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What movie can NEVER be re-made?


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I found this bit of info at onion.com ...


Hollywood Plans Big-Budget Remake Of Mr. & Mrs. Smith


February 14, 2006 | Issue 42?07


LOS ANGELES?Studio executives at 20th Century Fox announced that production will begin next month on a big-budget, all-star remake of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the blockbuster action film of 2005 starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. "We're always looking for ideas, and moviegoers really responded to Mr. & Mrs. Smith," said Fox vice president of development Mtumne Ngumwebaum. "Buckle up, action fans! This time we're going to do it bigger and better, with twice the budget and even hotter stars." Said film critic Harry Knowles: "You shouldn't touch a classic like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but if you bring Eli Roth in as director, count me in!"

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pktrekgirl and huntress,


Another Star Trek anecdote:


The University of Colorado at Boulder has an annual "Trivia Bowl". The thing is set up like the old "GE College Bowl"--two teams of four players answer a 'toss up' question and, if a member of one of the teams answers the toss up correctly, that team is eligible for a bonus question.


One year, oh...about 1978, a special "Star Trek" only competition was played. The players were good.


Note that the first "Star Trek" movie was still in the future, no TV spin-offs and little in the way of a comprehensive "Star Trek" database. I think most of the team members knowledge would have come from multiple viewings of "Star Trek" re-runs (very few home VCRs!). Maybe 'networking' with other "Star Trek" fans.


Anyway. One of the bonus questions asked was, "What is the apartment number of 'Gary Seven' in the episode "Assignment Earth". Three of the four team members looked dumbfounded. Team member number four screwed up his face and pulled that little sucker (the correct number) out of his database. The standing room only audience gave that guy a standing ovation!



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Too funny!!! How could you not give that a standing ovation! I would have lost too. It was just brought to my attention that CTU director, is also Sam in LOTR!!! I knew I recognized his face, but couldn't place it. Thank goodness my buddy has a better memory than me. Maybe that's why she's my friend. She realizes I need help. LOL


What was the apartment number?? LOL

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"What was the apartment number??..."


While I was composing the message regarding "Trivia Bowl", I searched to make sure the episode was "Assignment Earth" (my memory frazzled). The first hit was "Assignment Earth--Excrutiatingly Detailed Plot Summary". I've copied and pasted a relevant bit:


"Just after Seven learns from the Beta 5 that agents 201 and 347 were killed in an automobile accident on Highway 949, 10 miles north of McKinley Rocket Base, Kirk and Spock (who have beamed down in an attempt to locate Seven) barge into the office. However, Lincoln stalls them long enough to allow Seven to escape into the safe/transporter, and also manages to call the police to the office (which is located at 811 East 68th Street, number 12B). When they arrive, Kirk beams them...".


Isn't it strange that the author of the summary included Gary Seven's apartment address? Hmmm...I wonder if that has become a standard "Star Trek" trivia item?



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