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Which Star of the Month would you like to see?

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They are doing a great showing of Bette Davis in May, and Robert Montgomery got a very healthy showing a few months ago.


That being said, what star(s) would you like to see a great abundance of in one month's salute?


I thought I could come up with just one star, but I'd like to see the full careers of James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, and Marlene Dietrich as individual future Stars of the Month. And, oh, a major look at film noir. And musicals.


And an easy one, a whole month devoted to just Warner Bros. movies, from the silent days to the present (Warner Bros is my favorite studio, can't you tell?).


Remember, TCMprogrammer looks at these posts.

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Has TCM ever devoted a month to Dick Powell? He was pretty versatile since he was mainly a musical star of the 30s and more into drama and directing later in his career.


Personally, I'd love to see a month devoted to John Gilbert. There are still so many of his silent films I am yet to see. Has TCM ever devoted a month to a silent star?


How about Ann Sheridan?


I like the supporting actors too, like Margaret Lindsay. I think it would be fun to give the unsung people their due.


I also echo the request for more Warner Baxter movies. I love him.



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As far as I am concerned you can show Humphry Bogart everyday. As for the women, I have found Gene Tierney to be great to watch. That woman can be show a range of emotions with just a look that I have only seen otherwise in Ingrid Bergman . Check out Leave Her to Heaven.

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I totally, utterly and completely agree with your comment regarding Gene Tierney. Not only one of the most beautiful stars to appear on the silver screen, but projects a one-of-a-kind screen presence.


Unfortunately, I think Gene Tierney worked for 20th Century Fox and her movies are broadcast on that other movie channel--FMC. My cable only carries FMC as a digital thing and I don't 'buy into' the digital channels. Alas, I have to rent DVDs to watch the lovely Gene Tierney.


BTW: I highly recommend the movie "The Razor's Edge" for more Tierney.



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There are dozens of people I'd like to see - just a few would be Peter Lorre, Claude Rains, Richard Widmark, Tyrone Power - but there are many that I think would be good or even acceptable choices. What I really want to comment on is that I think the choices lately, and upcoming, have been really terrible, IMO. I hope they come up with someone deserving soon - there are so many fantastic actors that I've been really surprised at the people chosen lately. I'm not really complaining because there are lots of good movies to watch on TCM that I just ignore SOTM nights - I'm just remarking that the choices lately IMO have not been very good. I truly believe that TCM could do much better in their choices of SOTM.



Regarding the wonderful Errol Flynn, he was SOTM about a year ago.

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How about some new one's?

Jennifer Jones

Susan Hayward

Rosalind Russell

Olivia De Haviland

Jose Ferrer,is he forgotten or what???

Joan Blondell,she was swell !!!

Vivien Leigh

Teresa Wright,already missed

Monty Cliff,I love The Searcher

Ingrid Bergman

Lon Chaney,Sr.

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Norma Shearer-I know she's been "SOTM" already,but she needs another go-round,so that TCM can pull out "Hollywood Revue Of 1929" and "Let Us Be Gay" and show them,as I'm dying to see them in their entirety, and also so that TCM can produce and show an original documentary about Norma Shearer.

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I'm still kowtowing to TCM for having Bob Montgomery month in January. That was just fabulous. I'd wanted to see such a tribute for a long time, but never expected it to happen.


Though I know it's virtually impossible since Universal owns most of their films, I'd love to see Paulette Goddard and/or Ray Milland months. I'd love to see a Joseph Cotten month, too, though he kind of jumped from studio to studio - I don't know how much of his stuff TCM has beyond the warhorses like Citizen Kane and The Third Man.

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