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Betty Grable or Rita Hayworth?

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Rita Hayworth is my favorite. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

I particularly liked her with blonde hair. Whenever I watch "Lady From Shanghai", I'm captivated by her presence.There was also something vulnerable about her.

She was quite a good actress and a great dancer.

Overall, Rita was more verstaile compared to Betty Grable IMO.

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It's the gal with the million dollar legs for me. With that blonde hair, those blue eyes the sparkling Betty Grable was appealing, charming, and a knockout.

She herself admitted that she couldn't sing or act, however she had that certain something, a special attraction, and she had heart. I adored her.

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For me it must be Rita Hayworth. If she had made no other film than Gilda she would be immortal, but there's The Strawberry Blonde, My Gal Sal, Cover Girl, Miss Sadie Thompson, Separate Tables and, of course, the unforgettable treacherous blonde in The Lady from Shanghai.


Rita Hayworth was not only one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen, but she exuded an immediate charm, a vulnerability and a sense of having fun in many of her roles. She almost dared her leading men to enjoy life. And she danced like an angel.


I do like Betty a lot, too, and while you may think me mad, my favourite Grable film is I Wake Up Screaming!

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I had read that Fred Astaire stated that his favorite dance partner and in his opinion, THE best female dancer was Rita Hayworth!! Not only beautiful, but talented!!!


(A&E's "Family Plots")

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I'll also vote for Ms. Margarita Cansino, aka Rita Hayworth... for me, the sexiest Latina ever in Hollywood history. ;)


I also don't have anything negative to say about Betty Grable, but Rita's a big part of what makes the "Golden Age" shine so very very bright in my memory...

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I'll echo those sentiments, Cscope!

There's even a modern cinematic accolade to her, of sorts; remember Morgan Freeman's reverence of her sparkling image from the prison screening of "Gilda", in "The Shawshank Redemption"?

Come to think of it, that movie was based on the novella "Rita Hayworth & the Shawshank Redemption", so obviously Stephen King's in our merry camp as well!

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Love both of these ladies, but I have say Rita is my all-time favorite film Star.


For me it started sitting in my high school library in the early 1980's and seeing her picture in a big old book on Hollywood musicals. Something about her smile, and her exuberance eminating from that picture had me hooked. In the mid-Eighties Gilda was the very first video I ever bought. It was also the very first DVD I ever bought almost twenty years later.


For me, Rita Hayworth will always be one of the Immortals of Hollywood.

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