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Let's Pretend


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Let's have some fun. Everyone can join in on this one. We're creating a fantasy movie set in Pre-Code Hollywood. The plot: Cecil B. DeMille has filled a fabulous yacht with the cream of Hollywood's legends: Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow, Valentino, Clark Gable, etc. A hurricane crashes the the ship on Skull Island, home of that big ape, King Kong. Clara Bow is driving the guys wild with her little hula skirt. the girls are being driven wild by the hunky VAlentino and Johnny Mack Brown. Rudy Vallee is driving everybody crazy with his nasal singing. Another ship is spotted, crashes and...

(to be continued by whoever wants to jump in).

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Paty it seems like we were down this road once before however I'm always up for some fun.


....and so the other ship crashes into shore hitting some cocoa nut trees and out falls Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall. Once on their feet they help the passengers off the ship including Billy Haines who wanted to know where Lamour bought her sarong. Of all people Garbo suddenly appears with wishes of being ALONE on the Island. All of a sudden Billy Gilbert comes floating by with Thelma Todd sitting on his belly paddling to shore. As other celebrities descend on the Island a typhoon is whipping up from the ocean and....


OK someone take over.



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...everyone moves inland to avoid the coming storm. They take cover in a secluded spot with caves for protection. The typhoon hits, and up from the depths of the turbulent water rises Johnny Weismueuller and Esther Williams. They arrive join the others on the island.


As the storm abates, the men begin to explore and they find a beaded white satin gown without the owner in it! Who could have possibly lost her dress? Upon closer scrutiny of the survivors, they find Miss Hedy Lamarr, European import and star of the Czech film EXTASCY swimming "in flagrent delecto," in the calm waters of the cove...

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Our eyes then pull away from Hedy to find Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr tangled up on the beach. As they waves crash around them, we see Roy Scheider sitting on the shore watching a young boy being eaten by a great white shark!


Scheider jumps up and begins warning Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello, who continue twisting despite the warnings. Nearby is Tony Curtis doing his best Cary Grant impersonation to woo the dazzling Marilyn Monroe.


Further up the beach on a huge sand dune stands Peter O'Toole, splendid in desert regalia, searching for Omar Sharif and their camels. He is approached by Edward G. Robinson asking "WHERE'S THE MESSIAH NOW?"


And then...

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