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My Favorite Trivia

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Time for another Actor Chain (last name of one is the first name of the next, and so on.)


Here are the clues:


Saboteur's wife

Carry On regular

Mouse's voice

Detective pursuing serial killer

Bond girl

Travelogue narrator

Southern landowner

"Friend" of Eddie Coyle

Fake Scottish butler

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I'm stuck how about a hint with how far south the land is?


Saboteur's wife ---------Slyvia Sidney (Sabotage)

Carry On regular ---------Sidney James (Carry On ...)

Mouse's voice ---------James MacDonald (voice of Mickey)

Detective pursuing serial killer---------Macdonald Carey (Shadow of a Doubt)

Bond girl ---------Carey Lowell (Licence to Kill)

Travelogue narrator ---------Lowell Thomas (Going Places with ...)

Southern landowner ---------Thomas

"Friend" of Eddie Coyle

Fake Scottish butler

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I'm sure Ryan would be very distressed to hear that, lol!


I have to applaud him for not taking the pretty-boy route with his career and instead seeking out good projects even if the roles are smaller, like Gosford Park and his recent role in Crash.


Sandy K

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What well-known instrumental standard has the following, little-heard lyrics:


Every night your line is busy,

All that buzzin' makes me dizzy.

Couldn't count on all my fingers

All the dates you had with swingers.


Bye, baby.

I'm gonna kiss you goodbye

And walk right through that doorway.

So long.

I'm leaving.

This is the last time we'll meet

On the street going your way.

Don't look surprised--

You know you've buttered your bread.

Now it's fair

You should stare

At the back of my head.

If you write a letter to me,

My former friend

Don't you end

With an R.S.V.P.

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Yes, there've been several recordings. The trick to figuring out how the lyrics fit is to realize that the vamp has lyrics too. (Just say those first lines to yourself in that famous rhythm, and the rest will follow. :-) )

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Finally! You guys get so cagey sometimes. :-)


The cool thing about the "Gunn" theme is that the lyrics fit the tone of it so well, without trying to drag in anything at all about Peter Gunn or the TV show, which virtually every other TV theme song felt obliged to do. (Even "Mr. Lucky.")

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