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old movie aired on channel 12

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It was a movie not a series that played on kptv channel 12 in the late 1960s into the early 1970s. It was on Saturday matinee or Brunch theater, played quite a bit. The cast members are unknown to me. That?s why I think it is a british film. For the longest time I thought the lead female was Janet Leigh but I think I have Ran all of her movies down. I know it is not these movies Seige of the saxon, Ivanhoe, Knights of the round table, warlord, black knight of falsworth, Prince Valiant, the Vikings, el cid. I believe it must be made in the very late 50s or 1960s. As I remember the movie is more realistic than most 40s and 50s midieval movies. Battle scenes are well staged and the the horses arn't dressed as in other hokey midieval movies. I have looked at all the normal movie places and tried to find out what movies had the song " Men of Harlech ". I have also checked all movies with the name saxon in it as the song is the key song. Even though the Men Of Harlech is a welch song I have found no movie based on the fable of that song. I cant think of the name of the castle it is based on right now, but I googled the castle name and nothing came up. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Janet Leigh was also the female lead in Universal's THE BLACK SHIELD OF FALWORTH (1954), opposite her then-husband, Tony Curtis. Sorry, but the Hans Salter score did not feature themes based on the Welsh national anthem, Men of Harlech.


Films that feature the song are ZULU, ZULU DAWN, and HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY.

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