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Why Aren't These Movies Available/Shown?

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As a film collector/watcher for 30 years, these films are ones I have NEVER been able to find and aren't/weren't on VHS, laser, or DVD? Anyone know why these are never shown?:


1. Death of a Salesman(1951) Fredric March

2. When My Baby Smiles at Me(1948) Betty Grable, Dan Dailey(Oscar nom for actor for this)

3. The Constant Nymph(1943) Joan Fontaine

4. My Son John(1950) Helen Hayes, Robert Walker

5. The Deep Blue Sea(1955) Vivien Leigh

6. Valiant is the Word for Carrie(1935) Gladys George(Oscar nomination for her)

7. Escape Me Never(1935) Elisabeth Bergner

8. That Lady(1955) Olivia deHavilland

9. The Blue Veil(1951) Jane Wyman

10. Porgy and Bess(1959) Sidney Poitier


The only thing I can figure is copyright problems with the original writers, screenwriters, whatever. Thanks!

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Both "The Blue Veil" and "The Constant Nymph" cannot be released or aired on TV, due to legal entaglements concerning copyrights and stuff like that. Anyhow I bought a "decent" DVD-R copy of the latter from a private Collector from the USA.

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The Gershwin estate refuses to allow Porgy & Bess to be shown anywhere. I have been wanting to see "The Constant Nymph" for years. The legal entanglements on that film are so convaluted it will probably never be released again. The negative and all existing prints are still in the possession of Turner/ Warner Bros. If anyone knows of a private collector that still might have a DVD to purchase please let me know.

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I share your desire for " The Constant Nymph." I once won a copy on e-bay.Then the seller wrote me that the tape was of such bad quality that he would send it but refund my money or something like that. The seller was totally correct. It was so tantalizing to try to watch scenes which you knew were wonderful but looked as if they'd been through gauze AND underwater!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore the novel the film 's based on and I'm still waiting for the day I finally see the film!

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