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Question for TCM Web guy/gal regarding "Stickys"

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Was wondering if it would be possible to have a "sticky" on the forums regarding the info on what films (not film titles) are in the TCM library and what studios own what.


We have the info and would be glad to send it to you. Many of us feel if it was a "sticky" at least on the General Discussion board (though if it could be on each of the main forum boards that would be great), it would help people better understand the often confusing film studio libraries.


Lynn in Sherman Oaks

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Hi LzCutter -


Sorry for not getting back to you earlier - but if you feel this would be substantially beneficial, we can post this. Feel free to send us any info you feel is relevant, otherwise, we'll consider formaulting some info on the TCM library to post. Thanks -

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Since you asked:




I thought I'd revive this idea. There are certain questions which arise again and again. Normally, a site has an FAQ which answer them. Would it be possible to have a TCM message board FAQ or other 'sticky note' concept (as you do with these announcements) for answers to commonly asked questions like:


- what films are in the TCM library and/or what other content is available to show (including which Paramount titles are available)

- why isn't a certain title (from the library) available for showing (e.g. because it's not in digital format and/or needs to be restored to be watchable, etc.)

- and so forth

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Hello Path40 -


We are working on these - I think we'll post them in the next few weeks. I'm not sure what level of detail will be available - e.g., a list of Paramount titles we have under license, etc. - but we will push our programming department to answer as many of the common questions we've seen on the boards as possible. We'll make these Announcements on the boards. Thanks for raising - we will continue to work on these and get them up, hopefully soon.


TCM web

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I forwarded coffeedan's great post of what studio's libraries TCM owns or has access to. Would be glad to resend it if that would help!

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Any updated information concerning this functionality? Lynn has had to post her "films availability" info several times in the past couple of months and Kyle's TCM programming challenge (which causes questions about what's in the library; e.g. coffeedan's post) is coming soon.


Thanks for any info. Of course, being able to see via the movie database which titles are/aren't licensed and eligible for airing on your channel (a capability we used to have) is also desirable. Thanks again!

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I know a lot of people want a little more information on the films we can play. It really is a very difficult thing to explain, so it may be a couple of weeks before I get to it in any detail. At the end of the day we can license most films from any studio, but please remember:


- deals are usually done years in advance, so, today we are (mostly) licensing product for 2008 and beyond

- some studios have been easier to work with than others

- some films have been kept off the market for strategic reasons

- some are tied up with legal issues

- some don't have acceptable materials.

- some are sold to ad-supported networks who can pay more money that we can (good examples are "It's a Wonderful Life" and "The Sound of Music")


As I said, I will try to put together something more detailed when I can but it will be at least a couple of weeks.

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Thank you very much for your response, tcmprogrammer! I know we will all look forward to more information on the subject.


Additionally, I was asking a question about the "sticky note" capability Lynn had asked for initially, a way for frequently asked questions to be easily accessible and pointed to since many of the same questions arise time after time. Perhaps TCMWebAdmin can provide more info on that subject.


Thanks again.

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