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My Favorite Trivia


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>John Wayne


It was, indeed! Well done. The Guinness book of World Records has him playing the leading role in no less than 142 films.


Which naturally leads to the following:


Which actor or actress appeared in the most films?


(I'm talking on-screen appearances in features... otherwise the hands-down winner would be Mel Blanc for his voice work in all those cartoons.)

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> Which actor or actress appeared in the most

> films?


I doubt anyone will get this, as he is not well known, but the answer is Tom London, who between the years of 1915 and 1961, appeared in an astonishing 501 features and 64 serials (usually as "Thug #2" or something similar).

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You got it, feaito. (As usual.)


He played the Frog Footman in the Paramount version of "Alice in Wonderland", and the Cheshire Cat in the later Disney cartoon version.


I had the great privilege of being directed by the man in a community theater version of "The Knack" back in the '60's.

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That's it!


(Now, why would the guy whose hand supposedly goes around killing people after he's dead make the combination to his safe based on the bones of the hand years before he's even paralyzed, much less dead--especially when there's no indication he has any kind of hand fetish, and it was all done by Peter Lorre anyway? Just coincidence? Or did Curt Siodmak--who wrote the screenplay--just want to get in another of his creepy litte horror movie poems, like the one he did for the gypsy woman in "The Wolfman," and the hell with logic?)

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