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Suggest A Movie madness

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Browsing the "Suggest a Movie" pages can be a very painful and frustrating experience.


A lot of these people say things like "It's never shown anywhere" and "I've been waiting for it to air on TCM for a long time"... and often it turns out to be a movie that was just shown a few days before, or is scheduled in the near future!


Want some examples? Here are some suggestions from the first few current pages:

"Brigadoon" suggested 2/15 aired 2/1

"West Side Story" suggested 2/15 aired 12/15 and airs frequently

"The Awful Truth" suggested 2/15 says "My husband and I have been waiting for awhile for you to play it" but it aired LESS THAN TWO DAYS AGO on 2/13!

"The Uninvited" suggested 2/15 says "I havent seen it run in any TV channel" but it aired ten days ago on 2/5

"Bringing Up Baby" suggested 2/15 aired 1/18 airing again 4/30

"Sabrina" suggested 2/15 aired 2/3 airing again 3/26

"A Streetcar Named Desire" suggested 2/15 says "I've never seen it on tcm" aired 10/2002, 1/2003, 3/2003, 5/2003, 9/2003, 11/2003, 12/2003, 1/2004, 8/2005


And this one kills me:

"The Devil and Miss Jones" suggested 2/15 AIRED 2/15 !!


Why does it bother me? Does it bother anyone else?

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I won't say it frustrates me but it makes me wonder if they can't see the Schedule link at the top of the page. I do find it a little amusing when someone asks about a movie that was on within the last week (even have the date & time) and come on here to ask the title. There's a link at the top of the page, people.

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This really annoys me too.


And some of the films suggested on there are films that have not only been shown *once* recently, but SEVERAL times in the past few months!


I mean, there is really no need to suggest "Bringing Up Baby". Good grief, they play that thing about 8 times a year! And as much as I personally adore "Casablanca", I want to pull my hair out when I see that suggested, because at least on MY TiVo (which shows a little over two weeks in forward programming at any given time), when I pull up my Bogie Wishlist, that film is practically *always* on there! It is shown at least once a month - sometimes more! "Sabrina", "The Philadelphia Story", "Shop Around the Corner", "The Awful Truth", "Key Largo", "It Happened One Night" - great movies, all (some of my favorites, in fact)...but come ON! Do these really need to be *requested*???


Can people not read, or what?


As a result of stuff like this, that list is practically always cluttered up with pointless requests. Hopefully, the person responsible for reading those requests filters out those requests put in by the people who can't read the friggin' schedule, and instead looks at the *serious* requests for films that have REALLY not aired in a while.


As for myself, the only requests I put in are those where the film is not yet on DVD (if I want to see a film that badly, and it's on DVD, I just purchase it!) and that hasn't been shown in a while.


It's really not rocket science...but wow, I'm amazed by some of the stuff I read on there.


(Sorry for the rant...but you have hit on what is perhaps my biggest pet peeve related to this website. *lol* )

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Shill, your list is really funny! I barely ever read the requests but my goodness people can be really ............"silly", let's say. ;-) I can see where this would really PO some people, it doesn't win any brownie points with me either. It sure makes a person wonder how often these people visit this site or turn on TCM. The last request for The Devil and Miss Jones which was requested yesterday and aired last night would be very funny if not so "silly". I wonder if this person thinks they were responsible for the airing? ^^


Pktrekgirl, I only put in requests for movies that haven't been seen for awhile, also, and try to buy DVDs when I can, but I can't always afford it. That's ok for people who have money.....but for those who don't, we sometimes have to request the movie, anyway.



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scarlett, I hope you don't think I was saying that people should buy movies rather than request them, cus that wasn't what I meant. And certainly not everyone has the means (or the space, for that matter) to do that.


My point was that people need to afford others a bit of consideration when posting requests, and at least make a minimum amount of effort toward suggesting a film that is perhaps a bit more difficult to find than say, screenings of Casablanca. *lol*

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I agree I liked the old way when you suggested a movie it would let you know if it was scheduled and when it was going to be on. I remember Haunted Honeymoon was scheduled for January band there was alot of people requesting it because it was Robert Montgomery month and I hate those people that were suggesting to fire the programmer. One started it and 2 others joined in.I wish they would go back to that they'd should have a lot less unneeded requests.

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I think part of the problem is that people don't realize that the default button is set to movie database instead of site.


If you type in a film title, change the default setting to site, then hit search it will let you know if and when the film is going to be shown in the next three months.


But most people don't know to change the default setting to site.

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