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Perhaps this should be posted elsewhere but I wish to avoid the controversy over the various biographies.

I watched Girl of the Golden West the other night and was amazed to discover a beautifully rose tinted print. I have this film on VHS from MGM/UA but recall that print as B&W, though I haven't viewed it for awhile. I had read that Rose Marie was initially released in a rose tinted print but was unaware that GOTGW was too.


I'm hoping the high interest in the Mac & Eddy bios will encourage Warners to issue all 8 of the Mac-Eddy duos on DVD. Many many active and ardent fans still abound. And I'd also like to see The Merry Widow resurface - it's a gorgeous film of great wit and charm. Perhaps they might think to give us a triple treat - Lubitsch's classic teamed with the 1925 von Stroheim silent (John Gilbert) and the later colour version starring Lana Turner (which I detest) ??

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Jerry, you said~~~Perhaps this should be posted elsewhere but I wish to avoid the controversy over the various biographies. I'm glad you brought this point up.


If you read on the other discussion about Jeanette and Nelson you will see the controversy has absolutley nothing to do with various biographies. The rumors started in Hollywood on the set of their first picture Naughty Marietta, decades before any book was written. The controversy still exists today. Did they hate or love each other? That's the double sided coin the biographies discuss, yet no one book started the controversy, nor stopped it.


I also think you were quite correct to post here as this is a new subject about rose tinted movies. I have seen The Girl from the Golden West in the soft rose tint. Very soft.. We had several movies out in general public that were in, "Sepia" but they are not the same as the rose tint you talk about. It would be nice to see more black and white movies in this softer color.

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Sepia prints of "Broadway Serenade" (plus original peach tinted production numbers) and "Let Freedom Ring" have also survived and are shown that way on TCM. Originally "The Firefly" was released in sepia but apparently only a black & white print of it is available now.

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Oh, Firefly in Sepia! I sure would have enjoyed seeing that. Good to know the print is still around, just in few circles. Wonder why TCM does not have a copy of that? Thanks for the information. >>


Perhaps it came from a private collection.

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