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"Random Harvest" and "The Women"

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I am so glad that you mentioned "Random Harvest" and "The Women". I love both

movies and will watch them whenver they come on TCM. If I had to choose between the two, I would have to say that I have watched "The Women" more than

"Random Harvest". Don't get me wrong-----"Random Harvest" is an excellent movie

but "The Women" exemplifies all that the 30s were about-----clothes, mannerisms,

and thoughts of the day. One thing I got from the movie was it isn't nice to gossip

and it can backfire if you aren't careful. I also liked the way "The Women" were

compared to animals and if you think about it, each actress was matched perfectly

If you reply, tell me your thoughts as well.

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nursekimmy (and the rest of you'all),


Your mention of "Random Harvest" is timely.


The weather outside is frightful (N.E. Oklahoma--as if anyone cares) so, I decided to pick up a book. I read a few pages of Faulkner's "The Sound And The Fury" and decided my brain was not up to the challenge.


Instead of reading, I watched a tape of "Random Harvest". My wife mentioned that we had James Hilton's "Random Harvest". She said, "why don't you read 'Random Harvest'...probably not so taxing as Faulkner". I picked up "Random Harvest", the book, and looked at the cover. I will start reading the thing, uhm...today.


Now, to the point of my post.


When completed, I will compare and contrast "Random Harvest", the movie, and "Random Harvest", the book. I estimate three months to read the book.


Please don't be on 'pins and needles' until my review.


BTW: If I like "Random Harvest", the book, I will probably try to read James Hilton's "Lost Horizon". When I complete "Lost Horizon", the book, I will compare and contrast with "Lost Horizon", the movie. Maybe, six months from today.



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"They also say it's a weepie, which is why I've been avoiding it. Is it a major tear-jerker?"


I am not the one to answer "yes" or, "no", to your question.


The only thing that makes me weep is my heating bill.


I don't know your opinion of Ronald Colman but, "Random Harvest" is a Ronald Colman picture.

My opinion? "Starring Ronald Colman" (that voice!) makes "Random Harvest" a must-see.



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I don't know that I'd call "Random Harvest" a tear-jerker....


It's certainly a romantic movie with a fair amount of tension...but without spoiling you, I'll just say that the ending does not make me cry - certainly not like film endings such as Doctor Zhivago, The Bridges of Madison County, The English Patient, and Out of Africa make me cry.


Personally, I love the ending, and really, the whole film. :)

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I love Random Harvest.

I don't think I have seen The Women, but I adore Norma Shearer and really admire adore respect and am in awe of Greer Garson (her biography will knock you out.)

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If you love Norma Sheaer and have only seen movies like "The Divorcee" or "Private Lives", then this movie may be a disappointment. It was the first movie I ever saw with Shearer and I hated her role, though I liked the movie. She plays a woman almost too noble and forgiving (of her husband, anyway) to be believed. The other characters are fun, especially Rosalind Russell. Meee-ow.

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I love Random Harvest, its one of my favorite. Greer Garson is great and I think along with her role in Pride and Prejudice it is her best work. I think Meylvn LeRoy is not given enough credit for his ability to direct outside of the gangster genre. The scene after the party with the two necklaces is heartbreaking and so well done. Another example of LeRoy's skill was the scene in Waterloo Bridge where Vivian Leigh and Robert Taylor dance as the club closes (was it a club? I can't remember). LeRoy could really handle sentimentality with out being overly "weepy,"


As for the Women, I find the movie very funny but its a little irritating in some spots. Both Marys annoy me as well as Joan Fontaine's character. All three Actresses were much better in other roles, Norma Shearer in Private Lives, Marie Annoinette, and so many more; Joan Fontaine in Rebecca; and the kid that played little Mary (can't recall her name at the moment) in The Philadelphia Story. The Women is still a movie worth watching more then once if only for Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, and the one liners.

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Thanks for the correction, I actually realized that after I posted but was too lazy to go back and correct it.


I agree with you about typecasting him. Whether he made a lot of important gangster films or just one wasn't really the point, because regardless that's how he is often remembered. I was pointing out that its an unfair typecast.

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When I think of Mervyn LeRoy, the first thing that pops into mind is The Wizard of Oz, which he produced. Then I think of Quo Vadis, which he directed. Never thought of him as a director of the gangster genre, as I'd forgotten that he made Little Caesar (I thought Wellman made it)...

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