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Question about antique musicals

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Many films made at the dawn of sound were musicals. Some exist today; some supposedly do not. TCM has occasionally aired films such as "Dixiana" (1930); "Rio Rita" (1929); "Broadway Melody" (1929); "Sally" (1929) etc.

Yet there seems to be an aversion to airing this type of film. I've never seen the restored versions of "Mammy" (1930); "Under a Texas Moon" (1930); "Follow Thru" (1930); "Glorifying the American Girl" (1929) aired on television. Years ago TCM (as well as AMC) both aired the all black & white version of "Glorifying the American Girl." And way back in 1989 TNT aired the all black & white version of "Mammy." (TCM aired it in the late 1990's.)

It's ironic that "Singin' in the Rain" from 1952 (which TCM certainly airs on a frequent basis) is all about early-talkie musicals, yet there doesn't seem to be much interest in the real deal.

I'm just wondering ... why bother to restore these antiques if they're only shown in revival theatres (and even then only on rare occasions.)


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I, too, would like to see some of the earlier musicals, especially after the number of times I've read Richard Barrios's wonderful "A Song in the Dark."


I was very happy when "Golden Dawn" (terrible as it is!) showed up on the schedule a couple of months back and I was able to tape it. I still remember one morning when I turned on TCM to watch "Wonder Bar" and found myself watching the last couple of minutes of "Al Jolson in 'A Plantation Act'" (his first Vitaphone short). Naturally, I've never seen it since...

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