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My Favorite Trivia


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You got it, Rocky.


"Rambunctious Rupert" was the used car salesman in the opening credits, which also featured ersatz commercials for electric shavers ("Watch it shave the fuzz off this unripe peach"), peanut butter, laundry detergent, etc. The main gag in Rupert's ad is that everytime he touches the car he's selling, a part falls off.

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Quite right!


At the end of the previous film in the series ("The Ghost of Frankenstein") the monster (Lon Chaney, Jr.) was left blind and in possession of the newly-transplanted brain of Ygor (played by Lugosi), with whose voice he was able to speak. It initially must have made perfect sense to the studio powers-that-were to cast Lugosi as the monster in this next go-round and have him continue to give voice to Frankenstein's creation. When they saw (or rather, heard) the result, however, the effect was more than a little ridiculous, so it was decided to edit out all of Lugosi's lines--though you can still see his lips move--and to drop all references to the blindness.


But that, kiddies, is why the monster walks through the picture with his arms out in front of him, as he was to do in all the subsequent Universal Frankenstein movies...he was just trying not to walk into walls!

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Pssst, Dan! Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly performed together in the "Babbit and the Bromide" number from Ziegfeld Follies. The recording session for this scene was done on May 12, 1944; this is nine years before The Band Wagon was released. I don't know the answer, but I'm guessing it was pre-1944...

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