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My Favorite Trivia


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You know, Dukakis was my very first thought for your question, but in what movie did she "steal the show?" Are you talking about "Moonstruck?" Feh. Wouldn't even have occurred to me.



You're right, it's a subjective observation. And I said so, in one of my responses. But my wife and I both laughed -- OUT LOUD -- when we watched Olympia Dukakis in her second credited movie, "Made for Each Other" (1971).


One of the Users' Comments on the IMDb site for this film says, and I quote: "Paul Sorvino and Olympia Dukakis steal every scene they're in." They play Joseph Bologna's parents, and as the mother, Dukakis makes a meal of her role, bitching that her son couldn't have fallen in love with a good Italian girl; oh no, instead, he brings home a Jew (Renee Taylor)!


Making the situation all the more delicious is the fact that, in real life, Bologna and Taylor have been happily married to each other for more than 40 years.


Funny flick. You should see it.



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Well, it's been almost a week - so close, but not quite finished yet. J Pat was participating in a tent show with a bunch of kids, members of a boys' camp and a neighboring girls' camp. Now, with THAT much info --- it was during an episode from what sub-series (now partially issued by Disney on DVD) of a long-running kids' show? We need someone to finish and start another one!


At least this wasn't finished in a couple of hours like my only other question.....



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>Almost feel like I should play "Taps."


*dianabat* : Perhaps. I've been perusing some of the pages here. Where are the people whose posts I read? It wasn't that long ago. This thread is actually no different than two others that are within proximity of the top of the list, at least in form. The content of this one is at a high level. The questions are complex and interesting. This is what a really good trivia thread should be. The few pages I read tell me that the knowledge level is a bit over my head but there a number of current posters that could sustain it IMO. This sort of thread though, the classical, general, free-form, straight question-asking type seems to be less popular than the game threads. The two current threads mentioned above that simply ask questions are struggling.

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I suppose that's true, laffite. It isn't easy to come up with quality questions that take a bit of work to answer. If people are only interested in the 'Who's buried in Grant's Tomb" type of questions it's senseless to continue. Ah, well...I'll just remember the good old days.



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