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old horror movie query


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I want to locate an old horror movie that I haven?t seen in about 38 years. The problem is, I?ve no idea what the title of the movie is; nor what the names of any of the actors are. All I can remember is a brief scenario of the movie. I hope that someone can identify the movie for me from my recollections of it.


First, I?m almost certain this old (horror movie) was filmed around 1940. The plot is roughly about two scientists who are trying to bring back to life the severed head of a dead French man in some spooky old laboratory, or cathedral in France (I think). My most vivid memory is of a scene where a long-haired, bearded head is setting on a laboratory table, and connected by hoses to some machine. Suddenly, the head speaks. With its eyes still closed, it says the name ?Michel?. The scientists are elated when the head opens its eyes and begins to converse with them. The scientists then attach the head to an artificial body that they also create for it. Now, the head talks, walks and looks somewhat like the Michelin Tire Mummy. In the last scene, the head/body commits suicide by climbing a flight of stairs to a bell tower platform. When it reaches the top, it falls backwards from the platform, and catches it?s head in a rope on the way down. The body tears away from the head and falls to the ground, leaving only the head (in the last scene) swinging from the bell tower rope.


I hope someone can find this movie and inform me of its title.






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