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Is There A Link To TCMs Library of 120.000 plus Movies

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First of all, although the TCM Movie Database lists over 120,000 titles, TCM owns only a small percentage of that -- about 3,500 feature-length films and 1,800 short subjects. That's the pre-1986 MGM films, the pre-1949 Warner Brothers films, and the entire RKO film library.


As the TCM web staff explained in another post, there was a TCM Library Search feature, but they discontinued it because hardly anybody used it. However, after receiving numerous complaints about its absence, it looks like they will be restoring it at some future date, so sit tight and be patient.

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Hello Victor,


The previous answer was "tongue-in-cheek". Here's the answer about the totlal content available to TCM from a TCM staff member posted in an earlier thread


It's a very complicated answer. Ted Turner bought the RKO, MGM pre-1986 and Warner Brothers pre-1948 libraries in the late '80s, which total about 3,500 films. When TCM launched in 1994, that was considered the "Turner library" and that was the basis for the newtork. However, in the late '90s, Turner merged with Warner Brothers, and since then they (Warner) have been the official owners of that collection of libraries. However, TCM does have an agreement with them (Warner) to play films from that library, although it isn't unlimited access in the way that it used to be. In addition, we license films from all of the other studios and independent distrubutors. As it is, about 65% - 70% comes from those 3,500 titles, and the rest come from other sources.


And as for a link to a list of all these titles, alas, there isn't one. Best one can do is search for a title at the TCM database or IMDB.com and see if it was made at one of the above studios during the dates outlined above.


Kyle in Hollywood

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I don't think TCM would ever list their entire library. If they did they'd be swamped with requests for this film or that one. Further some of the films may not be in a condition to run and in need of restoration. In addition, films that they lease from other companies are usually for a very specific and limited length of time and number of showings so they can't just show them anytime. Much as I would like to see such a list, I don't think they add to the headaches they already have by making the list public.

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They have never had a public list of the TCM library that I'm aware of. Before the redesign of the website they used to have a TCM library search, where you could check to see if a film was in their library or not. For some reason they decided to delete this feature when the site was redesigned. It would be helpful if they are determined not to bring back that feature, to at least indicate on the listings in the new database whether the film is part of the TCM library or not.


However given how slow they have been about fixing the schedule issues, even if they decided to bring back the library search or improve the database, it would take forever for it to be added to the site.

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