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Penelope 1966


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My cousin tells me this is such a good movie. I have never been able to watch it though because I can't find it at any stores or movie rentals. It has been on tv a couple times that i know of, but i always missed it! Penelope needs to be played more!

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Several of my pals from this site are aware that the tragic: Natalie Wood-(Natasha Gurdin) is without peer, as "my personal" all-time favorite movie actress!


I have no illusions that Natalie was a *Kate, Garbo or *Davis, but it's a personalpick!


However, I have had her 1966 disaster "Penelope" (*1/2-out of four) on tape for sev. years & she was even embarressed by this one!

The sole film of her nearly 50 some odd pictures & career spanning: 1943-81 that is worse, is 1979's mess "Meteor"(*1/2)


Most critics put down '60's "All the Fine Young Cannibals" However, I don't think it's in the other 2 flix league.-(TRIVIA: The 1980's rock group got their name from that last film by the way & of course was a teaming with: Robert (R.J.) Wagner She & RJ also did a 1979/80 tv movie remake of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"-(which is never aired, as is her superlative work in another tv-movie "The Cracker Factory"

*Lord 0livier, played "Big Daddy," in the former re-make & she also managed to squeeze-in a tv mini series of: "From Here to Eternity" (1979) Of course she had TCM's "STOM" Deborah Kerr's role. & William Devane stepped into *Lancaster's large shoes. But, it's focus-(far more of the novel was able to be covered)

was on Robert E. Lee Prewitt, this time played by: Steve Railsback & recent "Sopranos" star & longtime character actor: Joe Pantaliano, had the now virtually legendary role of: Maggio-(*Sinatra's Oscar winning turn)

Even Peter Boyle was on hand as Fatso Judsen-(*Borgnine's pt)

Look for-it though It's been aired recently on networks such as Lifetime for some reason?


(FINAL NOTE: Her big highnote in "Penelope" pretending to be a very elderly lady)


TCM does air it quite a bit though.


She also used to make fun of a 1956 Western she did & the Mexican accent she had to turn-on. It's co-star was: Tab Hunter? Not exactly "The Searchers"


& to tcmprogrammer, there is a topic on here of who should be "Star of the Mo." & this lady was last given that honor in 1998???




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Spence, that TV remake of FROM HERE TO ETERNITY sounds intriguing! I will have to look for it...I just saw the original for the first time recently and loved it.


My favorite roles that Natalie played were Deenie in SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS--what a powerful performance--and Maria in WEST SIDE STORY. She was a beautiful lady and sensitive actress.


Sandy K

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Everytime I see Penelope I remember my sisters taking me to the Warner Theatre in downtown L.A. to see it when it first came out. I was 7 years old. I still think the film is fun and my sister's still remember the wedding dress Natalie wore. Unfortunately, the Warner Theatre no longer exists (It was turned in a jewelry mart) but the fond memories do.

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