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what movie is this?

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I would like to know the title and main actors & actresses of a movie I saw on TCM within the last year. It was about a women in her 20s who was writing either here college thesis, a book, or some kind of research article on sex, cheating, & happiness. She was a psychology major, about to graduate school.

I missed the beginning of it, but I think the plot was that the girl (her name might have been kitty or ginger, but I'm really not sure..)started to get to know a few guys who were all friends & most were married. She found out about their sex lives and what they wanted & liked. They all thought each other had had sex with her, but in actuality none of them had, but they wouldn't say anything to each other about it. Then she met a guy who she liked, but he was friends with the men she had been using for her research. They went to a baseball game & it rained while she watched him. She called up the men she had been learning about's wives, and interviewed them about sex to compare..


I'm not 100% sure if that's exact for the main body of the movie, but I do remember very specifically that at the end of the movie all of the wives and their husbands ended up in the girls apartment with each other. They all started fighting. The girl tries to get them to stop and then explains what she was doing and that the husbands didn't cheat with her. The very end of the movie was the girl and the guy she liked hugging and he repeats her name a few times right next to the door to the apartment.

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I think the movie you are talking about is "Boy's Night Out" with Kim Novak.


And James Garner, and Tony Randall, and Howard Duff, and on, and on...

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