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Jane Powell fans please step forward!


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She's very easy to like. I can't think of a single film she's in that I don't like. She just stepped up and delivered the goods, every time. I remember really liking her as host of THE BELL TELEPHONE HOUR, and I saw her on stage, in IRENE, and while I did like her in that, I liked Debbie Reynolds better.

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I don't know what Royal Wedding was based on, but learning that June Allyson and Judy Garland were first choices, I wonder if the 'brother-sister' part was put in when Jane ended up in the part. I mean, was Fred and his partner originally just partners only, in order to make the Peter Lawford, and Sarah Churchill parts work? Or were they written in. At the time the movie was made, Jane was 22, Judy was 30, and June was 34, making the two latter ladies, closer to a romantic age and Jane.


Has it been said what the movie was based on, other than taking advantage of QE's wedding to Philip?



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"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Royal Wedding" are certainly examples of the MGM musical at its best. I also enjoy some of the lesser known Jane Powell musicals as well. "Rich, Young and Pretty" has a wonderful score by Nicholas Brodsky/Sammy Cahn (writers of "Be My Love" from "Toast of New Orleans). "Rich Young and Pretty also introduced Vic Damone to the general public. I also enjoy Jane Powell and Vic Damone reteaming in "Hit the Deck", "Athena, with a lively score by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane of "Meet Me in St Louis" fame, and their lovely Sigmund Romberg duet in "Deep In My Heart". What a travesty that teenagers went from adoring Jane Powell in her day to adoring Brittney Spears today. Sorry to all you Brittany Spears fans out there, but I just don't get it. I'd take "It's a Most Unusual Day" over "Oops, I Did It Again" anyday,



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