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The TCM Programming Challenge

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Why not just invent a recurring weekly foreign film showcase on your schedule (you know you want to schedule Ordet)? I'd love to see Cocteau's Orphee and Beauty & The Beast; De Sica's Bicycle Thief and Two Women; more Fellini like Nights of Cabaria and Il Vitelloni; more Kurosawa, Bergman, Goddard, Melville, Visconti ... You could call it, Undocumented Worker Theater.

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Was Fellini's Notti di Cabiria, Le (Nights of Cabiria) ever on TCM? Giulietta Masina was so great with all the expressions that she could make with her eyes. I have not seen Sceicco bianco, Lo (The White Sheik) which I believe was her first film. 81/2 was good and I enjoyed it but I could not see why all the critics say it was the best film ever made.

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Or should I call you "Tenacious A"? -


You're more than welcome for the advice I gave. If it has been at all helpful, I am pleased.


I think you are going to do just fine. As long as you are having fun with "the challenge", don't worry about the result so much. At least, not yet.


I am going to send you a private message that may be helpful to you.



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Masina was in a few movies before The White Sheik. She had been married to Fellini about ten years before this movie and she was in a few movies he wrote and co-directed. The White Sheik was the first movie he directed by himself. In this movie she plays Cabiria, not yet the prostitute from Nights of Cabiria, which she reprised the role in.


I don't think TCM has ever shown Nights of Cabiria. I wish they would. Masina was at her best in La Strada, which TCM has shown. I love that movie.

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I am now considering "Immigration Station".


I wish I could thank you (for your "worker" idea) by scheduling a half day of "The Banana Splits Adventure Hour". You would like to visit "Danger Island"...right?


Unfortunately, I don't think "The Banana Splits" is possible--it is (was) a TV series. Probably cost a large amount of dollars to broadcast. Sorry.



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Hi, all. Just a note to say I should be posting my list this weekend sometime. As previously mentioned, I will be starting on June 18th, Father's Day and continuing the week from there.


Other days of interest (I hope) include one looking at ten movies written by or directed by each of the Hollywood Ten, birthday salutes to Judy Holliday and Billy Wilder, and I have a few other things to insert, including possibly a day devoted to director George Sidney.

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I'm sorry, it seems to me that just about says it all - there is no room or time to consider running viewers' requests because as the tcm programmer states "between the star-of-the-month, the spotlight, the guest programmers, Bob's picks, the Essentials, etc. we're running out of room to do all of the other stuff we want/need to do" .


Shouldn't the viewers programming preferences and requests be just as important, if not more important, than the host of things that TCM indicated prevents them from having the time to for a viewers? request night?


After all, how many TCM viewers would actually stop watching TCM if TCM suddenly stopping running Bob?s picks of guest?s programmer?s picks and, heaven forbid, replaced it with a night of viewers? picks? I don?t think most viewers would stop watching TCM even if they removed half of the programming items listed and replaced them with nothing.


I've been a faithful watcher of TCM for years and will continue to watch since it's the only game in town but I think the station is getting further and further out of touch with what the TCM-viewing public wants.


Has the public actually requested any of what constitutes a major part of tcm?s programming over the past few years: constant repetition of certain films and certain genres of films (need I elaborate?), attempts at overly-clever themes which end up being meaningless, introduction of mediocre 80s and 90s films, lack of focus (anime on a classic movie channel ?), pretensions to artsy ness ( they won?t ?commercialize? Christmas season by showing more than a very small handful of Christmas films, despite what their viewing public wants yet they?ll repeat the King Kong promo ad nauseum and show Sleepless in Seattle repeatedly in a failed attempt to attract younger audiences), actors? spotlight programming that presents films where the actor is barely featured while leaving out major bodies of the actors? work.


As I said, I will continue to watch TCM as I don?t have access to any other channels that air older films. But I don?t have to harbor any remaining illusions that TCM programming is concerned to any great degree about the viewers wishes.

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How Divine.


Uh-oh, Chongo! Alas, no ... TCM hasn't reached such staggering heights yet for the avant-garde, vertigo inducing usage of the camera's zooming capabilities. And I'm afraid the Dadaist minimalism of the plots would confuse the uncouth layman (say, those over the age of eight), and send viewers in droves scouring the airwaves for a Petticoat Junction rerun, or perhaps, a very special Blossom.


I know it's wrong, but I wish sometimes TCM would show a lost episode of the Honeymooners as a short in between features.


My brothers and I used to play Banana Splits when we were kids. There were three of us and no one wanted to be Bingo, so we pretended he had died. Same goes for Peter Tork. When the youngest brother wasn't available, it was RIP for Larry Fine.



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I've edited this post because I don't want to sound defensive (and I think I did in my last reply); I just want to say that we do pay attention to the requests that are made here on the message boards and to those that are sent to us. And I wish we had access to more Christmas movies. But, as I've often said, I certainly respect the opinions expressed in this community.


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This weekly schedule is not time sensitive; therefore it can be any week in June.


? The themes are Directors Showcase, where each evening different directors films are showcased back-to-back illuminating their range of abilities.

? Celebrating The MGM British Studio Division and the talent that is uniquely British.

? Remakes

? War and Conflicts


Note: I'm switching four films because I notice they are scheduled several times during the next three months.Also Star of the Month is Dirk Bogarde


Monday (Comedy Relief)(MGM UK)(The Directors)

9:00 am The Guardsman (1931) Roland Young. D: Sidney Franklin.

10:30 am Reducing (1931) Marie Dressler. D: Charles F. Reisner.

12:00 am Prosperity (1932) Marie Dressler. D: Sam Wood.

1:30 pm General Spanky (1936) Spanky McFarland. D: Gordon Douglas.

3:00 pm DREAM WIFE (1953) Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr D: Sidney Sheldon

5:00 pm The Scapegoat (1959) Alec Guinness. D: Robert Hamer. BW 92m.

7:00 pm All at Sea (1958) Alec Guinnes. D: Charles Frend.

8:30 pm Just a Gigolo (1931) British lord pretends to be a gigolo. William Haines, C. Aubrey Smith. D: Jack Conway.

10:00 pm The Easiest Way (1931) Constance Bennett. D: Jack Conway.


###11:30 pm Five and Ten (1931) Marion Davies, Leslie Howard. D. Robert Z. Leonard ###

###1:00 am It's a Wise Child (1931) Marion Davies. D. Robert Z. Leonard.###


2:30 am Travels With My Aunt (1972) Flamboyant aunt who gives her up- tight nephew the adventure of a lifetime aboard the Orient Express. D: George Cukor

4:30 am EDWARD MY SON (1949) Spencer Tracy, Deborah Kerr. D: George Cukor.

6:30 am Cartoon Alley 7:00 am Cartoon Alley


Tuesday (Drama)(Directors Showcase)(Remakes)(MGM UK)

7:30 am The Little Hut (1957) Ava Gardner and David Niven star. D: Mark Robson

9:00 am The Tall Target (1951)Detective suspects an assassination attempt will be made on Abraham Lincoln. D: Anthony Mann

12:30 pm Crossfire (1947) Robert Young, Robert Mitchum. D: Edward Dmytryk.

2:00 pm The Conspirators (1944) Peter Lorre. D: Jean Negulesco

4:00 pm The Adventures of Quentin Durward (1955) D: Richard Thorpe

6:00 pm Night Must Fall (1937) D: Richard Thorpe.

8:00 pm Night Must Fall (1964) Psychological thriller, with Albert Finney as the axe-murderer who seduces the daughter (Susan Hampshire) of a well-to-do widow. D: Karel Reisz.

10:00 pm The House of the Seven Hawks (1959)D: Richard Thorpe.

11:45 pm What Next, Corporal Hargrove? (1945) . D: Richard Thorpe.

3:00 am Take the High Ground (1953) D: Richard Brooks

5:00 am Crisis (1950) D: Richard Brooks


Wednesday (Romance) (Directors Showcase)(MGM UK)

7:00 am Gaby (1956) C: Leslie Caron. D: Curtis Bernhardt

9:00 am Smilin' Through (1932) Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard. D: Sidney Franklin.

11:00 am Hawaii (1966) Max von Sydow, Julie Andrews. D: George Roy Hill.

2:15 pm Since You Went Away (1944) Joseph Cotten. D: John Cromwell.

5:30 pm THE GLASS SLIPPER (1955)D: Charles Walters

7:30 pm Brotherly Love (1969) Peter O'Toole and Susannah York. D: J. Lee Thompson. (MGM UK)

9:30 pm Eye Of The Devil (1967) David Niven, Deborah Kerr, . D: J. Lee Thompson.

11:30 pm Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) Cast: Pat O'Brien, Donald Crisp. D: Mervyn LeRoy

1:30 am Blossoms in the Dust (1941)D: Mervyn LeRoy

3:30 am Hi, Nellie! (1934) D: Mervyn LeRoy.

5:00 am Their Own Desire (1929) D: E. Mason Hopper.

6:15 am That Forsyte Woman (1949) Greer Garson. D: Compton Bennett.


Thursday (Mystery)(Directors Showcase)(MGM UK)(Remakes)

8:15 am The Alphabet Murders (1963)Tony Randall. D: Frank Tashlin (MGM UK)

10:00 am The Wrong Man (1956)D: Alfred Hitchcock

12:00 pm The Paradine Case (1947) D: Alfred Hitchcock.

2:00 pm Moonfleet (1955)Stewart Granger, George Sanders. D: Fritz Lang

3:30 pm Green Fire (1954)Grace Kelly, Stewart Granger. D: Andrew Marton

5:30 pm The Prime Minister (1941) John Gielgud. D: Thorold Dickinson

6:30 pm The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) Kirk Douglas. D: Vincente Minnelli

8:30 pm Bachelor Mother (1939) Ginger Rogers, David Niven.

10:00 pm Bundle of Joy (1956) Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher.

12:00 am Anna and the King of Siam (1946) Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison.

2:30 am Hell Divers Clark Gable (1932)

4:30 am The Formula (1980)Detective is in jeopardy after discovering a synthetic formula for gasoline. George C. Scott, Marlon Brando. D: John Avildsen. (MGM UK)


Friday (Thriller)(Directors Showcase)(MGM UK)

6:30 am Young Cassidy(1965) Biography of Irish literary great and revolutionary rebel Sean O'Casey. Julie Christie and Maggie Smith star. D: John Ford

8:30 am Seven Women(1966) Women get caught up in the Chinese revolution at an isolated Mongolian mission. D: John Ford

10:00 am Devil's Island (1940) Boris Karloff. D: William Clemens.


###11:15 am Where East Is East (1929) Lon Chaney. D. Tod Browning.###

###12:30 am The Thirteenth Chair (1929) Conrad Nagel, Bela Lugosi. D. Tod Browning.###


2:00 pm The Mysterious Island (1929) Lionel Barrymore. D: Maurice Tourneur.

4:00 pm World, The Flesh, And The Devil, The (1959) D: Ranald MacDougall.

6:00 pm Ghosts - Italian Style (1969) Sophia Loren. D: Renato Castellani.

8:00 pm Thirteen Women (1932) Female villain terrorizes 13 women because they prejudiced her in boarding school. Cast: Irene Dunne, Myrna Loy.

9:00 pm The Hour of 13 (1952)Thriller starring Peter Lawford. D: Harold French.

10:30 pm The Secret Partner (1961)A London shipping tycoon finds himself blackmailed. D: Basil Dearden

12:00 am Hysteria (1965)D: Freddie Francis

1:30 pm The Beast with Five Fingers (1946) Peter Lorre. D. Robert Florey

3:00 am The Verdict (1946) Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet. D. Don Siegel.

4:30 am Three Strangers (1946) Peter Lorre. D. Jean Negulesco,


Saturday (History)(Directors Showcase)

6:00 am Confidential Agent (1945) Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall, Peter Lorre.

8:00 am THE ROUNDERS (1965) Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda. D: Burt Kennedy

9:30 WESTWARD THE WOMEN (1951) Robert Taylor. D: William Wellman

11:30 am CATLOW (1971)Yul Brynner. D: Sam Wanamaker

1:30 pm Wild Rovers (1971) William Holden, Ryan O'Neal. D: Blake Edwards.

4:00 pm COLORADO TERRITORY (1949) Joel McCrea in a remake of director Raoul Walsh's own classic 'High Sierra'.

(The Essentials)

6:00 pm Our Mother's House (1967) Dirk Bogarde. D. Jack Clayton

8:00 pm The Unsuspected (1947) Claude Rains. D: Michael Curtiz

10:00 pm Four Daughters (1938) Claude Rains, John Garfield. D: Michael Curtiz.

11:30 pm THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (1960) Tony Randall. Director: Michael Curtiz.

1:30 am YOUNG BESS (1953) Jean Simmons, Stewart Granger in this lavishly mounted historical biopic tracing Elizabeth I's early years. D: George Sidney

3:30 am ALFRED THE GREAT (1969) David Hemmings. D: Clive Donner

5:30 am The Scarlet Coat (1955) Cornel Wilde as the major who must foil the infamous plot of Benedict Arnold, played by Robert Douglas. D: John Sturges


Sunday (Star of the Month is, "Dirk Bogarde") (War and Conflict)(MGM UK)(Directors Showcase)

7:30 am Kill or Cure (1962) Terry-Thomas, Eric Sykes. D: George ****

9:00 am Village of Daughters (1962) Eric Sykes. D: George ****

10:30 am The Invisible Menace (1938) Boris Karloff. D: John Farrow. BW 55m.

11:30 am Ride, Vaquero! (1953) Robert Taylor, Howard Keel. D: John Farrow


1:00 pm The Yellow Canary (1943) Anna Neagle. D: Herbert Wilcox.

3:00 pm The Doctor's Dilemma (1958) Dirk Bogarde. D: Anthony Asquith

5:00 pm THE PASSWORD IS COURAGE (1962) Dirk Bogarde D: Andrew L. Stone

(The Essentials)

7:00 pm Our Mother's House (1967) Dirk Bogarde. D. Jack Clayton

9:00 am The Angel Wore Red (1960) Dirk Bogarde. D: Nunnally Johnson

11.00 am Libel(1959) Dirk Bogarde, Olivia de Havilland. Robert Morley. D.

Anthony Asquith . 100m.

1:00 pm The Adventures of Tartu (1943) Robert Donat. D: Harold S. Bucquet

3:00 am The Crowd (1928) D: King Vidor.

5:00 Not So Dumb (1930) D: King Vidor.

6:30 am THE JOURNEY (1959) Yul Brynner, Deborah Kerr. D: Anatole Litvak


There it is"In A Nutshell."



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Message was edited: To add Star of the Month and The Essentials.


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Wow! What a nutshell!


What a great set of films you have chosen. And the MGM/UK theme is a really iinteresting choice. Well Done.


I liked your choice of directors also. I've often wondered why Michael Curtiz isn't ever mentioned in the same breath as Cukor / Hawks / Wellmann / et al? (The man directed "Casablanca", for goodness sake!) But Curtiz, like Dymtryk and Fleming, never get the "auteur" treatment. Not that you may know, but maybe you have some ideas.


Hope you had fun putting this together. Now, if you're like me, you'll spend the next few days wishing you could make little changes here and there to your schedule.


Job Well Done - and a BIG "Thank You" from those of us that used the previous month's schedules that you posted here. They - and you - were invaluable.


Kyle in Hollywood

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Thanks, I did enjoy doing the challenge. It was a learning experience searching through the film database looking for films by each director and then reading their biography. Michael Curtiz was easy to pick films out for because he made so many films for Warner Bros. Some of the others that made films for Universal, Paramount and Columbia were a little tricky.


The MGM British Studio Division is interesting because MGM wanted to use these new British actors and they decided that it was less expensive to build a studio there instead of bringing them here to Hollywood. These films were made at a time in the 1960's and 1970's when MGM Hollywood was having a hard time getting it right. 20th Century Fox, Columbia and Paramount were making films that seemed to do much better at the box office. The creative juices seemed to flow for MGM UK while the tap was turned off here.

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MGM British Studio Division is such a great idea...congratulations!


I particularly like the scheduling of Stewart Granger movies. I recently purchased a HDD recorder and two performers are at the top of my must-record list--Stewart Granger and Kay Francis. Darn it, I bought the thing (the recorder) after the recent "Kay Francis Day". Maybe, I'll get another Kay Francis day this "Summer Under The Stars".


I can't put my finger on why I am such a fan of Stewart Granger. I guess, his movies are usually adventures (I like) and colorful (I like) and Stewart Granger (as a performer) never disappoints (me).


Again, excellent job.



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Stewart Granger had that British charm that so many others of his caliber had like Alec Guinness, David Niven, Leslie Howard, Charles Laughton, Dirk Bogarde and Robert Donat. "Sparks Fly Upwards" and "Saraband for Dead Lovers" are films that Stewart Granger liked the most. The reason he worked so well with Deborah Kerr and Jean Simmons is that he had romantic feelings for both of them and it came through on the screen.

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6:00 AM Another Thin Man (1939)

8:00 AM Life With Father (1947)

10:00 AM SYNCOPATION STATION: Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

1:30 PM Sounder (1972)

3:30 PM The Yearling (1946)

6:00 PM THE ESSENTIALS: To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

8:30 PM Field of Dreams (1989)

10:30 PM The Champ (1931)


1:00 AM The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

4:00 AM Father of the Bride (1950)



MONDAY, June 19th




6:00 AM The Three Musketeers (1948)

8:15 AM Thousands Cheer (1943)

10:30 AM Bye Bye Birdie (1963)

12:30 PM Viva Las Vegas (1964)

2:00 PM Bathing Beauty (1944)

4:00 PM Young Bess (1953)

6:00 PM Pal Joey (1957)

8:00 PM Anchors Aweigh (1945)

10:30 PM Show Boat (1951)

12:30 AM The Harvey Girls (1945)

2:30 AM Ziegfeld Follies (1946)

4:30 AM A Ticklish Affair (1963) (PREMIERE)



TUESDAY, June 20th




6:00 AM King Kong (1933) Max Steiner

7:45 AM On the Waterfront (1954) Leonard Bernstein

9:45 AM Ben-Hur (1959) Miklos Rozsa

1:30 PM The Magnificent Seven (1960) Elmer Bernstein

3:45 PM Kings Row (1941) Erich Wolfgang Korngold

6:00 PM The Wind and the Lion (1975) Jerry Goldsmith

8:00 PM Captain from Castile (1947) (PREMIERE) Alfred Newman

10:30 PM A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) Alex North

12:45 AM A Nun?s Story (1959) Franz Waxman

3:30 AM North by Northwest (1959) Bernard Herrmann




WEDNESDAY, June 21st




6:00 AM Angel Face (1953)

7:45 AM Angels in the Outfield (1951)

9:45 AM The Blue Angel (1930)




11:45 AM Bluebeard (1944)

12:30 PM The Blue Gardenia (1953)

2:00 PM Blues in the Night (1941)

3:30 PM Rhapsody in Blue (1945)

6:00 PM A Patch of Blue (1965)




8:00 PM Adam?s Rib (1949)

10:00 PM Born Yesterday (1950)

11:45 AM It Should Happen to You (1954)

1:30 AM Bells Are Ringing (1960)




4:00 AM The Miracle of the Bells (1948)






THURSDAY, June 22nd




6:00 AM Sinbad the Sailor (1947)

8:00 AM The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)

10:00 AM Don Juan (1926)

12 NOON Scaramouche (1952)

2:00 PM The Mark of Zorro (1940)

4:00 PM The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)

6:00 PM The Court Jester (1956)




8:00 PM The Seven Year Itch (1955)

10:00 PM Some Like It Hot (1959)

12:15 AM The Apartment (1960)

2:30 AM One, Two Three (1961)




4:30 AM The Producers (1968) (subject: Hitler)




FRIDAY, June 23rd




6:00 AM Gypsy (1962) (subject: stripper)

8:30 AM 1776 (1972) (subject: signing of the Declaration of Independence) (PREMIERE)

11:00 AM West Side Story (1961) (subject: gang wars)




1:45 PM How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967) (based on Fosse?s original choreography) (subject: business manual)

4:00 PM The Pajama Game (1957) (subject: unions)

6:00 PM Kiss Me Kate (1953) (subject: Shakespeare)


BOB FOSSE BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE continues with ROBERT OSBORNE interviewing guest CHITA RIVERA at the beginnings and ends of the following three movies. She talks about working with Bob Fosse, Gwen Verdon, and Liza Minnelli, plus discusses making ?Sweet Charity?)


8:00 PM Damn Yankees (1958) (subject: baseball)

10:00 PM Sweet Charity (1969) (subject: dancehall hostesses)

12:45 AM Cabaret (1986) (subject: Nazi Germany)




3:00 AM South Pacific (1958) (subject: racism)




SATURDAY, June 24th




6:00 AM Tender Comrade (1943) (screenplay by Dalton Trumbo and directed by Edward Dmytryk)

8:00 AM DARKNESS AFTER DAWN: The Master Race (1944) (scr. by Herbert J. Biberman) (PREMIERE)

9:30 AM Mr. Lucky (1943) (scr. by Adrian Scott)

11:30 AM CARTOON ALLEY: Russian Rhapsody (1944), Herr Meets Hare (1945), Falling Hare (1943)

12 NOON LONE STAR CINEMA: Three Faces West (1940) starring John Wayne (scr. by Samuel Ornitz) (PREMIERE)

1:30 PM Northern Pursuit (1943) (scr. by Alvah Bessie)

3:30 PM Objective Burma! (1945) (story: Alvah Bessie and scr by Lester Cole)

6:00 PM Cloak and Dagger (1946) (scr. by Ring Lardner, Jr. and Albert Maltz) plus short ?The House That I Live In? (1945) starring Frank Sinatra (scr. by Albert Maltz)

8:00 PM THE ESSENTIALS: Destination Tokyo (1943) (scr. by Albert Maltz)

10:30 PM Crossfire (1947) (directed by Edward Dmytryk and produced by Adrian Scott)

12 MID Action in the North Atlantic (1943) (scr. by John Howard Lawson)

2:30 AM Hollywood on Trial (1976) documentary (PREMIERE)

4:15 AM The Front (1976)

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Well, here?s my listing for the week of June 18th through June 25th.


In making my choice of films, I used the TCM database. Where I saw that there was a TCM article about a film (as opposed to just the AFI material), I took that as a sign it is in their library. If I didn?t see it there or in the Now Playing magazines, I usually called the film a ?Premiere.?


Now, as to the days:


Sunday, June 18th: It is Father?s Day and needs no explanation.


Monday, June 19th: each Monday in the month has a daylong tribute to unsung directors. These are directors with great track records, but are forgotten when people mention Welles, Kubrick, Minnelli, etc. This particular Monday features the films of George Sidney, who had an amazing amount of hits.


Tuesday, June 20th: I chose to have one day devoted to a readers? poll of the greatest film scores of all time. (Okay, so it was a poll of one: me. These are some of my favorites and really show off the composers? talents.) One omission from the list, very apparent, is that I left off Gone with the Wind for Max Steiner. I struggled with this a long time. The reason for it not being in the list is there simply were not enough hours in the day to play both Ben-Hur (Miklos Rozsa) and GWTW. That would have been nearly 8 hours of the day, 1/3 of the list, on just those two. (I know some of you will ask, ?Why not choose GWTW over Ben-Hur?? Two reasons: 1. Ben-Hur?s score is magnificent and there are so many highlights; and 2. It?s my list, so there.) I do consider GWTW Steiner?s finest score, but because of time limitations I chose another great Steiner score, King Kong. Also omitted were Laura (David Raksin), High Noon (Dimitri Tiomkin), and Breakfast at Tiffany?s (Henry Mancini). A tough choice but these three films had their scores based more around a song or theme. I also figured that those MGM shorts of the composers in front of an orchestra could be inserted between films.


Wednesday, June 21st: The day starts with film titles with the word ?Angel? in it, then transitions with The Blue Angel to being films with the word ?Blue? in it. The evening has a birthday tribute to Judy Holliday, and then finishes off by continuing to use the word ?Bells? from her last film to another film with it.


Thursday, June 22nd: The early hours are devoted to swashbuckling heroes. As to the evening, my Star of the Month is actually a director, Billy Wilder, who has several films each Thursday evening in June. And this particular Thursday, the 22nd, is his birthday. The day?s last film is not a Wilder film but is actually the start of Friday?s day long at look at musicals made from unlikely subjects. And what better way to start than The Producers?


Friday, June 23rd: As mentioned, unlikely topics for musicals are examined today. However, the day is also Bob Fosse?s birthday. I have continued the unlikely subjects throughout the tribute to him. The birthday tribute starts midway through the day. When it is Robert Osborne?s time to be the host, I think he should have as Chita Rivera as a guest, and between the evening?s movies they could talk about working with Fosse. And the day ends with a non-Fosse movie but it is still on the topic of unlikely subjects for a musical.


Saturday, June 24th: Since Saturday seems to be the day with the most hosting going on (Osborne, Mankiewicz, and a possible Essentials guest host), I thought it would be interesting to examine the ?Hollywood Ten.? These screenwriters and directors were the original ten blacklisted and jailed by the House of Un-American Activities in the late 1940s. There are ten films, each involving one of the Ten. A few films have ties to other members, but each film is meant to be a discussion of one of the Ten, their lives before and after the blacklist. Possibly, with time permitting, a brief talk could be made of those scenes the HUAC found leftist leaning. The day ends with a documentary about the Hollywood blacklisting and a showing of the Woody Allen movie, The Front.


And that?s my week. Wow, I have so much more understanding of how hard it must be for the TCM programmer to time-schedule films when the day has to begin at 6AM (the time I chose to use even though I am on the West Coast and our time is 3AM), then work around Syncopation Station, Darkness after Dawn, The Essentials, Lone Star Cinema, etc. which must all start at a scheduled time each week. I had arranged the Saturday with one film leading to another based on the people tied into it, but that had to get changed in order to work in Darkness After Dawn, Cartoon Alley, Lone Star Cinema, and the Essentials.


The whole week was lots of work, but also lots of fun. And I still have many other ideas for days I didn?t use.

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Fantastic job, filmlover, and thanks for taking the time to complete a week's programming for TCM! Thanks too for your informative follow-up post explaining your choices (you're right, it's your list;-) and taking the additional challenge of fitting your schedule within all of TCM's existing themes & constraints (no small task, as you've learned).

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Well, thank you, path40a, for coming up with this idea. Funny, I was just looking through a film book a few minutes ago and I have such a desire to do another week or a few days because there are a number of films I'd like to do in themes.

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Sunday, June 18th:


You?ll Wake Up Screaming: The Films of Val Lewton


12:00 Cat People (1942) / RKO / 74 mins

1:30 I Walked with a Zombie (1943) / RKO / 69 mins

2:45 The Curse of the Cat People (1944) / RKO / 70 mins

4:30 The Ghost Ship (1943) / RKO / 69 mins

6:00 The Body Snatcher(1945) / RKO / 79 mins


Wake Up|! It?s Pre-Code Sunday!


7:30 am Beast of the City (1932) / MGM / 74 mins

9:00 am Hold Your Man (1933) /MGM / 90 mins

10:30 am Side Show (1931) Warner Bros / 66 mins


A Salute to William ?Wild Bill? Wellman

11:45 am Frisco Jenny (1932) Warner Bros / 71 mins

1:00 pm Heroes for Sale (1933) Warner Bros. / 71 mins

3:30 pm Wild Boys of the Road (1933) Warner Bros. / 68 mins


Sunday Primetime

5: 00 pm The Men Who Made the Movies: William Wellman 55mins


Robin Hood on Film


6:00 pm The Essentials

The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) Warner Bros. / 104 mins

7:45 pm The Robin Hood of El Dorado (1936) MGM / 86 minutes

9:15 pm Silent Sunday

Robin Hood (1922) UA / 142 mins




Monday, June 19th

The Irish in Us: Pat O?Brien and James Cagney

12:00 am Ceiling Zero (1935) Warner Bros / 95 mins

2:00 am Boy Meets Girl 1938) Warner Bros / 86 mins

3:30 am Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) Warner Bros / 105 mins

6:00 am The Fighting 69th ( 1940) Warner Bros / 89 mins


Ball of Fire: Lucille Ball

8:00 am Stage Door (1937) RKO / 92 mins

9:45 am Room Service (1938) RKO / 78 mins

11:15 am Panama Lady (1939) RKO / 64 mins

12:30 pm Five Came Back (1939) RKO / 74 mins

2:00 pm Seven Days Leave (1942) RKO / 87 mins

3:30 pm Meet the People (1944) MGM / 90 mins


Monday Primetime

Bad Boy Musicians and the Women Who Love Them

5:00 pm Four Daughters (1939) Warner Bros / 90 mins.

6:30 pm Young Man with a Horn (1950) Warner Bros / 111 mins

8:30 pm Pete Kelly?s Blues (1955) Warner Bros / 95 mins

10:15 pm New York, New York (1977) UA / 155 mins



Tuesday, June 20th

He Done Her Wrong

1:00 am Laughing Sinners (1932) MGM / 71 mins

2:30 am Ladies They Talk About (1933) Warner Bros / 68 mins

3:45 am Beyond the Forest (1949) Waner Bros / 97 mins

5:00 am Love Me or Leave Me (1955) MGM / 122 mins

7:15 am Kitty Foyle (1940) RKO / 105 mins

She Done Him Just as Bad

9:00 am Letty Lynton (1932) MGM / 84 mins

11:00 am The Little Foxes (1941) Warner Bros / 116 mins

1:00 pm Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) MGM / 113 mins

3:00 pm Double Indemnity (1944) Paramount / 106 mins


Tuesday Primetime

Send a Letter: Star of the Month: Hattie McDaniel


5:00 pm China Seas (1935) MGM / 90 mins

6:30 pm Alice Adams (1935) RKO / 90 mins

8:00 pm The Male Animal (1942) Warner Bros / 101 mins

10:45 pm Never Say Goodbye (1946) Warner Bros / 96 mins



Wednesday, June 21st

Heel or Friend? Jack Carson

12:30 am Love Crazy (1941) MGM / 100 mins

2:00 am Gentleman Jim (1942) Warner Bros / 104 mins

4:00 am Love and Learn (1947) Warner Bros / 85 mins

5:30 am April Showers (1948) Warner Bros / 94 mins


Legend vs Fact: The Wild West

8:00 am Northwest Passage (1940) MGM / 124 mins

10:15 am Dodge City (1939) Warner Bros / 105 mins

12:00 pm They Died with Their Boots On (1942) Warner Bros/ 140 mins

2:30 pm Annie Oakley (1935) RKO / 90 mins


4:00 pm TCM Special on Barbara Stanwyck (1991) 55 minutes


Wednesday Primetime:

That?s the Sound of Men Working on the Chain Gang


5:00 pm Hell?s Highway (1932) RKO / 80 mins.

6:30 pm Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932) Warner Bros / 90 mins

8:00 pm Cool Hand Luke (1967) Warner Bros / 126 mins

10:15 pm O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000) Buena Vista / 106 mins



Thursday, June 22nd

On Location: California (A new film series from TCM):


12:00 am Captains Courageous (1937) MGM / 118 mins

2:00 am Gunga Din (1939) RKO / 118 mins

4:00 am Charge of the Light Brigade (1937) W Bros / 115 mins

6:00 am High Sierra (1941) W Bros / 100 mins

8:45 am Johnny Belinda (1948) W Bros / 100 mins

10:30 am Kiss Me Deadly (1955) UA / 105 mins

12:15 pm Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) MGM / 81 mins

2:00 pm Ride the High Country (1962) MGM / 90 mins

3:30 pm Out of the Past (1947) RKO

/ 90 mins


Thursday Primetime

Hollywood Plays Itself:

5:00 pm What Price Hollywood? (1932) RKO / 88 mins

6:30 pm Going Hollywood (1933) MGM / 78 mins

8:00 pm Sunset Blvd (1950) Paramount / 115 mins.

10:00 S.O.B. (1981) Paramount / 121 mins.




Friday 6/23/06

Directed by Raoul Walsh

12:15 The Men Who Made the Movies: Raoul Walsh 55 mins

1:15 am They Drive By Night (1940) Warner Bros / 93 mins.

3:00 am The Strawberry Blonde (1941) Warner Bros / 98 mins.

5:00 am The Man I Love (1947) Warner Bros / 97 mins.


Choreographed by Fosse - A Birthday Salute to Bob Fosse


7:00 am Kiss Me Kate (1953) MGM / 109 mins

9:00 am Pajama Game (1957) Warner Bros / 108 mins

11:00 am Damn Yankees (1958) Warner Bros / 110 mins.


Music Man Pandro Berman


1:00 pm Follow the Fleet (1936) RKO / 110 mins.

3:00 pm Ziegfield Girl (1941) MGM / 120 mins


Friday Primetime


Literature to Film: Somerset Maughan: (A new film series)


5:00 pm Rain (1932) UA / 93 mins


6:45 am The Painted Veil (1934) MGM / 86 mins.

8:15 am Of Human Bondage (1934) RKO / 83 mins.

9:45 pm The Letter (1940) W Bros / 95 mins





Saturday, June 23rd


Cracking Wise: The Films of Eve Arden

12:00 am Having a Wonderful Time (1938) RKO / 71 mins

1:15 am Women in the Wind (1939) Warner Bros / 65 mins

2:30 am At the Circus (1940) MGM / 87 mins

4:00 am Comrade X (1940) MGM / 87 mins

5:30 am My Reputation (1946) Warner Bros / 93 mins


7:15 am TCM Special on Jean Harlow 55 mins.


Movies that Matter: Viewer Guest Programmer ( a new series)

8:15 am Red Dust (1932) MGM / 83 mins

9:45 am Murder My Sweet (1944) RKO / 95 mins

11:30 am Mr. Roberts (1955) Warner Bros / 123 mins

1:45 pm The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962) Paramount / 122 mins


The Return of Documentaries about Hollywood

4:00 pm ?Raiders of the Lost Films?

A new TCM documentary that focuses on the difficulties and rewards of film preservation and restoration includes interviews with Warner Bros.Home Entertainment?s George Feltenstein and UCLA Archives Robert Gitt.

Warner Bros/TCM

Running Time: 60 mins


Saturday Primetime:


Raiders of the Lost Films:


5:00 pm The Essentials with Robert Osborne and Molly Haskell

Lost Horizon (1937) Columbia / 133 mins

7:15 pm A Star is Born (1954) Warner Bros / 182 mins

11:45 pm Vertigo (1958) Paramount/ 128 mins


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