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PLEASE HELP!!!!Going crazy!!!!

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I was watching a musical that my dad left on the TV and ended getting really into it. When it finished I forgot to look at the name and never got to see what it was. I'm hoping someone can tell me what it is just by hearing the plot. Here goes: It starts out at a college and there are an even amount of girls and boys. And they start singing. But the whole movie is about this popular jock trying to get this French girl. But she doesn't like his cocky attitude , so he goes to the "dorky" librarian for help with his french. She starts singing the words and they all seem to rhyme. I remembered there being a JALOPY driven by this dorky guy. I also remember the movie looking like it had been done in remastered color. If it helps any...the "librarian" had blonde hair. By the way the jock and librarian end up falling in love at the end. PLEASE! IS there someone out there who can PLEASE help me?

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