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The end IS here now

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Matt Helm, unfortunately even the Food Network is getting on the bandwagon. Whereas previously they programmed what you would think a...duh...Food network should program, i.e., FOOD programs, they are now straying just as the History Channel did, by scheduling 'reality chefs compete to make food out of six strands of pasta, a rubber band, and a paper clip while wearing purple boxer shorts' or some such piffle.


jarhfive, I have no idea, and I'd hate to engage in a conversation with the empty-headed little souls. If you ever linger long enough to see the commercials on those shows, you can tell that even Madison Avenue doesn't think much of their intelligence...they are not exactly pushing encyclopedias.


If selling their soul is akin to going out of business, then I guess AMC and whatever it was the Country Network was (I forget their call letters already) before they became the abysmal SPIKE network qualify as cable channels that have gone out of business. They have gone over to the 'stupid' side, that's for sure.

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That would be great. If local cable laws were relaxed to allow private small contractors there would be a big market for the a la carte option. I don't think it would hurt the big guys who have cornered the cable/internet/phone service market though, because some people would miss going through the entire on screen guide of 300+ channels three times in a row, before settling back to what they originally had on. It's like a dog circling three times before it finally lies down.

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"Did they have 31 days of Oscar back in 2000? If they did I bet they didn't inundate us with all the 80's and 90's movies like they did this month. I don't see how you can say they are showing the same amount of newer films today as they did back then, and you cannot compare this February's schedule to an October schedule. Now as for the March schedule it is a vast improvement compared to the last couple of months and is more in tune with what one would expect from TCM. "


They've had the Oscar month ever since I got TCM back in '96. Obviously, there were fewer films from the 80s and 90s then since they were still in their early window of exhibition (tv/cable/video). So the fact that we're seeing them now, just shows that they are regarded as nominees and "classics" though I agree that something like SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE isn't my definition of a classic by any measure.


I always cut the channel slack in this Oscar month as well as their "summer under th stars" month since that too can be slightly biased towards stars that are well known. However, my hope is always renewed by the pre-code and latter 30s films that are popular and programmed and are not available elsewhere.

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I agree with you, decotodd. I always cut the channel some slack during their Oscar marathon, as well as the Summer Under the Stars month. Most of the titles they show are either not to my taste or films that I've seen (in some cases, again and again). So go ahead and show the loathsome Sleepless in Seattle and The Karate Kid, TCM (though I wish you wouldn't ruin so many Saturday nights with this Drek). I won't be there.

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Thanks, decotodd, for reprinting sweetbabykmd's comments and answering them. I have been trying to get a reply posted for awhile but having posting problems.


sweetbabykmd, the reason I said that we could not count the February list was because it is an all-Oscar month. This is an entirely different once a year special programming that TCM does. It is as different from the regular months as Summer Under the Stars will be. It would like wondering why there are more income tax forms filed on April 15th than June 23rd, or comparing final sales on an After-Chrismas special sale day to that of a regular day. One is going to be much heavier than the other and is not something to be compared.


The October 2000 Now Playing is a regular month, so it is equal to a regular month in 2006.


I was merely trying to show you and others who were getting upset with the schedule thinking it was the end of the old TCM, when the old TCM hasn't changed.

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Isn't there a thread about this topic already?


I mean, I'm a newbie here and all, but does there really need to be multiple topics addressing this little ongoing war you guys appear to be engaged in?


I mean, the thing is, it's pretty obvious to me, a newbie poster, that none of the 'major players' in this debate are likely to change their views anytime...in...oh...this century.


So why continue to bring it up? Especially in multiple topics?


Can't you guys just agree to disagree and move on to more productive topics?


I suppose this post will get me yelled at by both sides...but what can I say? It's pretty disappointing to see that two of the hottest topics on this BBS (which is theoretically a BBS full of adults) are in fact, essentially continuations of the same unending squabble. A squabble in which it is abundantly apparent that neither party will ever yield their views on.


That is all.


Another thread I will henceforth ignore.

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So then you are stating that in 2006 we will only see 5 movies from the 80's and one from the 90's, excluding the month of February? And are you counting just the movie regardless of how many times they repeat it? It just doesn't sound right to me.

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Hi, pktrekgirl (if you are still reading the thread),


I wouldn't yell at you. I was aware of the other thread, which was anti-TCM scheduling, and I was trying at the beginning of my thread to show the opposite view through a bit of humor and facts of an actual old Now Playing schedule from October 2000. showing that things are still as good as they always were.


I agree it is a topic where neither side will give an inch (facts don't seem to sway, it seems). Before I started this thread, I was going to post at one point in the original "The End is Near" thread, started by FredCDobbs, that after a number of posts that the entire thing had come full circle to where I felt I was in a movie and it came to the place where I came in and it was time to leave. Unfortunately, that thread got all heated up again, and I thought my comments about the old Now Playing schedule I had received would end up getting buried in the multiple posts on that thread. By starting a new one, my comments would at least be the starting point that everybody could see without having to dig through page after page of comments. I was also trying a logical, fact-driven approach.


I wouldn't mind in the least if both threads stopped since it seems a heated argument no one will agree upon. But I do suspect that some may keep the other going just for the fun of the heated debate. I just wanted to calmly state the other side because I am so tired of a select group of people complaining whenever a recent movie (meaning in the last thirty years) is shown. lol, sometimes it feels I was up against the Three Musketeers of Despair (Attackos, Pathos, and Aromas ["what is that stinking recent movie doing on TCM??]).


I agree that there are other topics to get into, and I welcome them. The whole history of movies is available for us to discuss.

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No, sweetbabykmd, I was not referring to all of 2006. I was comparing one regular month to one regular month. In the month of 0ctober 2000, there were 5 different movies broadcast from 1998 and 1 movie from 1990. My point was that people are saying that each month in 2006 seems to be getting turned over more and more to recent movies, and they view it as an avalanche, proving that TCM wasn;t the same as it was. By looking at the October 2000 schedule, it was clear that even back then a few recent movies were being shown. And percentage wise, that is still what TCM is doing. And as pointed out, the March 2006 schedule has even less.

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Thank you pktrekgirl.


There really is not need to continue gritching at each other over this. If TCM has an "off" night, pop in a DVD or video, I don't know...read a book, maybe. Play games with your kids or spend time with people you're close to doing something besides staring at the TV. Exercise. Learn to make balloon animals. Knit a sweater. Something. There's a whole world out there.


TCM programming is too trivial a subject to get all hot and bothered about.

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I guess it just seems worse because all the modern movies are on at primetime and Saturdays, and many of the best older movies are on between midnight and 6am. I was glad to see there will be a Film Noir movie on each Saturday in March, but now I realize it is on at 8am, not 8pm. I wish these kinds of movies would be shown at primetime more often. Oh well.

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Could not agree more sweetbabykmd, Most of the films I would love to see are on either during the day or real late at night instead of primetime and sometimes that's the only time they're on during the month. Unfortunately I work and I'm up at 5am...(sigh)


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I agree with you, filmlover. Let it end now. I promise I won't even look at this thread again, so the fredcdobbs can continue without my input. (Oh, God, now they'll be after everything I write in here.) Oh, well. LET'S MOVE ON.

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I?ve found the perfect way for me to end this thread, and it?s by defining what ?classic? is. And it?s from a TCM brand notebook:



Is it old?

Can it be new?

Often, a classic is the best of its kind.

Sometimes, it?s the worst.

Either way, it stands out.

A classic always stands out.

Classic can mean different things to different people.

You parents idea of classic is probably different than yours.

Your kids idea of classic is probably different, too.

Everybody has a classic.

Sometimes classic means the original,

Or the best-known,

Or the first of its kind.

Sometimes it means one of a kind.

You could argue that classic is extreme:

The saddest of the sad,

The bravest of the brave,

The gosh-darn charmingest of the charming.

Of all the things classic is, the one thing it?s not is one thing.

Classic is too big to be pinned down, too universal to be selfish.

Classic belongs to everybody.

Everybody has a classic.

Is it old? Yes.

Can it be new? Yes.

So, what?s classic?

Turner Classic Movies.


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My thoughts exactly, lz.


We've almost made it through the 31 Days of Oscar. And speaking of that...this gives me a wonderful opportunity to print out the March schedule and examine it. I'm behind the 8-Ball this month.

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Thank you, filmlover, for your reply. It was so nice that I decided to respond, even though I had no intention of making anymore posts in this thread. :)


You wrote:

"I wouldn't mind in the least if both threads stopped since it seems a heated argument no one will agree upon."



And I couldn't agree with you more.


It's not like this board has tons of posters to begin with...and from what I understand, this argument has driven some good posters away in the past.


I don't know...I guess that there is so much about classic film that is positive, that I hate to see everyone ripping each other apart over an argument that neither side can win....because neither party's opposition will ever concede.


And the thing is, what is gonna happen will happen, regardless. I'm sure TCM is very well aware of who their core audience is and what we watch the channel for. And people can certainly take the more direct approach and write letters to the people that matter and can DO something about their concerns in any event, rather than arguing about it with a bunch of people who can do NOTHING, one way or the other.


IMO, arguing about it here not only causes ill-will in an already small community...but also probably won't change a doggone thing.


I realize I'm a n00b here...but it seems like to me that given those factors, it would be swell if everyone moved on from this discussion and worked on developing some positive topics that we can all enjoy. :)


This is a great hobby that we all share. So why not celebrate that?!

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