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TCM Programmer -- This Month on TCM (March 2006) B-)

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What an excellent montage, this month ? positively brilliant!


I do so love the ?This Month On TCM? short films, and the March 2006 entry features some expertly combined clips, particularly.


The arrangement and tinting of the footage (masterfully tracked with the slightly off-key, ?euro-drone? reworking of the apropos Gaynor tune), and the animated effects added to the clips, all fuse together to serve up a great accentuation of the month?s highlights, and creates an artfully linking theme of contrast between the anecdotal fantasy of ?America?s Singing Sweethearts,? and the ill-feeling, ?ugly-coloured,? scribbled&scratched-upon, unpleasant ambience of divorce and the power struggle often inherent in it. Unmask! Unmask!


It recalled to me one of the many, homage-to-film-history, throwaway lines in a M*A*S*H episode, when Hawkeye says: ?What?s this? Trouble in paradise? Is Jeanette MacDonald stomping on Nelson Eddy?s mountie hat?? :D


Additionally, it was distinctly clever and quite amusing how the filmmakers of the montage worked-in a couple of select frames from the upcoming Essentials, making it look like they too were a couple engaged in a power struggle (thanks to the red-hued frames showing nanosecond, between-expressions faces of Osborne and Haskell which, in the context of the montage, made their non-expressions seem instead like stern expressions of disapproval, particularly with the frames tilted and askew). Inspired editing. B-)


Just fantastic! This is the sort of additional, original, high-production entertainment that TCM consistently produces to adorn its great programming. Such attention to aesthetic presentation is what separates TCM from every single other station out there.


Thanks - TCM Programmer, and to all those involved!

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*The arrangement and tinting of the footage (masterfully tracked with the slightly off-key, ?euro-drone? reworking of the apropos Gaynor tune)*


If there's one thing I love, it's the music the advertising department uses for their promos. I've always loved Cake's version of "I Will Survive" compared to the original Gloria Gaynor version. And I love how they imposed the sound of a slamming door over the 'f' word. Being familar with the song, I wondered how they were going to bleep it out and it wound up so neatly done. TCM regularly turns out fun, clever promos and I love them for it. If anything, the promos really make you want to watch the upcoming movies, festivals and specials.


Although one question that may make me sound uninformed: what movie are the clips of the creepy masked dancers from? They pop up a few times throughout the montage, so I'm thinking it's either from a divorce movie or a MacDonald/Eddy one. Help!

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Thanks for informing me about who are the performers of the I Will Survive variation. Cake, eh? The bandname is not unfamiliar to me, but I've never heard their work. I appreciate your information. I shall have to research their music, for if all their work is akin to their cover of the disco staple, I shall have to start acquiring their music. I found the version very entertaining.


While I do not know from which film the masque footage is derived, I am confident that it must be from some film which will be run . . . this month on TCM. :D

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I'll add my thanks and admiration to whoever did the March montage, and all the other "This month on TCM" promos; they've been consistently impressive since I started watching TCM. It would be great if they're archived on their web site.


Unfortunately, I have no idea from where they took the clip of the masked dancers, and I'm very curious about it too. It looks like it's a late 50's or early 60's film, but I could be wrong. There's another thread about it under the "Information. Please!" forum, hopefully someone somewhere will solve this mystery.

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I thought it might be an international film, but I don't think it is derived from the TCM Imports offerings this month; however, adjacent to the one TCM Import film is a Peter Lorre film (which I haven't seen yet) entitled The Mask of Dimitrios. Perhaps the footage is from that film?

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I for one am thrilled to be able to see Jeanette MacDonald stomp on Nelson Eddy Mountie Hat in Rosemarie. This has been a fabulous month for me seeing their films on TCM. TCM is my favorite channel for movies, yet this month, with their release of the 8 movies Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy did together, puts me in my glory all month. Thank you so much TCM.

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