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TCM-viewers/onliners 2002 OSCAR predictions? POLL


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I have already submitted a topic on my predix, for this years anniversary of THE 75th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS-(major categories only) & My 21st annual OSCAR forecast of winners. But although I know you guys/gals on-here are much as I am, more of a fan of Hollywoods Golden Age/Studio System,etc. I still review new films every year, as Mr. Osborne does as well. & (NOTE: I wanted to make a note of the neat/new monthly addition to TCM & It's monthly mention of new releases at theaters also-Example: TCM-mentioned "About Schmidt"/"Chicago? for new January wide releases & Feb. "Gods & Generals" & "The Pianist." Anyway, just thought some may have own predix for what will go-down in cinema-history this sunday-(NOTE: Not your personal favs. Whom/what Hollywood will-pick! My personal candidate of the year: "Gangs of New York">Great movie-making! & I thought: "Chicago," just wonderful. "Pianist" Excellent filmmaking, & would fare-better, if there had not already been the magnificent: *"SCHINDLER'S LIST!" & I also personally would have voted for: "About Schmidt," (***1/2) to be among the top 5? But thats horse-racing. (Well-If there are any-takers?)

Again MY PREDICTIONS for winners for 2002 OSCARS:


"CHICAGO" (Miramax)-(I think the musical will sweep up to 7 overall? Making It the 9th to win the big-one)



DANIEL DAY-LEWIS in "Gangs of N.Y."-(Was closer, with our era's "King of Hollywood"-*JACK NICHOLSON!? But this race Is pretty-set now anyway)



NICOLE KIDMAN, "The Hours"-(This one not so-easy now, between her & lil' Renee Zellweger?)



CHRIS COOPER, "Adaptation"



CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, "Chicago"-(Another one that's a bit tough. 3 way race: *STREEP & J. Moore?)



ROB MARSHALL, "Chicago"-(NOTE: This may be the toughest of all between: The Red-Hot "Chicago" momentum & respect for: Scorsese? Marshall only won DGA Award. Marty has taken most of the other & too-many Pre-OSCAR Film Awards, except that pivotal Directors Guild one. In reality he should be working on at least OSCAR No. #3?)



"THE HOURS" (David Hare)



"TALK TO HER" (Pedro Almodovar-He's also up 4 Best Director, so handicapping,etc?)


Well, If others would like to just submit a couple as opposed to the majors, what ever?

As I log-this, watching-CNN & Impending Invasion again, of Iraq I know It may-seem trivial, but they interrupted on how this will effect this weekends ACADEMY ceremonies & Gil Cates, went public the other-day. & Announced no postponing,etc. They are however, not rolling-out "Red-Carpet." Last time OSCARS were postponed & kinda' Ironic in that Scorsese Is trying again? l980, when President Ronald Reagan-(l9ll-) was shot! & as most-pundits know, he lost to *REDFORD for "Ordinary People?" For what over the years, has been on almost every all-time 10 Best list: "Raging Bull."

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I agree with most of your predictions, but I think Julianne Moore will win Best Actress for "Far From Heaven"; she was simply amazing, and so was the film. Zellweger is too lightweight, and I dont think a prosthetic nose will do it for Nicole, either. As much as I enjoyed Halle's performance in "Monster's Ball", I really feel that Nicole deserved it for "Moulin Rouge". Plus, and maybe this doesnt make a difference when individual performances are discussed, but am I the only person who thought "The Hours" was boring?

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