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Ten Best Contributors of ...all time !!!

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Well, all newbies to this forum, do you somehow feel overawed by the ?experience?, knoweledge and the number of posts some of the older (not in age) members have contributed to this boards ?


I?ve just noticed someone having over 900 posts and without having to search, I?d say probably that that?s nothing in comparison to someone else?.




How long would it take me to reach those magical numbers while discussing our common love for films ? What could possibly, we new people to the forum, add to the subject matter that hasn?t already been talked over before? Should we .. pack up and shut up?


As I mentioned in a previous post about getting lazy in my old age, would someone be prepared to give me (us) a list of the ten best contributors (of posts) to this boards of ?all time ?


As I write this, Mongo?s thread (Ask Mongo) came to mind, so would anyone be prepared in a friendly manner ?. vote for the most knowledgeable film buff partaking in these discussions?


Am I giving you a difficult one here or what?


Thanking you for your time - my new friends,



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?How long would it take me to reach those magical numbers while discussing our common love for films ? What could possibly, we new people to the forum, add to the subject matter that hasn?t already been talked over before? Should we .. pack up and shut up??


No, of course not. There were so many films made and so many shown on TV, no one person could have seen them all, and you have probably seen many that others here have never seen. So just start talkin?. What?s your favorite kind of movie?

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Theo, let me be the first to enter the name of board member and contributor Path who seldom ceases to amaze me.


And Theo, I'm sure you could teach us a thing or two about the movies. Get a good thread going and show us your stuff.

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Hello Theo,


Please don't 'pack up and shut up'....... Tell us something about yourself. I understand you live in Greece. Where in Greece??

I have friends who live on Chios; in fact, their last name is Chios and they joke that they have their own Greek island just like Onassis!!

I have also been to Corfu many times and Mykonos and Rhodes, etc.


Although I have many posts here, I don't really know much about the movies; just some of the people involved. So feel free to write about what you like and know.

Don't give up.....



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I wouldn't worry about your post count, or your knowledge level. Just participate and enjoy yourself.


I am a relatively new poster here myself, and it is true that there is alot of knowledge here. But no one acts like a 'know-it-all' or anything like that, so there are no worries there.


And it's all relative, isn't it? I mean, among my friends, I am the the 'go-to gal' when it comes to 'old movies' (as they call 'em). But compared to some of the folks here, I'm very much a novice, I think.


And that's okay - everyone has their strengths, and I suspect most of the folks here probably know that. I hope to learn more about classic film from the more 'expert' posters here because I'm more a novice level participant on this subject. But switch gears to scifi, and now you are talkin' my language! :)

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Thanks Fred, Mongo and Larry for the encouragement. Pktrekgirl I may follow your advice....


Although this does not comply with the thread?s title, I feel compelled to answer a couple of your questions :


Born in Athens, Greece but living in Ireland in the past two decades. Currently in Ireland, but since last year I usually spend 8 months in Greece and the remainder in the western coast of Ireland.


As far as I can remember, I probably started seriously going to the pictures from the age of seven - at least three times a week. I liked everything that excited the imagination of a child, action, historical, sword and shield, westerns, comedies etc. You may bear in mind that some productions took some time to reach Greece back then, plus the fact that it was up to the Greek distributors? opinion as to what film they should get that was going to bring the desired box office results.


The first real classic I watched as a kid was Ivan the Terrible. I was actually speechless from the impression that film made on me.


Despite that, any other than current films of that time was out of the question for us ?fashionable? youngsters. Whoever went to old movies was considered to be a bore (!) and definitely not keeping up with the times?


Back then, there were a lot of European films making their way into Greece, mainly French and Italian and the loyalty of fans was divided between American and French-Italian stars. I suspect that back in the 60?s not many people in America had heard of : Fernadel or Jean Gabin, Capucine, Jean Moreau, Alain Delon, Jean Paul Belmondo, Maurice Chevalier, Jean Marais, Marcel Marceau, Simone Signoret, Jean Luis Trintignant, Yves Montand, Catherine Deneuve, Lino Ventura, Leslie Caron, Luis de Funes, Michel Piccoli, Michele Morgan (all French), or even


Marcello Mastroianni, Gina Lollobrigita, Claudia Cardinale, Adriano Celentano, Ugo Tognazzi, Sylvana Mangano, Rosana Sciaffino (sp), Alberto Sordi, Virna Lisi, Vittorio Gassman, Giancarlo Giannini, Gian Maria Volonte, just to mention a few, without touching the subject of some great directors who made their mark in Europe and later were discovered by the rest of the world. (I consider myself lucky to have watched most of their films).


At the same time there were a few special cinema halls for children (free of charge !) where I first saw laurel & hardy, trio stoodges, the 5 devilish boys (of whom I don?t remember the names), cartoons, Marx Bros, Danny Kaye (still trying to this day to find out the name of a film of his where a horse talks to him ? giving him race winners I think).


However, for sometime now, recent productions do not enthuse me much, and I have made a u-turn to the past enjoying the atmosphere and innocence of the b/w films or anything that is pre-eighties. It may be that most of those films bring me back to such enjoyable and innocent childhood days and I?m not ashamed to admit that even though I?m particular about having or watching quality films, at the same time, I have become a ?forward to the past? (to paraphrase a well-known title) person, as far as movies are concerned. That is, that despite the fact that I have a modest collection of about 230 b/w films and an equal number of old films in color, I still look out to acquire some childish films like ?the court jester?, ?scaramouche?, ?the knights of the round table?, ?the crimson pirate?, ?the arrow and the flame?, the buccaneer?, ?zorro and his legion? etc., etc.


As you can gather, I am not a ?serious person ! I have seen an great number of movies but to use Manuel?s (of Faulty Towers fame) phrase ? I know noothing?


But enough about me. This thread was created for a different reason.



PS From the few of Path?s posts I was able to read so far I have to agree with you Mongo



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Hello, Theo, after reading your account of your cinematic upbringing, I'm envious of the quality of films and stars you were exposed to in your younger days. Seeing Ivan the Terrible as a kid must have been a jaw-dropping experience. Seeing at any age is, but definitely moreso as a kid! It's good to see some of those names mentioned here because some of them, like Vittorio Gassman and Gian Maria Volonte rarely, if ever, have slipped into a thread that I've read.


As per your thread's general question, I always enjoy the words of those previously mentioned posters, as well as any contribution from coffeedan. There used to be a few unique and well-informed posters who've fell by the wayside since I've joined and it's always unfortunate to lose someone but for everyone lost there's always new soul, such as yourself, popping up to discuss what we appreciate most.



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