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My Predix for 2002 OSCARS & I'd love to see: Mr. Osborne's PLEASE!!!


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(*-Indicates always an OSCAR winner) 1st of all, WOW!!! "TCM," forums have really changed/sooo difficult to log-back-in!? Hope this logs? My 21st Annual Predictions for the winners of: THE 75th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(Top 8 major categories only) I'm only 38, but fell in love with cinema as a teenager & never looked-back-(Last yr. i was: l4 for 20 on the money) & Like you fellow GoldenAge/StudioSystem fans. I prefer Hollywoods Golden Age by far, but review between 40 & 60 new flix a yr. as well & this past one I'm glad to say, was the finest in several. Which in turn, makes It more difficult for us OSCAR-pundits & more fun! (NOTE: An urgent/please to: (Robert 0sborne); I consider: "70 yrs. of OSCAR!" My Movie Bible" & would greatly respect whom you pick! PLEASE SUBMIT YOURS? After all, you, to turn a pun, wrote the book)

2002 OSCARS-who/what I think will win/not my preferences.


"CHICAGO" (Miramax; The only category that really seems a LOCK! In this difficult year to get a handle-on. I think Hollywood loves this musical so much, It'll sweep about: 6 overall & It'll be the 9th to win the big-one)



DANIEL DAY-LEWIS in "Gangs of New York"-(He & Scorsese created one of cinemas all-time villians! This is one I also agree with, in *D. DAY winning his 2nd GOLDEN BOY!)



NICOLE KIDMAN in "The Hours"-(Another close-call, now with the wonderful: Renee Zellweger winning the SAG Award?

But ACADEMY has always loved, performances that are, disabled, drunks, death-scenes & she also plays a real-life/literate character as well!)



CHRIS COOPER, "Adaptation"-(He's won 11 other Pre-OSCAR Film Awards! But, still no-shoo-in, in my book? You never know: Ed Harris' is on his 4th & 0 shot? & The legendary: *PAUL NEWMAN, in the yrs. other IRISH Gangster epic: "Road to Perdition," on his 9th nom. may be ranked in that 2 OSCAR winner-type, like: *BRANDO,etc.)



CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, "Chicago"-(SAG Award helped certify this, but again tough competition: "Marvelous MERYL," as most of ya' know, has now broken: *KATE HEPBURN'S All-Time Nominee Record, with: l3 to date & she's just goin' on 54! & In OSCAR-History, 8 other times has an actor/actress been cited twice in one year. & Just 2 times td. has the person lost altogether: Sigourney Weaver in l988. & *EMMA THOMPSON lost twice in '93. It may be: Julianne Moore's turn? "Chicago," juggernaut, Is unstoppable!)



MARTIN SCORSESE for "Gangs of New York"-(I know he lost the DGA Award; To Rob Marshall for guess what? That musical & only 6 times have they differed, lastly only 2yrs. ago with: Ang Lee winning DGA & *S. SODERBERGH stunned people, by winning for "Traffic." When he was co-nominated for: "Erin Brockovich." Most on tcm know, last time a director was nom. twice/against himself, was: l938 *MICHAEL CURTIZ, "Four Daughters" & THE T.R.E.M.E.N.D.O.U.S: "Angels With Dirty Faces!" BUT HE LOST THAT YEAR? *CAPRA took his 3rd one.



"THE HOURS" (David Hare) (For once this year, an easy category)



"TALK TO HER" (Pedro Almodovar)-(NOTE: I was thinking: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," But 2 things happened. The still-uptight A.M.P.A.S. Is not all-that crazy about an OSCAR-winner turning into a tv-sitcom! & Almodovar is up for Best Direction)


(FINAL NOTE: My personal favorite film of the year: "Gangs of New York" (Don't know if this crowd is aware of the onslaught of nasty attacks, given to this magnificent epic? Worst of which, delivered by 2 time OSCAR-winning screenwriter: *WILLIAM GOLDMAN! & *ROBERT WISE, recently came to Marty & the films defense!!!

I've even written seven pieces in defense of-it. Sure it's not: "Raging Bull," or "GoodFellas." But the main attacks have been about it's story. & As I've stated, Scorsese is more of a visualist, his scripts are not his strong pt. Like say: "THE WOODMAN!" I found 4 new movies that I rated 4-stars, this being first & I loved: "Chicago," saw-it-twice. "The Pianist," is exceptional as well & "GONY," Just stuck with me, even for days after. Thats the true-test of a great-film!)

Welp, your turn: Mr. Osborne-& If he's already submitted his predictions under another name,etc. PLEEESE HELP ME KNOW-He's joined the cast of pundits on: GoldDerby.com as well, just this yr. I've even tried to reach-him there for comment. Hollywood & New "KODAK-COMPLEX," will be a

swingin' "CHICAGO," kind of town on the 23rd!!!

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Well done Spencer! It looks like you hit the bullseye on your predictions however the Oscars always seem to throw in a monkey wrench in at least one of the catergories.

Considering its the 75th year of the awards I'm looking forward to getting a look at some of the past winners showing up (hopefully).

Although with the war pending the show could also be cancelled.



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I feel that if 'G.O.N.Y.' would have came out at the time it should have, it would have given 'A Beautiful Mind" a run for it's money last year. After waiting over a year for the film, it didn't dissapoint but I knew too much, which was like a double edged sword.

It is also my personal favorite of the nominees this year for Best Picture. After watching 'Chicago' on broadway, the film just didn't do it for me.

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