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Friends, I apologize for this lapse in good taste.


This young person is apparently suffering from a surfeit of summer vacation, coupled with the after-shocks of a grueling rehearsal and theatrical performance schedule in the recent past.


I hope you will continue to consider my entry. Here's hint:


Two of the actors mentioned were cited by the Academy as best (not for this movie), but only one received the big award.

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No takers?


Here are some other, other words:


The phrase "the leader of the year" is to be taken literally, and refers to the title character of this movie.


The Star of this movie (who is not the title character), was at the time the biggest Star in the world. In fact, the failing movie studio that employed this Star was restored to solvency as a result of the very successful series of films this Star made. (That's Star power.)

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Metry Road...

I have to go to work so I am kind of maybe cheating a little????

I am listing actors that I know are from movie but I do not have time to get all movies down. I realize I will not get credit, but in my mind I hear crowds cheering!!!


William Powell "Ziegfield Follies" (producer Ziefield)

Henry Fonda

Jack Lemmon

James Cagney (did he not shoot in most all his gangster movies???)


Warmest regards and apologies for having to go..


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Dear SusannO ,


I'm cheering. You did well to get this far. The more I read the puzzle, the more it sounds like twenty other movies.


You have the right actors, but the wrong sequence, and none of the movies correct (except the main one). Keep trying.




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Geez. I have got to learn to type. And think before I post. I got it now--the "balls" on a Christmas tree. D'oh.



How about "Mister Roberts"

Producer is Henry Fonda in "Stage Struck"

Prize Fighter is Cagney in "Winner Take All"

Ball-less wonder is Powell in "The Thin Man"

Drunk is Lemmon in "Days of Wine and Roses"

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Excellent traceyk65, you did it. Good work.


I was thinking of 'City for Conquest' (1940) in which James Cagney played a boxer. But he did indeed play a boxer in 'Winner Take All' (1932) which I had forgotten about.


William Poweel shot the glass balls off the christmas tree (they were his glass balls).



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Oops, sorry. And thanks to SusannO for the starter...


A nanny murders a southern gentleman and is blackmailed by a king?s consort and a ranch cook. She is defended by Philo Vance and forgiven by the jewel thief she has betrayed.


There, I bolded all the people, in case anyone is as blind as I am...

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