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Who had the best figure in movies?


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i totally agree with you!!!! rita hayworth is so hypnotizing; especially in gilda. that scene in the lady from shanghai where she's singing on the boat, i couldn't take my eyes off her face. the most beautiful woman in the movies, not to mention the world was sharon tate. she didn't get the chance to go very far, and that's heartbreaking. brigitte bardot had a great figure too. those 3 are the best 3.

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Young people know Eartha Kitt, it's just that we "older" people don't know the correct clues to give them. For instance, Miss Kitt is presently the voice of Yzma on the Disney channel's animation hit The Emperor's New School. She was also in Holes, a movie that was very popular with kids when it came out three years ago.


She made a few movies in the '50's, and Batman, of course, in the 60's; but the mainstay of her career has been stage and cabaret work. I was fortunate to see her in Sondheim's Follies in Berlin in the early 90's. She's a legend that keeps on working, thank goodness!

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I am also a huge Myrna Loy fan.Not only did that lady have a beautiful figure,but she had the prettiest face to grace the screen.She was just as pretty as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.The fact that Myrna was a redhead adds to my attraction to her.....I've always loved redheaded women

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Ester Williams

Ginger Rogers

Ava Gardner

Rita Hayworth


Actually so many looked perfect.....but in those days the studio knew how to dress them right to cover flaws and accentuate the possitive. They weren't allowed to go around dressed like slobs even when they weren't filming.


The ones I mention, had great legs!

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