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My Favorite Trivia


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You are correct, filmlover.


(By the way, there's a Nancy Reagan connection to this one: It was her mother's idea to create the award, based on the one in the movie, in 1952. Celeste Holm is another "Eve" actor to have been given it.)

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Okay, this is another Actor Chain. (If you recall, that's when the last name of the first actor is the first name of the next, and so on.)


These aren't particularly easy to come up with, but incredibly this one has no less than 8 links!


Here are the clues:


New England sheriff's wife

Radio station employee

New York visitor


Desert rat

Guitar player

Doctor on the lam

Jake Holman's shipmate


Good luck!

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Lorraine Gary - Jaws

Gary Sandy - WKRP Cincinatti

Sandy Dennis - The Out Of Towners

Dennis Christopher - Breaking Away

Christopher George - Rat Patrol or El Dorado

George Harrison - Hard Days Night Etc.

Harrison Ford - The Fugative

Ford Rainey - The Sand Pebbles.



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The Mother Superior sounds like Rosalind Russell and the yeti exploiter might be Forrest Tucker which would point towards "Auntie Mame." But I don't remember Fred Clark in the other "exploiter" role and I can't remember the name of the boy. Maybe someone else can follow up on this chain if it's correct. If not, then nevermind.

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OK. Fred Clark in Curse of the Mummy's Tomb. Rosalind Russell in The Trouble With Angels. Forrest Tucker in Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. I think Lee Patrick played the boy, but I don't know how to reference it to the clue.

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Good work, Charlie. You got it: "Auntie Mame" is what I was looking for, and yes, those were the actors' roles.


(You didn't have to come up with the boy's name, but it was Jan Handzlik. Lee Patrick, who played Mrs. Upson, would have been very much less satisfactory in the role, one would assume.)

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When Stanley Kubrick's "Spartacus" was restored, previously cut footage featuring Laurence Olivier and Tony Curtis was edited back into the film. The accompanying soundtrack to that footage, however, was lost, and had to be recreated. Curtis, still being alive, was able to dub his part of the lost dialogue. Olivier, however, had died by then. Who dubbed his lines?

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74,685 costumes were designed, made or rented for use in the film.

The cast and crew flew over 4,000,000 miles.

68,894 extras were used while shooting the film in 13 countries.

90 animal handlers managed the record 8,552 animals used (3,800 sheep, 2,448 buffalo, 950 donkeys, 800 horses, 512 monkeys, 17 bulls, 15 elephants, 6 skunks, and 4 ostriches).


What was the film?

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