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The TCM Programming Challenge

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Bravo MattHelm, congratulations on being the first to participate! Thank you for taking the time to complete a week's programming for TCM, and so far before the deadline too!


This actually only took me a little over two hours, although not at one sitting. Typing it out took most of the time, and I'm guessing that TCM's programmers don't have to type out every movie. I'm also betting that they have software that makes it easier to schedule films from their library.

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"I've done my best. If that won't do, I shall wait until I can do better." - Jo in "Little Women"


FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION... Kyle in Hollywood / (hlywdkjk)


("ps" in parentheses stands for "previously scheduled" meaning that it is or has been part of the TCM repertory in the recent past. I'll put other explanatory remarks in a separate post)



TCM Schedule for the Week of June 11 to 17 - (Sunday to Saturday)



3:00 am The Prince And The Pauper (WB) 1937 / 118m

5:00 am Kismet (MGM) 1944 / 100m

7:00 am Syncopation Station - Yolanda and the Thief (MGM) 1945 / 108m

9:00 am The Three Musketeers (MGM) 1948 / 125m

11:30 am At Sword's Point (RKO) 1952 / 81m

1:00 pm Something Of Value (MGM) 1957 / 114m


3:00 pm The Essentials (reprise) -My Darling Clementine (Fox) 1946 / 97m


Sunday Primetime

"John Ford - Unarmed"

5:00 pm The Long Voyage Home (ps/UA) 1940 / 103m

7:00 pm Arrowsmith (ps/UA) 1931 / 108m

9:00 pm Silent Sunday Nights - The Iron Horse 1921 / 119m

11:15 pm The Informer (RKO) 1935 / 97m

1:00 am The Hurricane (Goldwyn) 1937 / 110m




"The Plays Of Maxwell Anderson"

3:00 am Mary Of Scotland (RKO) 1936 / 123m

5:30 am Maybe It's Love (WB) 1935 / 63m

6:45 am Knickerbocker Holiday (ps/UA) 1944 / 85m

8:30 am Winterset (RKO) 1936 / 77m


"Films of King Vidor"

10:00 am Street Scene (ps/UA) 1931 / 80m

11:30 am The Citadel (MGM) 1938 / 112m

1:30 pm The Men Who Make The Movies - King Vidor 2002 / 55m

2:30 pm Northwest Passage (MGM) 1940 / 126m


Monday Primetime

"A World Of Pure Imagination"

5:00 pm Alice In Wonderland - PREMIERE (Para) 1933 / 76m

6:30 pm Lost Horizon (ps/Col.) 1937 / 132m

9:00 pm Brigadoon (MGM) 1954 / 108m

11:00 pm Forbidden Planet (MGM) 1956 / 98m


1:00 am The Last Time I Saw Paris (MGM) 1954 / 116m



3:00 am Murder at the Blackboard (RKO) 1934 / 72m

4:30 am Murder on a Honeymoon (RKO) 1935 / 74m


"Basil Rathbone's Birthday"

6:00 am The Bishop Murder Case (MGM) 1930 / 87m

7:30 am The Dawn Patrol (WB) 1938 / 103m

9:30 am Fingers At The Window (MGM) 1942 / 80m

11:00 am The Garden Of Allah (MGM) 1936 / 79m

12:30 pm Sherlock Holmes in "Dressed To Kill" (ps) 1946 / 72m

1:45 pm Sherlock Holmes and the Woman In Green (ps) 1945 / 67m

3:00 pm Captain Blood (WB) 1935 / 119m


Tuesday Primetime

Star Of The Month - Gary Cooper

"Films of Gary Cooper & Walter Brennan"

5:00 pm The Westerner (Goldwyn) 1940 / 100m

7:00 pm Meet John Doe (WB) 1941 / 123m

9:15 pm Sergeant York (WB) 1941 / 135m

11:30 pm Task Force (WB) 1949 / 116m

1:30 am The Cowboy and the Lady (Goldwyn) 1938 / 90m



3:00 am "Gary Cooper - American Life, American Legend"

(Richard Schickel) 1991 / 60m


4:00 am We're Rich Again (RKO) 1934 / 75m


"Burl Ives Birthday"

5:30 am The Power and the Prize (MGM) 1956 / 99m

7:15 am The Big Country (MGM) 1958 / 166m

10:00 am Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (MGM) 1958 / 108m


12 noon Young Tom Edison (MGM) 1940 / 86m

1:30 pm Edison, The Man (MGM) 1940 / 107m

3:30 pm City Lights (ps/UA) 1931 / 86m


Wednesday Primetime

Film Scores Of Composer John Barry

5:00 pm Chaplin - PREMIERE 1992 / 144m

7:30 pm The Lion In Winter 1968 / 134m

10:00 pm Out of Africa 1985 / 161m

1:00 am Born Free 1966 / 96m



"Damon Runyon Stories"

3:00 am Lady For A Day (ps/Col) 1933 / 96m

4:45 am A Very Honorable Guy (WB) 1934 / 62m

6:00 am Racing Lady (RKO) 1937 / 57m

7:00 am Joe and Ethel Turp Call On The President (MGM) 1939 / 70m

8:15 am Three Wise Guys (MGM) 1936 / 75m

9:30 am "At The Stroke Of Twelve" - short (WB) 1941 / 20m

10:00 am A Slight Case Of Murder (WB) 1938 / 85m


11:30 am The Law and the Lady (MGM) 1951 / 104m

1:30 pm Nobody Lives Forever (WB) 1946 / 100m

3:15 pm They Knew What They Wanted (RKO) 1941 / 90m


Thursday Primetime

"Pulp Fiction - Chandler, Cain, Hammett & Spillaine"

5:00 pm Kiss Me Deadly (ps/UA) 1955 / 106m

7:00 pm The Postman Always Rings Twice (MGM) 1946 / 113m

9:00 pm Murder, My Sweet (RKO) 1944 / 95m

10:45 pm The Thin Man (MGM) 1934 / 93m


12:30 am Murder Most Foul (MGM) 1960 / 90m

2:00 am Kid Nightengale (WB) 1939 / 57m



"Composers Harry Warren & Al Dubin - The "B" Sides"

3:00 am Garden Of The Moon (WB) 1938 / 94m

4:45 am Broadway Gondolier (WB) 1935 / 100m

6:30 am Go Into Your Dance (WB) 1935 / 97m

8:30 am Twenty Million Sweethearts (WB) 1934 / 90m


10:00 am Heavenly Days (RKO) 1944 / 72m

11:15 am The Unsuspected (WB) 1947 / 103m

1:15 pm The Big Clock (ps/Para) 1948 / 95m

3:00 pm Stand By For Action (MGM) 1942 / 109m


Friday Primetime

"Invitation to Dinner & Disaster"

5:00 pm Dinner At Eight (MGM) 1933 / 113m

7:00 pm You Can't Take It With You (ps/Col) 1938 / 127m

9:15 pm Alice Adams (RKO) 1935 / 99m

11:00 pm TCM Imports - La Cage Aux Folles 1978 / 91m

12:45 am Going Highbrow (WB) 1935 / 68m


2:00 am The MGM Story (MGM) 1950 / 57m



3:00 am Two Weeks With Love (MGM) 1950 / 92m

5:00 am Darkness After Dawn - Side Street (MGM) 1950 / 83m

6:30 am Westward The Women (MGM) 1951 / 118m

8:30 am Cartoon Alley (Original)

"Rabbit Of Seville" / "What's Opera Doc?" / "Long-Haired Hare"

9:00 am Lone Star Cinema - Day Of The Outlaw (ps/UA) 1959 / 91m

11:00 am King Solomon's Mines (MGM) 1950 / 103m

1:00 pm Valley Of The Kings (MGM) 1954 / 86m

2:30 pm The Secret Of Santa Vittoria (ps/UA) 1969 / 138m


Saturday Primetime

"Saturday Night Fights"

5:00 pm The Essentials - Body And Soul (ps/UA) 1947 / 104m

7:00 pm The Set-Up (RKO) 1949 / 72m

8:30 pm Requiem For A Heavyweight (ps/Col.) 1962 / 100m

10:00 pm Champion (ps/UA) 1949 / 99m

12:15 am Somebody Up There Likes Me (MGM) 1956 / 113m


2:30 am Festival Of Shorts #1 - Pete Smith Specialties

"Studio Visit"/"Crashing The Movies"/"Bargain Madness"


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Message was edited by: 14March to annotate the schedule



Message was edited by: 14March to undo the annotation. Too difficult to read. What a mess! kjk



Message was edited by: 25March to fix a running time error. Just changed two start times


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(Expository Remarks about my TCM Schedule - if your interested.)


Kyle In Hollywood


What an undertaking. I didn't think it would be as much of a challenge as it turned out to be. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. And the research required has given me a whole list of films I hope to see for myself soon.


I probably have too many "themes" going on during a single week. I even had to abandon some theme ideas due to lack of space - (The Barrymores Together Onscreen/"Night" Flicks/ "Anne Of Green Gables & Windy Poplars") and then other ideas showed up on the TCM schedule this month (Early David Lean). But I am satisfied with the result. To tinker with it now wouldn't improve it any, as far as I can see.


Thoughts on the week that is -

Don't know why I started on Sunday. Just made sense. And as to using PST times, it is what I am used to seeing on my schedules.


Syncopation Station - "Yolanda and the Thief" beat out "Jupiter's Darling" but both are worthy rarities. I just don't get the Esther Williams "thing".


"John Ford - Unarmed" - intrigued with the idea of showcasing excellent non-western/non-military John Ford films. And it could segue into the silent "Iron Horse" somone here wants to see badly. (Don't think for a minute I didn't take into consideration films users here have wanted to see. Isn't that what a good programmer is supposed to do?)


Though I can't say for certain that "Knickerbocker Holiday" is available to be shown on TCM, I do believe I have seen this odd musical on the schedule in the (long ago) past. If not, I'll take my demerits.


"A World Of Pure Imagination" is a line from a lyric to a song in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and is used to describe the films featured Monday night. Each built around a mythic location - Wonderland / Shangri-La/ Brigadoon. I reluctantly included Forbidden Planet tho I consider it an appropriate addition to the theme. Would have rather included The Wizard Of Oz - but it wasn't July Fourth.


Tuesday's Star Of The Month schedule is an extension of a post I made here awhile ago about the pairing of Cooper and Brennan. I consciously avoided including "Pride of the Yankees" as it has been all over the schedule lately. (Save it for another night) And, by doing this project, I learned that they co-starred a fifth time in "Task Force" which I didn't know before.


Burl Ives beat out Mary Wickes for a "Birthday Tribute". (It wsan't a fair fight!) And Wednesday has my favorite segue between films - "Edison, The Man" (all about lighting the city of New York) followed with "City Lights". Felt it was important to show a Chaplin film before showing the bio-pic.


"Chaplin" is probably one the more apropos modern features that TCM could show. Only the most parochial viewers should object to this newer film being on TCM. I had the pleasure to be an acquaintance of John Barry - if working at a hotel he always stayed at qualifes as acquaintance. He and I had many pleasant conversations and he always gave me copies of the CDs of his latest scores or signed ones I had bought as gifts for friends and family. There are a great number of his films in the TCM repertory but I think these are films that are among the best to showcase his talent. (And the Lion/Africa/Elsa arrangement makes me grin)


Thursday - I like Damon Runyon stories but haven't we seen "Guys and Dolls" enough lately? "Pulp Fiction" pretty well descibes itself, I think.


Friday's Warren & Dubin salute is a balance to the more popular Busby Berkeley films featuring scores by these composers. And the Warners musicals never seem to get the same exposure the MGM musicals do. The "Dinner Disasters" theme is a reaction to the gawdawful "The Birdcage" shown in February. I just had to schedule the original "La Cage Aux Folles" (it was on TCM once before, I think) so I built a night around the import.


Saturday, Ben Mankiewicz has a selection of 50's and 60's films to introduce (Has anyone ever seen him introduce a film from the 30's?) all built around buried or hidden "treasure". And he likes his "guy flicks". Romances brings out the sarcasm in him. I know that in the Fifties and Sixties it was "The Friday Night Fights" - not the "Saturday Night Fights" - on television. (Saturdays were big on wrestling.) But what's an amatuer programmer to do?


Message was edited by: kjk


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Excellent job Kyle, and thanks for taking the time to complete a week's programming for TCM! I especially like your second post giving us your thoughts as you went through the exercise (and why you did/didn't include or select certain titles). Thanks again, and good luck!

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JonParker -

Thanks for the compliment and suggestion. And I agree that including either "The Crowd" or "The Big Parade" would have been an improvement. But I thought I would be pushing it putting two silents on in the middle of the day in one week. And "City Lights" was firm on my schedule.


Both films probably deserve to be seen more often. I think "The Big Parade" was shown on was a Memorial Day weekend four years ago. And "The Crowd" was last shown even longer ago than that.


Thanks again for giving my attempt the once over.



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path40a -

Thanks alot for compliments and feedback. I knew I was going to be long-winded in my remarks about the week so I thought splitting it into a second post was a good idea.

I am giving some thought about adding a bit more info about some of the films on the schedule post. I bet you recognize many, if not most, of the titles and know what the interesting details are about the cast or plot but others may not. (Like the "Kismet: on the schedule is the drama, not the musical). Any probelms with me going back and adding those details? And, just out of curiosity, any films on my schedule you're not familiar with?


And a big thank to you for having this idea in the first place.and laying the ground rules for the exercise. I really did have a good time doing this.



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Excellent job! I really like the mix of directors and stars.


Also enjoyed your remarks. I've got mine roughed out and started on Sunday with PST time zone as well so you won't be alone in that regard!


I applaud you and Matt Helm for jobs well done!


Message was edited by:


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Well, once again, I would really like to participate in this, but have no idea which films TCM owns and which ones they can get ahold of.


Would it be okay for me to just make up a week using any films I like?


I am not NEARLY as familiar with TCM's available films as alot of you guys are....


And Melanie, we ought to see who can make up the best 'girlie' schedule! *lol*

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lzcutter -

Thanks! I take your remarks as high praise indeed. And you (unsurprisingly!) are probably one of the few people who know the details of the film just by the title. I think I am going to have to add them later to make the schedule a bit more self-explanatory.


Glad to know my friend from "over the hill" is working from a Pacific State of Mind also. It seemed like I was just asking for more work to try to remind myself that 'primetime' on TCM is 8pm.



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Allie has posted a number of old TCM schedules a ways back in this forum that would probably be of help to you.


As for what does TCM own:


All RKO films, pre-1949 Warner Brothers and pre-1986 MGM films.


Using the Database here on the website, it contains the info as which studio released a film allowing you to figure out if it is in the TCM library or would have to be rented.


Hope that helps!

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Kyle, of course you should feel free to edit your post to add more details if you choose. However, what you submitted initially is fine (theme details and all!). And yes, there are several films on your proposed schedule that are unfamiliar to me (wish I could actually see them on TCM too!).

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Lynn has done a good job summarizing "the TCM library" of available films, but I also want to point you (once again) to coffeedan's "sticky note worthy" post:




To stay within the rules (First Post in this thread), you can't just put any film you want on your schedule. However, I have no intention of going to the trouble of looking up every movie on everyone's submitted schedule to "disqualify" those which violate these rules. So please, play nice;-)

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I've been in touch with the TCM web folks and we may get that "stickie" yet. Hoping that we do and that coffeedan is credited per my suggestion to them.


Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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Thanks for the recognition, MattHelm. I liked a lot of what you chose to program also. And what a coincidence about your family tie to Damon Runyon.


I'll be darned if I can figure out the "theme" to your full day of mysteries in your schedule. Don't tell us yet. It may still come to someone.


Kyle in Hollywood

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I'll be darned if I can figure out the "theme" to your full day of mysteries in your schedule. Don't tell us yet. It may still come to someone.


Hint: The clue is in the actors for the most part, but a couple of the movies on the schedule involves the directors. Yet, they all share a certain distinction.

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Wow - a lot of great stuff. Do people mind if we steal some of their ideas?



If you intended to include my attempt at a week's schedule in your request, you also have my ok. I'd be flattered if you wanted to crib any of my ideas.


I have a feeling that by the end of the month (when many others have submitted their schedules) you will have many ideas for stealing and you can take an extra day or two off next month.


BTW - what ever happened to the "viewer's choice" nights that were part of the schedule a few years back? Any chance of bringing them back once in a while?


Kyle in Hollywood


Message was edited by: kjk


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