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Metry, you confused me a little with your clues -- are you sure the character Dana Andrews played in BOOMERANG! became AG of the United States and not AG of New York State, DA of New York City?


An - Oh, you meant THAT mailman!

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Just goes to show how you can't trust the Internet. I was searching the wrong name, through no fault of my own, except for an unquestioning belief that if it's in writing, even on a balefully glowing screen, it must be true! Sorry, Metry. In the olden days, I recall that besides a large number of excellent movies, they had these things called "libraries."


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You got it MrWriteLA (about time to).


JDB, take it like a man and stop whining. I spend many long minutes doing extensive and in-depth research when formulating these questions. They are 100% accurate and come with a money-back guarantee.



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Repeating the clue in question:


In the 1930's, the Frankenstein monster's movie career doesn't always find favor with an ex-gay alcoholic and a sergeant helping to solve the murder of an ex-gay Jew.


HINT: There are only three actors clued here.

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And while we're waiting for you to get that one, let me point out that both Milland's alcoholic and the Jewish victim in "Crossfire" were gay in the original novels(hence the "ex-gay" references) rather than suffering from writer's block and being Jewish.


That was Hollywood in the 40's for ya...

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