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The TCM Programming Challenge

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Wow Ralph,


Did you ever watch the Encore channel with their 7 channels? They play many of the movies they show on TCM. Two or 3 months ago they were playing the 'Buddy Holly Story' till I got sick of it. They also play the Ritchie Valens movie.


The problem with TCM is you probably have to be dead to get seen on their channel.


There is a whole world out there for you!

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I agree with filmlover, I think synopses might make the posts too long. However, I think a comment (particularly for any more obscure titles) might be in order. I hate to suggest a format, because I don't want to stifle any creativity, but perhaps the titles could be listed on their own separate lines (next to their start times?) with a one-line description listed on the right hand side? If someone wants to do something more comprehensive (e.g. with capsule reviews or links to such), feel free. I'm not sure that there is a posting size limitation with TCM's message board software.

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I'll limit my descriptions of obscure films to one line and work on trying to make the whole week as short as possible. I have past TCM Schedules saved on my computer if this will help anyone with regardes to what is in the library. You can check with Company Info. at IMDB to make sure the films are MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer(Lowes Corp.), RKO. or Warner.

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You can check with Company Info. at IMDB to make sure the films are MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer(Lowes Corp.), RKO. or Warner. >>


That info is available in the movie database right here at TCM, too.

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You can check with Company Info. at IMDB to make sure the films are MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer(Lowes Corp.), RKO. or Warner.


Loew's Corp.


And after the RAF bombed Berlin in 1940, only Hermann G?ring got to be called "Meyer."

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In keeping with my "girly week" theme,I would like to add "These Glamor Girls" starring Lana Turner to my line-up.




OK,here I must be honest and admit,other than choosing the movies and other programming that I would schedule,I have NO IDEA how to actually schedule the week's programming. Heck,I mean, I want to include a documentary that's never been made,LOL. And I don't know how to find the short features and include them in my schedule,and the other things that are between the movies and programs.




This DOESN'T mean that I don't know what I would schedule for my week, it just means that I don't understand the nuts-and-bolts of how it's done.




So I lose,LOL! (Although I agree with the poster who said that my scheduled week probably wouldn't have gotten many votes anyway:))






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Melanie, everyone is invited to participate in the challenge. Don't prejudge your choices and assume no one would be interested in seeing your picks.


BTW, would it be possible for you to stop inserting the fancy graphics into each of your posts? Not only are some folks connecting to these boards on slower links such that the pictures etc. inhibit their response time (and perhaps too their participation), but I find the moving objects to be very distracting. Hence, I tend to skip over whatever you've written to get to those that I can read without getting a headache;-) Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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Don't be so hard on yourself. It might be easier than you imagine.


Have you seen "Network"? Faye Dunaway is the new head of programming and on her wall is a grid for a week's worth of shows on the network. Maybe you have seen something similar on another show about television. Anyway...


I am using a grid on a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper to help plan out the week.(My week will run Sunday thru Saturday.) And I am breaking it down into 2 hour blocks as a starting point. I'll worry about actual running times as I get closer to filling the grid. And I don't think anyone is trying to plan what seven or twelve minute shorts they are including between films. Heck, those aren't even listed on the schedule posted online. But there are 30 minute programs to insert if you need to. ("Festival of Shorts" and the "MGM Parade" will come in handy.)


I also highlighted the "primetime" hours where the evening's theme films will reside - like the 3 to 5 films for the star of the month. I am actually going into more detail on this challenge than I expected and have set aside certain other blocks for the recurring "Darkness After Dawn", "Syncopation Station" and "Silent Sunday Nights" features. But all of this would be very difficult without a grid to work from.


So if you have a sheet of letter paper and a straight edge, give it a try.


And a big raspberry to the poster that maligned your planned schedule before you have even put it out to be appraised.


Kyle in Hollywood

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Someone should post a list of ALL films that TCM owns, and THEN we can make up a weekly schedule from that.


They used to say in promos that they owned about 4,700 films. Ok, what are they.

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Figuring an average of 13 movies a day, that?s 4,745 movies a year. Ok, then show the same library over and over again, every year. It will take many years for all of us to actually watch all of these films. That represents one solid YEAR of non-stop movie watching. It might take us 5-10 years to see all those films.


Eventually take some of the turkeys out (such as ?Bringing up Baby?) and add some rare rented films from other companies.

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Hey Melanie -

did you happen to see this anouncement about a new book from TCM. Sounds like something you would realy enjoy.


Kyle in Hollywood


Leading Ladies - The 50 Most Unforgettable Actresses of the Studio Era


Sexy, stylish, and powerful - from Lillian Gish to Katharine Hepburn, Myrna Loy to Lauren Bacall, Jean Harlow to Grace Kelly, each of the legendary actresses featured in Leading Ladies (Chronicle/Turner Classic Movies) left an indelible mark in film history and define roles for women on and off the screen. Produced by Turner Classic Movies, this playful and definitive guide to fifty unforgettable actresses mirrors the focus of a month-long film festival on the channel. The life and accomplishments of each actress is celebrated in an insightful career overview, accompanied by an annotated list of essential films, filmographies, behind the scenes facts and style notes, Academy Award wins and nominations. Full of delightful trivia, film stills, posters, and glamorous photos, Leading Ladies pays tribute to the most charismatic, enduring, and elegant actresses of the silver screen.


About the Authors:

Robert Osborne is the prime-time host and anchor of Turner Classic Movies and a columnist-critic for the Hollywood Reporter. Molly Haskell is co-host of TCM's "The Essentials" series and the author of several books on women and film. Turner Classic Movies is widely considered the definitive resource for classic films, featuring movies from all the major studios, unedited and commercial free.



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Sorry folks they only own 3,500 films. that was in 1994 when they came on TV. The rest of them they have to contract for. But if their new web site reflects the thinking at TCM, I just don't know. There was a period when I felt that you had to be dead to be on TCM. But after seeing American Graffiti I am renewed.

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Sure,I didn't think about the dial-up factor---sorry:) When I had my username changed back to my old one,I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to go "undercover",LOL,so I inserted the "Melanie" sig into many posts so people would know it was me. The rest of the graphics,I was just having fun,but it's not important:)
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I believe that TCM already has about all of the movies that I would schedule, I only wonder why they hardly ever show "Let Us Be Gay" and "Hollywood Revue Of 1929". I can't find "Let Us Be Gay" anywhere, and "Hollywood Revue Of 1929" is only out on laser disc. I haven't seen either(a few clips from "Hollywood Revue"),and I really want to. TCM showed "Chance At Heaven" once,after I requested it,(thank you TCM!),but the channel or the movie or something went squirrelly that night(figures!)and the movie kept having stops and losing its synchronisation. It was Ginger Rogers and Joel McRea,I don't even know who owns it.


Re:my schedule not being to everyone's taste-I'm OK with that,it IS very "girly",LOL,and I wouldn't expect many guys,and a lot of women,to care for it. It would just be fun to have one week like that.And it would still all be classic movies,discounting my non-existent documentary.I wouldn't like a steady diet of it,but a week,featuring Norma Shearer,would be very gratifying.

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I am plunking away on my week and I have run into something strange. I have found some interesting titles using the IMDB and TCMDB databases that I would like to include but when I cross reference them with my Leonard Maltin 2006 Guide to get a critical assessment of the films, they aren't listed by Mr Maltin. I am wondering if they aren't available for broadcast for some reason. Obviously they aren't on video but that doesn't surprise me as so many films are unavailable on video. Do you think it would be OK to go ahead and include these titles anyway?


Anybody else finding little "bumps in the road" like this?


Kyle in Hollywood

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Of course it would, Kyle. In fact, when I scour the schedule every month, I usually find more than a handful of "rare" films (e.g. those that aren't in Maltin's guide or which have less than 5 votes on imdb.com) that TCM will be showing. I almost always Tivo these and review them (putting them in the obscure films section on my website). A lot of these are B movies (frequently Westerns) or other films which run just more than an hour, while most of the others are pre-codes like the Robert Montgomery films which aired in January. Some are quite good too!

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I guess I'm the first. There was no way to look up what's exactly in the library so I went on what I've seen on TCM before, and what I'd like to see. I didn?t write out descriptions, as this was for programming rather than a guide, so here?s the breakdown. I chose the first full week of June the 5th to 11th. Most themes are obvious but here?s the skinny on some of them: Monday night is the premiere of three Richard Johnson movies (which most know from The Haunting), two of which he plays ?Bulldog? Drummond, with a twist of James Bond. Tuesday Hollywood goes to war, it's more about its war effort than just war movies, and at night, Richard Widmark is Star of the Month. Thursday night is angels and devils. Friday is a 24 hour mystery theme, see if you can guess it. Saturday, the daytime is for the kids (of all ages), for a change. I implemented two ongoing weekly programs I?d like to see TCM adopt: Saturday Serials with four serials of various genres, and Creature Double Feature, which would consist of old monster and horror movies (including the B ones). Saturday night is Judy Garland?s birthday salute. Sunday starts out fun with George Pal shorts and a couple of Olson and Johnson movies, then gets more serious toward the afternoon. Sunday night is Becket, which I don?t think was ever shown on TCM but should be, and the silent movie, The Raven which I don't think has either. (Note: some movies that show up a lot on TCM, I've slotted for the wee small hours)


Monday 5


6:00 The Long Voyage Home (1940 ? John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell)

8:00 Stagecoach (1939 ? John Wayne, Thomas Mitchell)

10:00 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939 ? James Stewart, Jean Arthur)

12:30 The Dark Mirror (1946 ? Olivia de Havilland, Lew Ayers)

2:00 Three Cheers for the Irish (1940 - Thomas Mitchell, Priscilla Lane)

4:00 Only Angels Have Wings (1939 ? Cary Grant, Jean Arthur)

6:00 The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947 ? Van Johnson, Thomas Mitchell)

8:00 Deadlier Than the Male (1967 ? Richard Johnson, Elke Sommer)

10:00 Some Girls Do (1969 ? Richard Johnson, Dahlia Levi)

12:00 Danger Route (1968 ? Richard Johnson, Carol Lynley)

2:00 The Haunting (1963 ? Julie Harris, Richard Johnson)

4:00 Room at the Top (1959 ? Laurence Harvey, Simone Signoret)


Tuesday 6


6:00 Why We Fight: Prelude to War (1943 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

7:00 Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike (1943 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

8:00 Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer (1943 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

9:00 Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain (1943 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

10:00 Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia (1943 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

11:30 Why We Fight: The Battle of China (1944 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

12:45 Why We Fight: War Comes to America (1945 ? Dir: Frank Capra, Nar: Walter Huston)

2:00 49th Parallel (1941 ? Leslie Howard, Raymond Massey)

4:00 Foreign Correspondent (1940 ? Joel McRea, Laraine Day)

6:00 Lifeboat (1944 ? Tallulah Bankhead, John Hodiak)

8:00 Pickup on South Street (1953 ? Richard Widmark, Jean Peters)

10:00 Kiss of Death (1947 ? Victor Mature, Richard Widmark)

12:00 The Tunnel of Love (1958 ? Doris Day, Richard Widmark)

2:00 Night and the City (1950 ? Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney)

4:00 The Street with No Name (1952 ? Richard Widmark, Mark Stevens)


Wednesday 7


6:00 Du Barry Was a Lady (1943 ? Red Skelton, Lucille Ball)

8:00 The Fuller Brush Man (1948 ? Red Skelton, Janet Blair)

10:00 The Show-Off (1946 ? Red Skelton, Marilyn Maxwell)

12:00 I Dood It (1943 ? Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell)

2:00 Whistling in the Dark (1941 ? Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford)

3:15 Whistling in Dixie (1942 ? Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford)

4:30 Whistling in Brooklyn (1943 ? Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford)

6:00 Three Little Words (1950 ? Fred Astaire, Red Skelton)

8:00 The Hitch-Hiker (1953 ? Edmond O?Brien, Frank Lovejoy)

9:30 The Devil Thumbs a Ride (1947 ? Lawrence Tierney, Ted North)

11:00 Force of Evil (1948 ? John Garfield, Thomas Gomez)

12:30 Ride the Pink Horse (1947 ? Robert Montgomery, Thomas Gomez)

2:30 Each Dawn I Die (1939 ? James Cagney, George Raft)

4:00 The Desperate Hours (1955 ? Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March)


Thursday 8


6:00 Young Dr. Kildare (1938 ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

7:30 Calling Dr. Kildare (1939 - ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

9:00 Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940 - ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

10:30 Dr. Kildare?s Crisis (1940 - ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

12:00 Dr. Kildare?s Strange Case (1940 - ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

1:30 Dr. Kildare?s Wedding Day (1941 - ? Lew Ayers, Lionel Barrymore)

3:00 Calling Dr. Gillespie (1942 ? Lionel Barrymore, Philip Dorn)

4:30 Dr. Gillespie?s New Assistant (1942 ? Lionel Barrymore, Van Johnson)

6:00 Dark Delusion (1948 ? Lionel Barrymore, James Craig)

7:30 MGM Parade #18 (1955 ? John Barrymore, Greta Garbo)

8:00 On Borrowed Time (1939 ? Lionel Barrymore, Sir Cedric Hardwicke)

10:00 Angel on My Shoulder (1946 ? Paul Muni, Claude Rains)

12:00 Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941 ? Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains)

2:00 The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941 ? Walter Huston, Edward Arnold)

4:00 Heaven Only Knows (1947 ? Brian Donlevy, Robert Cummings)


Friday 9


6:00 The Young Philadelphians (1959 ? Paul Newman, Brian Keith)

8:30 The Decks Ran Red (1958 ? James Mason, Dorothy Dandridge)

10:00 Young at Heart (1954 - Frank Sinatra, Gig Young)

12:00 So Proudly We Hail! (1943 - Claudette Colbert, George Reeves)

2:30 The Misfits (1961 ? Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe)

4:45 The Old Dark House (1932 ? Boris Karloff, Melvyn Douglas)

6:00 Men of Boys Town (1941 ? Mickey Rooney, Larry Nunn)

8:00 Strangers When We Meet (1960 ? Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak)

10:00 The Blue Dahlia (1946 ? Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake)

12:00 Gaslight (1944 ? Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman)

2:00 Born to Kill (1947 ? Lawrence Tierney, Walter Slezak)

4:00 The Squaw Man (1931 ? Warner Baxter, Lupe Velez)


Saturday 10


6:00 Pufnstuf (1970 ? Jack Wild, Martha Raye)

8:00 The Day Dreamer (1966 ? voices: Burl Ives, Tallulah Bankhead)

9:15 Thunderbirds Are Go! (1968 ? voices: Sylvia Anderson, Ray Barret)

11:00 Cartoon Alley

11:30 Saturday Serials:


Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers (1936 ? Larry ?Buster? Crabbe)

Dick Tracy (1937 ? Ralph Byrd)

The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941 ? Tom Tyler)

Zorro Rides Again (1937 ? Duncan Reynaldo)


Creature Double Feature:


1:00 It! Conquered the World (1956 ? Peter Graves, Beverly Garland)

2:30 The Brain That Wouldn?t Die (1962 ? Virginia Leith, Herb Evers)


4:00 Willie McBean and His Magic Machine (1965 ? Rankin/Bass)

6:00 Mad Monster Party (1967 ? voices: Boris Karloff, Phyllis Diller)

8:00 The Wizard of Oz (1939 ? Judy Garland, Ray Bolger)

10:00 Presenting Lilly Mars (1943 ? Judy Garland, Van Heflin)

12:00 Everybody Sing (1938 ? Judy Garland, Allan Jones)

2:00 Little Nellie Kelly (1940 ? Judy Garland, George Murphy)

4:00 Summer Stock (1950 ? Judy Garland, Gene Kelly)


Sunday 11


6:00 It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955 ? Kenneth Tobey, Faith Domergue)

7:30 The Puppetoon Movie (1987 ? voices: Paul Frees, Dallas McKennon)

9:00 Hellzapoppin? (1941 ? Ole Olson, Chic Johnson)

10:30 Crazy House (1943 ? Ole Olson, Chic Johnson)

12:00 Home from the Hill (1960 ? Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker)

2:30 All Through the Night (1942 ? Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt)

4:30 The Set-Up (1949 ? Robert Ryan, Audrey Totter)

6:00 The Wizard of Oz (1939 ? Judy Garland, Ray Bolger)

8:00 Becket (1964 ? Richard Burton, Peter O?Toole)

10:30 The Raven (1963 ? Vincent Price, Boris Karloff)

12:00 The Raven (1915 ? Henry B. Walthall)

1:00 The Young Lions (1958 ? Dean Martin, Montgomery Clift)

4:00 The Man with the Golden Arm (1955 ? Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak)

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