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Is it useless to suggest Paramount films?

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About twice a month I make use of TCM's suggest-a-movie feature and put in about a half dozen films that fit the bill as classics (always pre-1950) but are rarely or never shown on TCM. Many of these are Paramount films from the early 40s (for the record, I'd especially love to see more Ray Milland and Paulette Goddard). I'm aware that TCM doesn't have them in their library and that Universal owns the titles I'm interested in - and that once in a while they'll air some things from Paramount. So am I wasting TCM's time by suggesting them, or do they really keep them in mind?

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No, keep on suggesting. Sony is TCM's biggest trading partner now, but Uni is a significant one as well, and the films can be gotten, depending on the available budget.


You might also want to start an onboard thread urging, say, an SOTM for Ray Milland or Paulette Goddard. Neither has had one in the 10 years I've been watching the channel. The programmers read the forum. It's another way to let 'em know what you'd like to see.


The Fields and Dietrich SOTM programs were drawn largely (Fields completely, except for a few shorts) from the Universal vaults. It's not as if the studio needs to keep the films off the market to protect their sales in lavish, restored DVD editions, or that they're under exclusive license to AMC and nobody else can have them. I suppose the principal factor would be what is in broadcastable form in a digitized age. But it never hurts to ask.

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I agree. Is it possible to have a Star of the Month for Ray Milland, please? Due to discovering him through watching "The Major and the Minor", I have been trying to watch any movie of his when TCM gets the ability to. I have already seen, besides "The Major and the Minor," "The Uninvited," "The Lost Weekend" (His Oscar Winning Performance), "Ministry of Fear," and "It Happens Every Spring" (A film he made at Fox). I also own "Copper Canyon" and "Bulldog Drummond Escapes."


I would love to see some of the ones already mentioned, like "Arise My Love", "Lady in the Dark", "Kitty", "Alias Nick Beal", and "Ebb Tide" to name a few. I would also like TCM to show "Easy Living", "Till We Meet Again", "Golden Earrings", "The Jungle Princess," and "So Evil My Love".


With all of the films that he's done and since TCM did put a day aside for him during the "Summer Under the Stars" this past year, he's due to have a month devoted to him.


:) Donna



- Joel Sloane - Fast and Loose


"Unsecond thought, my landing gear isn't what it used to be."

- Roderick "Rick" Fitzgerald - The Uninvited


"Nothing's going to happen to you while I'm around."

- Wallace Wooley - I Married a Witch

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I suppose the principal factor would be what is in broadcastable form in a digitized age.>>


Bollywood is on the money with that one. The other problem is that Paramount and Universal lag behind the other studios in migrating their classic films to a digital format because until earlier this year, Paramount wasn't all that interested in selling DVDs of their older films because when they tried it in the late 1990s it wasn't the big money maker they thought it would be. Now with a new studio regime at Paramount they are rethinking that boneheaded strategy and realizing that while the sales of classic films on DVD will never be a cash cow the way old TV series are, Warners and Fox are making enough money at it to not only allow the restoration and migration of more films but possibly making a small profit to boot.


So, hopefully, more films from Paramount will be restored and put a digital medium that TCM can broadcast.


As for Universal. With GE as its parent company, they seem much more interested in marketing old TV series than their classic library.

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Thanks very much to everyone for the information/encouragement. I had a feeling that a lot of the problem was on Universal's end. At least they seem to be putting more stuff out on DVD. In an ideal world their output would be on par with WB...


I continue to suggest films that star both Milland and Goddard in the hopes of hitting two birds with one stone:


The Lady Has Plans

The Crystal Ball



Reap the Wild Wind is another, but I've seen that on TCM before, and even recently on (gasp) AMC. I've only been a regular viewer of TCM for about five years now, but in that time I'm almost certain the others have never been shown.

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"The Crystal Ball', though made by Paramount, is not part of the pre-1950 Paramount library that Universal now owns. Paramount sold this film, along with "I Married A Witch", to United Artists right after production ended on them. Paramount found itself with an overstock of unreleased films during WW II while UA was in need of features after Sam Goldwyn stopped releasing his films thru them in 1941. "I Married A Witch is now distributed by Castle Hill Films, the company that has most of the Walter Wanger/ UA pictures. Not sure what has become of Crystal Ball.

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> "The Crystal Ball', though made by Paramount, is not

> part of the pre-1950 Paramount library that Universal

> now owns.


The plot thickens...the ultra-slim chance I thought this had for making it to DVD has slimmed down even further. VHS copies of the film show up on eBay every now and then, I'll probably try to snag a copy the next time around. Thanks very much for the info!

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