Abbott and Costello bloopers from most all their Universal films.


But as to the Warner Bros. bloopers these are a real hoot tho, to se the big stars all turning the air blue! YIKES!!


Also have the rare bloopers from MY MAN GODFREY and in these Carole Lombard says "Sh.t", double YIKES!!



All these are rare treasures indeed!!!

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These are real bloopers, because the scenes are from well known Warner Bros. movies and the stars make mistakes in their lines or forget their lines. Many times you hear the director yell "CUT".


What Warners did was to collect all the bloopers for each year and would show them at the year end parties they would have.


I have the complete rare collection of these. I also have a number of 20TH Century Fox bloopers too with some Charlie Chan flubs and others. Am getting all this very rare stuff onto DVD-R to preserve it all! Got tons of it!

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