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What Dunne/Shearer & Montgomery film?


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Ack! I am trying to remember a film from the early- to mid-30s about a wealthy married couple hosting a party at their home. I THINK the movie begins with the party and somehow things are revealed and their marriage is jeapordized. Something about a letter, again I think. It has been a long while since I've seen it. In my memory Irene Dunne (or Norma Shearer) and Robert Montgomery are playing the couple but I can't seem to find anything in their movie histories.


Would someone please help me out? This is driving me nuts.

Many thanks!

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It might not be the one your are looking for, but Irene Dunne and Cary Grant starred together in a film titled "The Awful Truth" that has a small get-together near the beginning in which tensions are created when she is late returning from another city in the company of her voice teacher and he is found out to not have spent the past few weeks in Florida as he claimed in the letters he had sent to her. The suspicions send them to divorce court and they spend the ensuing sixty days waiting on the divorce finalizing and making each other miserable enough to fall in love all over again. Wow, was that all one sentence? Like I said, this may not even be close to the one you are thinking of, but it was shown on TCM on Feb. 12th, if I remember correctly.


It this is not the one, then, to quote SNL's Emily Littella, "Nevermind."

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Thanks for mentioning Franchot Tone - it was "The Unguarded Hour" with Loretta Young. Now how I thought it was Dunne, Shearer, or Montgomery, I have no idea. Well, it's been 20+ years since I saw it last.


Thanks for all the replies!

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